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Dear Publisher:

What you have before your eyes is a letter about a fiction story that might capture your interest.

Within about one or two months, there will be some newspapers in Japan, Singapore , Macao, France, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New York, Philippine, Canada, Russia, Hungary , South Africa , South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, China and Taiwan that are going to serialize our fiction in 3 languages.

Please help us to publish this fiction so there can be an English version. The name of this story is called, {American West Journey}. This story deals with American dream of Monkey King.

Now if you are not familiar with Monkey King then let me explain. Monkey King is a oriental super hero, much like Superman is in the American culture. Monkey King's legacy has been around for over a thousand years; Superman has only been around for 80 years.

Monkey King is so famous that there are tons of folk stories' stage plays' classical novels' operas ' dramas, all about him as early as since the year 1100. Up to the current years, There is already a Japanese cartoon movie called [West Journey]. Japanese Cartoon [West Journey]Also, you can find Monkey King and The other West Journey character sculptures built in Las Vegas China Town. Las Vegas China Town [West Journey] sculptureAlso, Hallmark Entertainment productions released a TV movie called, [The Lost Empire /A.K.A. The Monkey King] based on the ancient fiction novel, [Journey to The West]. Hallmark production [Monkey King]

The premise of our fiction {American West Journey} is that Monkey King comes to America during the year 2012. (We actually need to call our fiction as [American Journey to The West] , but we decide to rename it as {American West Journey} because it really sounds better in every ways.)

In the year 2012 there is a big earthquake and this marks his arrival. People have been predicting this "BIG ONE" for a long time, but our fiction announces this earthquake in the year 2012.

Monkey is not alone on this journey. White Dragon , Pigsy, Friar Sand, and Monk Táng are four friends or Brothers that accompany him. Their adventure starts at the night of the big California earthquake.

{American West Journey} offers the reader a slice of Asian culture with a teaspoon of American influence. It's a story that will interest all readers of different countries.

By using our web site, www.AmericanWestJourney.com, we have been able to attract the interest of these various overseas newspapers. Our goal is to get the United States interested in this fiction because the story is so entertaining that we are sure many readers will enjoy it. We also have an animations of this story that is in the process of being completed.

To give you a brief explanation of the origin of the Monkey King , we have a chapter00_preface on http://www.MonkeyKing.tv without any pre-story, or Chapter Zero on http:www.americanWestJourney.com of 3 pre-story:


The most popular fiction in the oriental world is Wú's novel called, [Journey to the West ]. It was based on historical fact of a monk named, Monk Táng who seek Buddhist scriptures in the West during the Táng Dynasty around year 600 A.D. Monk Táng's expedition was so popular that he had become a deified figure in China' Japan' Korea and India. After thousand years passed with all kinds of folk stories' stage plays' classical novels' operas ' dramas about him, [Journey to the West] is the finalized novel version written about Monk Táng and Monkey King.

Hundreds years later, Dông's [West Journey Supplement  ] was written in 1640. [West Journey] was so successful that most novelist tried to out do Wu's version, but to no avail until Dong's [West Journey Supplement  ] was published. Japanese Cartoon [West Journey]

Our Chapter Zero explains the relationship among 3 pre-storys: [West Journey 1570], [West Journey Supplement 1640] and our fiction [American West Journey 2020].

Monkey King tried to crown himself as the Emperor of the Heaven, for this act he was punished and sent to earth on a westward mission. His mission was to guide Monk Táng to the West in order to collect these ancient Buddhist scriptures. The West Journey Mission was no easy task. The mountains were high and steep and the waters were rough and abundant. Wild animals looking for prey threatened lives day and night. In addition, demons and ghosts alike all longed to kill Monk Táng and eat his flesh to achieve immortality. For these reasons, Bodhisattva, one of the Gods in Heaven, arranged a team of 4 to accompany Monk Táng and secure his safety. The Monkey King, White Dragon, Pigsy, and Friar Sand were the team that our fiction focuses on.

Dragon in HollywoodOur Chapter one is about White Dragon who in the past, ate Monk Táng's Horse therefore he had to be transformed into Monk Táng's horse. In our story, White Dragon come to Hollywood and become a Kong-Fu movie star. This idea derives from the story based on the legend of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee. Las Vegas China Town West Journey sculpture(Every white horse you see in all the pictures are all actually White Dragon.)

Our Chapter 2 deals with Pigsy. Pigsy once was an Admiral of the Fleet of Water Gods in the Milky Way. While being drunk, he harassed the Moon Goddess at the Fairy Peach Party. The Admiral was than demoted onto the earth and turned into the form of a pig. In this chapter Pigsy comes to Las Vegas and becomes a great looking guy with all the money he can win.

Hallmark production: FriarSand & PigsyOur Chapter 3 focuses on Friar Sand who was also a general in the Heaven Army. At the Fairy Peach Party he broke the Crystal Glass Roof. Therefore he was demoted onto the earth and sent fell into Flowing Sands River. In this chapter he is invited to join the Presidential election yet many have faith in him because he as the ability to predict the future. Hallmark production [Monkey King]

Our Chapter 4 is about Monk Táng's visit to Chicago. One of the most intelligent foreigners of 1,400 years ago, is introduced to a highly advanced American society. His mission is to take back to his homeland, some of what he has learned from this new society. Yet, Táng doesn't speak English, and the girl he met just want to teach him to say "I Do". Las Vegas China Town West Journey sculptureThis story has nothing to do with religion or politics. Táng acts and talks nothing like a monk or a Buddhist at all.

Our Chapter 5 is Monkey King in New York, with Lady Liberty.Las Vegas China Town West Journey sculpture The Monkey King is the strongest of all of the superheroes, but in our fiction he is faced with a trivial situation that his super powers can't help him control. A baby is delivered to him and now he has to be a father in the future America in the year 2012.

The original novel, [Journey to the West] was written by Wú Cheng2-En in the Míng Dynasty. Containing 100 chapters, Wu's novel has enjoyed great popularity ever since. Characters like Monk Táng , Monkey King , Pigsy , Friar Sand and White Dragon are well-loved legendary figures. (Unlike English words only have 2 different accents" 0 or 1", Chinese names have 5 different accents for a same pronunciation. For example, Táng0' Táng' Táng' Táng3 and Táng4 can be 5 different words to Chinese, but the readers can never tell it if you always write it as "Táng". So we decide to always give the correct accent number when the Chinese word is in the first time appearance.)

Japanese Cartoon [West Journey] Princess Iron Fan, and Ox King

Although [West Journey] is 1,400 years old and seems to be a very long story, there is only one key point that connects it to our {American West Journey}. In [West Journey], Monkey King got into the Princess's stomach to force her to agree to lend her fan in the Mountain Flame chapter. As a result of this action, in our {American West Journey}, the Princess delivers her new born baby to Monkey King in New York, year 2020.

Chapter 1 to 7 focuses on the origin of Monkey King conceived by a fairy stone in the Flower-Fruit Mountain, he was a stone monkey living under the sea of Aó Lái State, part of the devine land Dong Sheng. In order to compete with the lifespan of heaven and earth and achieve immortality, Monkey King left home and was
apprenticed to Bodhi'  thus named Sun-Wù-Kong meaning "Pondering on emptiness". After he obtained the powerful golden cudgel, a gift from Dragon King Aó Guang3 of the East Sea, he immediately claimed himself a saint that enjoyed equal power with heaven. Later, Monkey King had to be pressed under Wu3-Háng Mountain for 500 years for stirring up trouble in the heavenly palace..

Chapter 8 to 13 tells stories of Monk Táng. Originally called Xúan-Zhùang, Táng was nicknamed the Golden Cicada in his previous life. While he was a student of Buddha, he displayed an imprudent attitude toward him. For that reason, Buddha demoted Táng to the Eastern Region, where he was parented by a top scholar Chén Guang-rui and a minister's daughter Ying Wen-jiao. Táng became a monk as a child. Following an imperial order, Táng set off for the West to collect the scriptures from Cháng-An. When he encountered demons in Gong State, Venus rescued him. While crossing the Two-Bordered Mountain, "the Mighty Man" Liú Bó-Qing saved him from tigers.

In my [American West Journey 2020], I totally discard Monk Táng's fictional apotheosis image. I don't even call him Monk Táng anymore.

We simply call him Xúan-Zhùang, Xúan-Zhùang is a lost stranger, a foreigner doesn't even speak English! A common human being.

That Xúan-Zhùang actually had a fiancee' was actually a known fact to people in his hometown, Chenhe Village in the town of Gou-Shi , Yan-Shi County of Hé-Nán Province. Stories go that as a young boy, Hui Chén (Jiang-Liú was his child pet name, Xúan-Zhùang was his monk name) had married Xiang Zhen, daughter of his mother's bosom friend. At age 13, the couple went to watch the Emperor's Flower Boat cruise down south. Xiang Zhen was kidnapped on the spot.

Tormented by this loss, Xúan-Zhùang wandered into the Temple Of Pure Earth in Lùo-Yáng where he became a monk. Later on his way to the West, Xiang-Zhen suddenly emerged. Failing to persuade Xúan-Zhùang to resume a secular life, Xiang-Zhen swore to wait for him forever.

In chapter 14, Monk Táng worked off the incantation on Monkey King and took him as a student.

In chapter 15, the White-Dragon Horse  was caught in the Eagle-Scared Ravine, Originally the son of Dragon King Guang Jin in the State of Aó in the West Sea, he committed arson and burned the bright pearls. For this crime he was sentenced to death but later rescued by Buddha, who turned him into a horse to serve Monk Táng.

In chapter 18, demon was caught in Gao Village. In chapter 19, Pigsy was captured on Mountain Fú-Lái 2. Named Ba-Jiè "Searching for Abilities ", Pigsy was originally a general of Water God in the Milky Way. After assailing and harassed the Moon Goddess at the Fairy Peach Party while he was drunk, the general was demoted onto the earth and turned into the form of a pig.

In chapter 22, Friar Sand, Wugene Sand disappeared in Flowing Sands River. Like Pigsy, Friar Sand also used to be a general. He was demoted onto the earth and fell into Flowing Sands River for breaking the crystal glass roof at the Fairy Peach Party. His Buddhist name was Wú-Jing "Trying To Comprehend Purity ".

In the 59th to 61st chapters of the [Journey to the West], titled [Gaining the Palm-Leaf Fan on the 3rd Try], Monk Táng and his team stopped at Mountain Flame, where they saw no trace of living things. The entire mountain was covered by fire. To pass through, they had to borrow the palm-leaf fan belonging to Princess Iron Fan, wife of Ox King.
Monkey King had earlier captured their son, the Red Child, whom Bodhisattva had taken in as a finance boy. The Princess remembered that incident and therefore refused to lend them the fan. Monkey King changed himself into an insect and hid among the tealeaves. Once he got into the Princess's stomach, he started to move around violently until she could no longer bear the pain. Finally, she agreed to lend her fan. However, she gave him a phony one. Monkey King was almost burned half to death by trying to quell the flames by the phony fan.
On the second try,
Monkey King stole Ox King's Golden-Eyed Beast under water while the King was having a party at the Blue-Waved Pond. Monkey King changed into the form of Ox King and came to the residence of the Princess. There he fooled her and got hold of the real fan. However, he only obtained the incantation on how to enlarge the size of the fan, but forgot to get the codes for reducing the size. Consequently, Monkey King had to carry the fan on his back. On his way home, unfortunately, he met Ox King, who appeared as Pigsy and tricked him into returning the fan.
Monkey King and Ox King had a big battle. Following the order of the Jade Emperor, Buddhist and Heaven troops came onto the earth and intervened and captured Ox King. To save their own lives, Princess Iron-Fan and Ox King had to surrender their fan. Monkey King took the fan and waved 49 times on the Flame Mountain. The fire was gone immediately. Rain replaced fire, moisture replaced dryness. Walking on the smooth paths, Monk Táng and his team easily passed through the mountain and continued their journey westward.

[West Journey Supplement  ] is comprised of 16 chapters. The novel follows chapter 61 [Gaining the Palm Leaf Fan On the 3rd Try] from the original [Journey to the West]. It was written by Dông Shuo in 1640. [West Journey] was so successful that most novelist tried to out do Wu's version, but to no avail until Dong's.

[West Journey Supplement ] accurately follows the story line of the original novel. After Monk Táng and his team passed through Mountain Flame, they rested under a peony tree, where they encountered the most vicious demon, Mackerel Spirit, the "Lust Demon".
Mackerel Spirit was actually a spirit of desire, often appearing in invisible forms. It had the potential of attacking anyone during his various emotional states: sad, happy or hesitant. It could also attack anyone from a distance. Once their desire attached itself on someone, it would remain there eternally.

In [West Journey], all the demons displayed a common goal, that is, to kill Monk Táng and eat his flesh. However, In [West Journey Supplement ], Mackerel Spirit adapted different strategies as to how to achieve the same goal. He knew that to get Monk Táng, he'd have to eliminate Monkey King, the most powerful aide to Monk Táng. Being aware that it wasn't easy to attack Monkey King when he was sober, Mackerel Spirit planned to sneak into his dream and take advantage of his sexual desire. Once aroused, Monkey King would indulge in passionate imagination and sexual pleasure, which would make him a vulnerable victim.

In Chapter 1, As the team moved away from Mountain Flame, they stopped at a mountain path covered by fallen flowers. A peony tree immediately caught everyone's attention. Some situations happened and some youngsters were killed. A while later, Monkey King felt confused and let his dream sneak in while he taking a nap under the tree.

 In Chapter 2, In his dream, Monkey King was puzzled by the new emperor and the change of direction. The world and time had turned around. Since Monk Táng insisted to go West for the scriptures, the Little Moon King had ordered these troops to clear all the path toward the Jade Emperor's Palace to collect the scriptures. Unfortunately, the troops deviated from the right direction and mistakenly destroyed Heaven Palace. The heaven held Monkey King responsible for the invasion; the earth also attributed Monkey King 's killing of the youngsters to this accident. Thus Monkey King became a scapegoat.

In Chapter 3 & 4, Monkey King concluded that this Little Moon King must be a demon. so he rose up and bumped into a castle, which turned out to be the Green World. Once inside, Monkey King saw no signs of living creatures. He became angry and poked about randomly. Suddenly, Monkey King hit a green stone and fell down at a bright entrance. What stood in front of him was a glazed pagoda walled by precious mirrors, about ten thousand of them. The mirrors differed in sizes and shapes. Monkey King was fun-loving. He wanted to see thousands of reflections in the mirrors. Strange enough, when he tried, he saw Liú, who once rescued him on Wu3-Xing2 Mountain. Liú informed Monkey King that the whole world was controlled by the mirrors each of which had its designated realm of reign.

In Chapter 5, Monkey King was merged into the mirror of Ancient World.

In Chapter 6, Monkey King found out that the Qin Emperor of the Great Wall was staying in the Mystery World, located in front of the Future Mirror. When they strolled to the Jade Gate, Monkey King broke away and rolled into the Future Mirror.




In [West Journey], all the demons displayed a common goal, that is, to kill Monk Táng and eat his flesh. However, In [West Journey Supplement ], Mackerel Spirit adapted different strategies as to how to achieve the same goal. He knew that to get Monk Táng, he'd have to eliminate Monkey King, the most powerful aide to Monk Táng. Being aware that it wasn't easy to attack Monkey King when he was sober, Mackerel Spirit planned to sneak into his dream and take advantage of his sexual desire. Once aroused, Monkey King would indulge in passionate imagination and sexual pleasure, which would make him a vulnerable victim.

Chapter 7 to 10, Monkey King left the Gate of Hell for the Mystery World. There he met a self-claimed "New Ancient" who could not go back into Ancient World, had to stay and open a restaurant business. Monkey King then asked him how could he return to Blue Green World so that he could continue accompanying Monk Táng to the Western Journey. The New Ancient answered: "Trace your way back. The way you came is the way you leave." He pushed Monkey King as his last word fell.

The push of The New Ancient pushed Monkey King into another Future Mirror, which opened the beginning of our novel {American West Journey}. Monkey King's American dream.

Hallmark  production [Monkey King]As Monkey King wandered into the further future. He paused at the years of 2012. Monk Táng and his team will therefore suddenly find themselves in America. Nevertheless, Monk Táng and his team soon became pompous and conceited, falling into the illusion and frame-up of the Demon Lust. Mackerel Spirit (The Demon Lust) as mentioned earlier intended to take advantage of the situation. His immediate target was always Monkey King. Again, Mackerel let Monkey King develop his desire and let it go wild in his dreams. He then planned to corrupt him while he was going deeper and deeper in his self-indulgent dream.

Our entire fiction {American West Journey} takes place in Monkey King's American dream. The story has nothing to do with religion or politics at all.

Our Chapter Zero explains the relationship among [West Journey], [West Journey Supplement ] and our fiction {American West Journey}.

Also, why Monkey King' White Dragon ' Pigsy' and Friar Sand have to join Monk Táng's West Journey Mission.

Also, in [West Journey ], how Monkey King changed himself into an insect and hid among the tealeaves and got into the Princess's stomach to make her agree to lend her fan to pass through the Mountain Flame.

Also, in [West Journey Supplement  ], how Mackerel Spirit, the Green Fish Demon sneaked into Monkey King's dream and took advantage of his sexual desire. Once aroused, Monkey King would indulge in passionate imagination and sexual pleasure, which would make him a vulnerable victim. And thus is how Monkey King traveled into the Future Mirror.

 All of these pre-story and novels are all part of HISTORY.

In my {American West Journey}, I hereby start the chapters of fiction of HERSTORY.

Chapter 8: Lost in her shoes.

New mayor announced that Earthquake decreased lots of people, merged with San Francisco's , Los Angeles's male to female sex ration is 250 to 100, meaning there will always 150/250 single man have to live without woman over .
For the next 10 years or until Los Angeles and San Francisco have re-construct into new order, the mayor declaimed that NEW ORDER law allow and encourage each female to live with 4 men in one shelter's family camp.


 Preface: Awaken in The Big One

 Chapter Zero: [American West Journey]: [Addendum of West Journey Supplement]

 Chapter 01: How High Can U Jump? Dragon.

 Chapter 02: It's Paradise for pig

 Chapter 03: After Gold Rush

 Chapter 04: To paint the White House brown

 Chapter 05:  I do, Xúan-Zhùang

 Chapter 06: After Flowing Sands River

 Chapter 07: Got milk? Libby.

 Chapter.08: Lost in her shoes.

 Chapter.09: Beginner's Luck

 Chapter.10: Touch down, Demos.

 Chapter.11:  We do, Xúan-Zhùang

 Chapter.12:  Saving Monkey Prince





 http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_00prefaceCE.htm 楔 子 ﹕ 廿 年 一 覺 美 國 夢 ;  芭 扇 乘 風 送 新 生 Preface: Awaken in The Big One In case of http://americanwestjourney.com/ is temporary inactive, I always have a backup web http://americanwestjourney.net/ so u can try the back up web pages on http://americanwestjourney.net/chapter_00prefaceCE.htm

 http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_00CN.htm [補西遊補]  第零回 美國西遊記<前言> 美國煙雨美國潮﹐未到萬般恨不休﹔ 及至到來無一事﹐補西游補補西遊. Chapter Zero: [American West Journey]: [Addendum of West Journey Supplement Chapter 10] [West Journey Supplement]: [Supplement of West Journey Chapter 61]

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_01CE.htm 第 一 回 ﹕ 龍 馬 飛 躍 好 來 塢;  火 樹 銀 花 炫 影 城。Chapter 1: How High Can U Jump? Dragon.

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_02CE.htm 第二 回 ﹕賭 城風 流 真 名 士;  沉 淪 樂斯未 家 思 。Chapter 2: It's Paradise for pig

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_03CE.htm 第 三 回 ﹕ 太乙水晶淘金潮; 百足蜈蚣盜蟻香 Chapter 3: After Gold Rush

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_04CE.htm 第 四 回 ﹕九命難渡流沙河 ;  十世相逢成同宗 Chapter 4: To paint the White House brown

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_05CE.htm 回 ﹕ 唐僧從來不姓唐; 西出陽關今何往 Chapter 5:  I do, Xúan-Zhùang

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_06CE.htm 第 六 回 ﹕黑 人 面 南 入 白 宮 ; 女 性 出 頭 作 總 統 Chapter 6: After Flowing Sands River

 http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_07CE.htm 第 七 回 ﹕金箍棒打鐵靴軍 ﹐ 新雁分飛筋斗雲 Chapter 7: Got milk? Libby.

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_08CE.htm 第 八 回 ﹕百足千履暗藏迷香; 獨角麒麟白宮奔騰 Chapter.8: Lost in her shoes.

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_09CE.htm 第 九 回 ﹕初賭贏得滿天星星; 再賭輸光三代長城 Chapter.9: Beginner's Luck

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_10CE.htm 第 十 回 ﹕  驢象相爭麒麟角﹔ 風水交遞橄欖球 Chapter.10: Touch down, Demos.

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_11CE.htm 第 11 回 ﹕ 隋朝舊月照新星﹔唐人街上遇唐人 Chapter.11:  We do, Xúan-Zhùang

http://www.americanwestjourney.com/chapter_12CE.htm 第 12 回 ﹕轉輪漩 渦夢不醒; 幽浮隔世尋親生 Chapter.12:  Saving Monkey Prince

We thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon so we can show you our chapters.

Jerome Yáng  (Author, Web Developer; writing since 10 years old. Publishing since 12 years old. Winner of three Taiwanese writing awards in 2 years. His Novel [The Water Buffalo] has been translated into English by International P.E.N., published by Reader Digest, used as the standard Taiwan High School Chinese Text Book 2 Chapter 9. )

"Water Buffalo" will be published in English by New York Seaburn, released this month!


3-D Artist, Co-Author: David Callahan