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Chapter 02: It's Paradise for pig

From the bright star-filled sky, Pigsy fell onto the backstage. As he fell on the floor head first, he counted the birds that flew around his head. As he wiggled his ears in pain, he realized his pain was so acute that even his whiskers ache.

Pigsy flipped his eyes upward, staring at the ceiling. He thought the starry sky had turned into a disco-ceiling with huge mirrored balls hanging from it.  These shinny disco balls hosted a multitude of brilliant sparkling colors.  

As Pigsy's head kept turning, the light reflecting off the mirrors changed into thin beams of various colored light. "Did I drop out of the mirrors?", Pigsy wondered to himself. He sat on his butt, totally bewildered. And there is mirror within the mirror? Dreaming in the dreams, fallen in the dream.

Pigsy's sudden drop-in from the ceiling stupefied all of the dancers backstage. One of the dancers noticed that Pigsy just sat there staring at the ceiling. Another dancer then helped the dazed pig up off the floor. Walter, the stage manager, mumbled something that was inaudible and then slapped Pigsy in the head, and then Walter's voice became very audible; "Come see me without your makeup on after the show!" Walter then pushed Pigsy through the curtains to the front of the stage.

The loud stentorian music with the bright light accompaniment startled Pigsy nearly half to death. His eyes widen as he found himself trusted in the middle of a dance show in progress. Male and female dancers dressed in animal outfits surrounded him. Hunky men with gorilla chests, boar heads, lion and bear costumes all filled the stage. The females danced gracefully in their sheer ostrich, gazelle, zebra and giraffe masquerades. The women exhibited beautiful eyebrows, with long eyelashes and red lips.

In any normal situation, many would be frightened by Pigsy's fat ugly snout and large pigheaded appearance, but now he saw himself in front of a fierce and brutal beast. They all sang and danced in unison. For a moment he though he had dropped into a Bogy wine party and the beast troll's and flesh orgy. Terrified, he backed up and attempted to sneak out of the scene, but Walter was blocking the exit with pure rage in his eyes. So this is not a dream, this is a show stage. Why am I here? Where is the mirror I came from?

It was a three dimension stage, The entire piece wall is the giant aquarium box, builds everywhere the background, high up wall to wall, the appearance adult fish race `aquatic animal's dancer ' swims `after the stage diving to play with water. In the midair, hangs the firm glass rope, dresses up Cheng Niaozu ' birds' dancer plate rope in airborne to fly round. The first half stage, is the beast leap jumps. The audience admires in the stage multi-layered three-dimensional police soul absorbs the soul, also leaves the stage to be too far, nobody may note in some water the dancer very little emits the water surface air change actually, also nobody notes the airborne dancer to fly round, some people have not hung actually to the glass rope above. Piggy was among stage, also muddy not consciousness.

As Pigsy returned to the dancers, he noticed all the females atop the male beasts'shoulders. A few females gracefully jumped off the backs of the beast and did spinning pirouettes. On instinct, Pigsy rushed a beautiful long legged ostrich woman, and kneeled down in front of her. The sight of the Pig evoked lots of laughter from the audience.

Emily Siebenburgen, the ostrich woman, saw Pigsy jumped out from nowhere and kneeled down in front of her. Competing with the chunky chest gorilla-man, Pigsy extended his hand for to dance. She displayed obsequious smile with seductive eyes, and the loud laughter from the audiences had made her realized that she now the focus of the stage. She had no time to think why all of sudden there was a new pig jumped in without any rehearsal, but it worked! The audiences loved him. And she was the lead dancer now.

She decided to ride on Pigsy to see how strong this pig head and shoulders were.
Pigsy had never been so close to the warmth of a beautiful woman's bosom.
Every costume was made with a little cloth as possible. Jewelry and random silks covered the bare essentials of the dancers. Every beautiful female's body was inconspicuously shown through their wardrobes. The slender legs, firm breasts and tender buttocks were a little to much for Pigsy's eyes to handle.

Pigsy's impure focus almost caused Emily to fall off his back, but she caught her balance. Emily wanted to smack Pigsy in the head but then she noticed that the audience began to enjoy this beauty and beast couple losing his partner, the chunky chest gorilla-man got upset. The audience erupted into laughter.

 Pigsy noticed the most beautiful bra on Emily's chest. It's lovely silky golden inset, with its mosaic diamond lace and silver edges. The small bra barely covered her chest. Every pair of dancers were professionally trained dancing couples. It was obvious that just a production would take months of training. Just the mounting of females atop the male's shoulders would had been endless rehearsal takes.

The dance routines looked fancy and exotic, yet Pigsy never had the privilege of  training with the dancers. So it made him very excited to watch his neighboring dance couple, and then mocked their performance. The erotic movements of the dancers got the drunken men in the audience excited.

To the corner of the stage, two animals appeared to commence a duel. Suddenly, the Werewolf attacked the Red Eagle, whose counterattack seemed not to be planned, but Pigsy's act interrupted Werewolf's attempt. Red Eagle fought back with hesitation, flailing his Indian-style garment. Taking the attention off this battle, Emily suddenly grabbed her chest. She felt a cool breeze and noticed that her golden bra was wrapped around Pigsy's head. The audience stood in appreciation. Unaware of the situation, run around the stage, rousing the crowd. The audience became rowdy and unable to contain their enjoyment. They began to stand on tables and chair and dance to the continuously blaring music.

Walter, not expecting this type of reaction, happily collected the money from the stage and retreats backstage. The hysterical laughter and chaos were louder than the music. With her red with humiliation face, Emily finally came within arms length of Pigsy. It was the same time that he realized that her bra was around his head. Too late, she landed a hard punch atop his head. Pigsy's great athleticism didn't allow Emily to get in any more punches as he run off the stage.  The gorilla-man and Werewolf tried to grab Pigsy, but Red Eagle cut them out.

The music continued to play and this scene adds to a perfect conclusion of a chaotic slapstick comedy show. Walter decided to come to stage and help in the apprehension of Pigsy. This made the audience happier as their eyes followed Pigsy who almost knocks down the "Beauty in Beast's Cave" sign that was posted next to the theater exit.

Squealing and breathing very heavily, Pigsy rushed into High Roller's Casino. A room full of slot machines and big time gamblers fill the room. The air was clean with conglomerated sounds of music, machines and laughter. Running and bumping into random people, Pigsy had figured out how the fashionable people dressed in this fancy place. As he turned the corner he knocked down a cocktail waitress, who was shocked to see a half man half pig.

Pigsy didn't pause at all. He pushed a red wood door with thread floral painting and run into a
passage where nobody was around. Running through the hall, he noticed a full body mirror. He stopped himself and came back to the mirror. His ugly Pig appearance slowly transformed into a very handsome guy.

"What a paradise", he though to himself. All this action reminds him of the Fairy Peach Party. But the girls were dressed much sexy and had bigger smiles here in Vegas.

The spirit of desire is attacking anyone during his various emotional states: sad, happy or hesitant. It could also attack anyone from a distance. The waves are made by the fish underneath, far far away.

Once the desire attached itself on someone, it would remain there eternally.

Once when he was an Admiral of the Fleet of Water Gods in the Milky Way; while being drunk, he harassed the Moon Goddess at the Fairy Peach Party. As a result he was demoted onto the earth and turned into the form of a pig.

What is this pain I feel? The heart crying out for acceptance, or my own loneliness seeking consolation, and the realization of something distant and forsaken.

What are these tears I shed? The tears of happiness and blissful joy, perhaps the antidote for the pain in my heart, or the mask of my own disillusions.

Surprisingly nobody ever enter the corridor, to see this miraculous transformation. Pigsy took his time and adjusted his face and clothes. He winked at the mirror, conditioning himself at his new appearance. "They don't make faces like this anymore." he said to himself confidently. "I'm luminescent over this vulgar world," he chanted to himself: "so we celebrate our absolute all dissolution... ".

What is this love I seek? Are you the lover, my soul mate for life, that allows me to love and be loved in return, or do I retreat to the sanctuary of my lonely world.

Monkey in the mountain, the saint that enjoyed equal power with heaven.  Sleeping under the tree.

Mackerel in the sea, Lust Demon that rules the ocean.  Watching you while you are sleeping. It's fishy.

There are mirrors; there are dreams, Marvelous Pig in Milky way, Gorgeous Admiral of Water Gods.

The red wood door with thread painting was pulled open and hotel security enters the hallway.

"Excuse me sir, have you seen a man dressed like a pig come through here?" questioned the guard.

"I don't think so man", replied Pigsy.

"Sorry to bother you sir, have a good day", said the security guard as he and his partner continue down the hallway.

"Good luck finding the sucker", Pigsy said smugly to himself. Pigsy exited the hallway, transformed into a blond hair blue eyed dead gorgeous guy. His wardrobe was in prime and elegant fashion. He walked past the waitress who was still picking up the mess he caused her make moments ago.

As he kneeled over to help her pick up the remaining napkins, he spoke like a poet laureate: "I tender towards pretty beauty..."

"Wind, flowers, snow and moon," he groaned: "And again spring wind.

"Bewildering feelings overwhelm me on my own from self afflicted moments of being alone

"Wind, flower, snow and moon, who is waiting? Who is watching?" The waitress never realized this handsome man was once the disgusting pig that knocked her to the ground. The High Roller Casino was the place to be in Las Vegas, Nevada which used to be a desert state, now its city of desire. Or the City of Lost Wages if you aren't too lucky.

I would arouse, I would indulge in passionate imagination and sexual pleasure, which would make me a vulnerable victim.

All the casinos were splendid in green and gold. Outdoors, the air was hot and dry. The terrain was sandy. The inside of each casino was brightly lit making time of the essence. This city was such the dazzling human world with myriad temptations. It's a world of sensual pleasures, with Gentlemen Dance Clubs at every corner. Men and woman all ages who venture from different areas of the world, make up the demographics of these casinos.

Waitresses in high mini skirts walked around with food and
various assortments of colorful drinks. Air conditioners pumped fresh oxygen into the atmosphere, keeping people awake and excited. Many of these people will gamble themselves into dilatational mire. But Welcome to Las Vegas.

"Who should sneak into my dream and take advantage of my sexual desire.

I have to forgive myself for reaching out

Forgive myself for not having doubt

Forgive this hurt, forgive this pain

Forgive the love that never came

It's The City of Paradise! And Pigsy had fallen into such Western Heaven!! As a fish loves water, he plays like a cat in a fish market. An inviting aroma fills his nostrils
and took over all his senses. As he turned his head, he saw people standing in line for the Grand Buffet.

The youth is such a morsel, but the buffet is endless. Skipping the line he survey's his options: Mouth watering mushroom raviolis, hot biscuits with gravy, red sauced tomato tortellini, fresh lobster with warm melted butter, ...

The solitude takes and overwhelms my spirit and removes the ability for me to hear it
I seem unwilling or consciously aware
of the voice of
the one I know to care

There before him, a sight never seen
Every type of corn, rice and bean
Chickens and beef steaks, oh so lean
Every type of salad, tomato and green
Fried chicken and fish and dozens of eggs
Lobsters and tuna and king crab legs
Ravioli and spaghetti and spicy linguini
Cakes and cabbage and fresh fettuccini
His eyes reached the skies so fair and bright 
As he stuffed himself with every treat in sight
His heart reached heaven and filled with delight
As he stuffed himself with food all day and night

scrumptious crab cakes, cheese and spinach quiche, salmon tartar, seared ahi tuna, delectable romaine, seasoned mixed vegetable, smoked salmon, crispy duck, rock shrimp, southern shrimp gumbo, chicken marsala, turkey meatloaf, Hong Kong egg rolls, shrimp fried rice, roasted duck, Spicy lamb curry, veal medallions,...

How can love cause such pain?
As we search endlessly in vain
how then do we survive this
and achieve that eternal bliss.

Forgive this heart for easily breaking
Forgive this love for being forsaken

And there was steak! country fried steak, T-bonk steak, spicy chicken strips, filet mignon, turkey burger, black forest ham, Cajon chicken, pepper beef, penne lemon cheese tortellini, seafood farfel, crispy chicken raviolis, pasta, Neapolitan style pizza, ...

Forgive this wanting to hold, to touch
Forgive this love if I love too much

Calm chowder, corn soup, baby green salad, Caesar salad, fresh arugula, juicy baked steak, butter dipped lobster, sautéed shrimp, fried chicken, fillet minion, pasta, Maine scallops, Grilled marinated chicken , summer salads, caviar, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, crab legs, apple pie, lemon pie, el flan, tiramisu, chocolate pies, chocolate cake, strawberry cheese cake and warm chocolate chip cookies, where just some of the dishes on the menu.


How can love cause such pain? Wooo! Let me develop my desire and let it go wild in day dreams. Who planned to corrupt me while I'm going deeper and deeper in my self-indulgent dream?

Pigsy wantoned, totally indulging himself in the mass amount of food. You can take the man out of the pig, but you can't take the pig out of the man.

A buffet so huge, it was sure to please
Every type of meat and salad and cheese
Bar-be-qued, fried, broiled and baked chicken
Spoons filled with whipped cream just for licking
Apple, lemon and strawberry pies
Big, fat eggrolls with onion-ring ties
Blueberries, raspberries and black berries too
Chicken and beef and vegetable tofu
He dived into the food as if it were a lake
Stuffing his face with every pie, every cake
Grabbing a fork and using it as a rake
He cramped it all in, all he could take.

He ate until his stomach was full and then continued to raid the buffet for more food. He loosened a few belt buckles and decided that he now had room for dessert.

Not far away, an old lady sat muttering, feeding coins into a slot machine. She stopped the handle and watches as the machine spin from grape to orange to banana, never lining up the same fruits in a row. This didn't seem to bother the lady as she continued to feed the machine. Allows putting money in but never taking any money out. The Elder lady started to grumble to Pigsy whenever he would get more food from the buffet.

"Argus, come and see, me win your money back then we can go home!" she would mutter.

"Hey! My name is not Argus!!" Pigsy would say as he sat back down to eat more food.

"Argus! Come help me!" The elder lady constantly mutters the same words to Pigsy, "Argus! Come, I want to go home now."

Initially, Pigsy wouldn't pay the woman any attention, but once he filled his belly to completion, he started to pay closer attention to the woman. "Argus! See me win and let's go home!" the lady continued.

A waitress explained to Pigsy" This is nothing out of the ordinary. Betty Widow had been talking this way to every passer-by."

"Who is Argus?" Pigsy asked.

"Her husband, who one year ago died on that slot machine, from a heart attack. He was playing the slot machine and the machine frozen. It looked like he was going to win, and then suddenly the machine continued spinning and he lost. The poor man's heart couldn't take the shock. Betty was there and witnessed the entire event. So with the aid of husband's life insurance money, she had been here everyday, playing the slots."

"The Jackpot accumulated up to seven hundred and eighty millions dollars now, I think. "The waitress taped her temple and looked at the widow Betty imprisoned in front of the slot machine:" Actually her mind is a little bit... off already, nobody can make her go home..."

The sounds, "DING DING DING DING", were heard from the slot machine, which dropped a few chips. Betty was tired and miserable. She stared at the machine for a long time, loathing in desperation. Looking at Pigsy," Argus, come and see me win your money back then we can go home."

Pigsy walked over to the woman and placed his hands on her shoulders, comforting her. Betty got a little excited by such a young handsome man's touch. It reminded her of her husband standing there accompanying her as she inserted coins into the machine.

Pigsy started to learn the trick of how the machine operates. Betty wanted nothing except three cherries appearing together right in middle row.

As Betty continued to play each turn resulted in two bananas and one cherry or two cherries and one orange. Never three cherries in the same row.

Watching Betty on the brink of excitement, and then sudden remorse, made Pigsy think. "These games really do play with people's heart and emotions. You can be up one second and down the next", Pigsy pondered to himself.

Betty closed came down to her every last chip. She had sat her for the past year and spent every dime of her husband's insurance money. But the slot machine had no heart. It's didn't care if you spend all of your money.

Pigsy studied the game and though he had the secret. Down to her last chip, Betty inserted it into the machine. There was that final pull of the handle, her life would be over. At that very second Pigsy stopped her arm and stared at the machine and saying: "Let me do it!"

Betty holding back her tears in anguish looked him in dementia and stopped her motion to the handle. She felt that this was the end of her life.

Pigsy pulled the lever. Three rolls of pictures rolled in front of their eyes. A cherry stopped at the middle. Pigsy  smiled, he immediately stared left row. Second cherry stopped in the left row.

Stunned, Betty widen her eyes. But she had been here before so she slowly prepared herself for final departure. Stood turning to leave. But she had nowhere to go. Looking sheepishly at the machine she took one last look as the right row fills in.

Pigsy didn't dare to breathe. He focused on the right row. The third cherry flashed but seems like it will continue spinning. Pigsy shouted STOP very loudly in his mind. All the energy from his soul poured out of his eyes. The third cherry firmly stopped in the right row.


A loud siren went off and the red flashing light that sat on top of the machine reflected off the casino walls. Chips flew out of the machine like a waterfall. People turned and looked at Pigsy. Some applauded while others quickly looked up and read the amount on the panel lights.

Random people shouted," Zero Thirty Three Thousand Millions, Three Hundred Zero Two Thousand, One Hundred Eighty Three dollars!! Zero Thirty Three Thousand Millions, Three Hundred Zero Two Thousand, and One Hundred Eighty Three dollars!!  ..."

Betty jumped and grabbed Pigsy while shouting:" Argus, we won! We won! "

The room was already crowded with excited people. Pigsy said with a huge smile, "I'm not Argus." then he turned to leave. Betty grabbed him and yelled:" Where are you going?! Argus! We can't leave yet; we need to wait here until they write us a BIG CHECK!!"

Afraid that she couldn't hear what he was saying because of the siren, Pigsy yelled:" I'm NOT Argus."

Betty grabbed him so tight and told him loud and clearly," I know you aren't Argus! People think I’ve been crazy over the years, NO! I had to call everyone Argus to take me out of this abyss of misery! Listen, you have set me free out of this hell Argus created for me over the past year. I want you to leave this hell with this big money with me."

Pigsy shook his head and turned round. Betty yelling:" Where are you going?!!"

"I want to play some more!!"

The crowd busted out into laughter. Betty rushed to collect all the chips she could gather into several chip containers and gave Pigsy every can so he could not move. "I'm waiting here for you to go home with me! I won't let you stay here and destroy your life like I have for so many years!" She stared at him and asked:" What is your name?!"

"Barred-Jay Baconn." Pigsy made up a name without thinking, happily left with an arm full of chips.

Now this union is forbidden
and our love must be hidden
the love we both desire
since we have felt this fire

Forgive me for dreaming
My whole life through
Forgive this dream
That never came true.

An extremely attractive female with a strong smelling perfume approached him. "Let me help you", while she took some cans out of his hands. Pigsy did not really recognizing who she was. It was ostrich girl from the stage show "Beauties in Beast Cave". She wore no ornaments or costume but a T-shirt and tight jeans. The stage makeup was mostly removed except some rouge on the eyes and lips.

Pigsy looked at her T-shirt, which appeared to have nothing underneath it. "BB Dance Company" was the insignia on her shirt. Remembering that she would not recognize him either because of his now handsome face, he spoke in a very low masculine tone. "My name is Barred-Jay Baconn. May I have your name?"

"Emily Siebenburgen. "Emily leaded Pigsy into next room of the Roulette tables. Over the green roulette table, several gamblers were constructing their chip piles. Pigsy and Emily both thrust overloading tons of chip buckets on the ledge of the table. There were two spaces at the table and everyone shifts down as to make room for the new completers.

Pigsy greeted the table by asking:" How do I win the big money here?"

People laughed.

Emily told him with an obsequious smile:" All you have to do is pick a number and the color red or black to match the wheel." Opposite the table, a chunky guy raised his head and greets the couple with an unlit cigar hanging in his mouth:" Hey! Emily!"

Emily not expecting to see the name answers meekly, "Hey, Wolfe."

Wolfe seems annoyed by Emily's unwilling tone. He spitted it behind his teeth:" Don't forget that we have a fashion show to run in Hollywood tomorrow!"

"Sure, suuuuuu-re," Emily grabbed Pigsy's arm:" Honey, want to join a Hollywood party? You are invited. Only the handsome invited!"

"Hollywood? Where is it?" Pigsy sat proudly with his tons of chips and Emily's hand caressing his knee. Wolf started to outface them in anguish.

To Pigsy's attention, Wolfe was wearing the same "B B Dance Company" T-shirt as Emily. His face resembled the Chunky Chest Gorilla, who angrily walked of the stage during in the show. Pigsy didn't bother to return Wolfe's unwelcoming glares. Gawking at the different colored stack of chips that he exchanged with the dealer, he openly kissed Emil's cheek. Emily returned the appreciation. Wolfe avoids eye contact, in rage. Blood rushed to his knuckles which were clenched together making a fist.

The dealer asked Pigsy," Are you betting, sir?" Pigsy shook his head, looking around at all the chips.

The banker began to spin the wheel. The gamblers start to yell "Black 13" "Red 10" "Red 3" in hopes of the ball rolling into their desired slot.

"Bet.", Emily insisted. Pigsy "What?" replied Pigsy. Emily point at the table," Which number you want?" The ball jumped around in the spinning circle, killing the dreams of some of the gamblers as it rolls.

The banker calls," black 6". The dealer won, sweeping up all the chips on the board. The gamblers groan and bet more chips. A table full of losers.

Pigsy got a sudden burst of confidence told Emily, "red 8".Emily left hand drops two orange chips on 8, while her right hand still held under the table:" How about 10?" "Fine." Pigsy nods. But as long as he bets, he will always win. Pigsy's smile was so big and crisp, that it could almost break his chin. Emily drops 5 $1000 stacks of chips on red 10. "What else?" Pigsy studied her and said. "Red first 20." Wolfe, determined to show his presence at the table, lays down a 7 $1000 stacks.
"All bets are final!" the dealer yelled as he spin the wheel. Gamblers yelled, "Red 40" "Black 25", and so on trying to will the ball to land on their bet.

Pigsy knew that he was the new king of this world now. He learned how to rule this kingdom of paradise, now he watched and laughs as he take everyone's money. His power rested in the corner of his eye. Whatever his bet is, he calibrated the probability in his mind, and just his eyes to will the bet to fruition. He kept one hand on this pocket and the other calmly on Emily's knee.

The ball dropped into the numbered hole. The banker yelled:" red 10."

Emily yelled:" We won! We won!" Pigsy so vain in his disposition didn't smile with excitement.

Pigsy sat like a handsome king upon his throne. The dealer adds more and more of decks of chips to pile. The chips stack like great walls surrounding Pigsy's kingdom.

Pigsy smoothly slide one large stack of chips on black 38. All the gamblers place their bets. Suddenly everyone looked in Pigsy's direction. The kingdom of chips that he had built all rest on black 48 now.

Emily lost her smile. The dealer looked at Pigsy to confirm that he want to make sure a wager.

Wolfe for the first time smiled as he didn't think Pigsy would ever win such a crazy bet. Wolfe ups the ante by placing all of these chips on red 38.

"All bets are final." The dealer yelled as he spins the wheel.

Emily held her breath staring 38 on the turning wheel. Pigsy moved his lips close to her ears and whispered:" Let's go, I have something to return to you."

Emily didn't clearly hear was Pigsy whispers to her. Pigsy stuffed her hand with a soft silky object but Emily was distracted by the game.

The wheel stopped, at red 38.
Wolfe raised these hands in triumph. Then in the last second the ball jumped to black 38.
Emily looked at the bra in her hand, and then looked at the ball in the 38 hole.

The dealer calls over his manager because he didn't have enough chips to pay Pigsy. Once the entire winnings were paid out, Emily stood up," Sorry, we need to go, cash all the chips into my account." She threw the dealer a few hundreds for tip money, and with her hands around Pigsy's waist. Emily grabbed Pigsy's buttock and leaded him into the elevator.

Pigsy found the elevator was so novel and exquisite. Emily held him tightly against the wall of the glassy crystal elevator. Through the windows they could see the beautiful cityscape of the City of Paradise. These sites were common to Emily; yet, Pigsy was enamored with the city's beauty.

A Dark shadow eclipses my heart
from the pain of being alone and apart
when the entire world seems not to care
when the stars and the sun fail in despair

Emily brought Pigsy to her room where her ostrich costume hangs. "Where is your Pigsy mask?" questioned Emily as she pushed him on her bed.

Pigsy couldn't even make out any words. Emily had struck him with her strong fragranced body scent. Pigsy changed his position on the bed as to be able to kiss her more comfortably. He had never been in the privacy of such a beautiful woman so he took a moment to catch his breath. As he opens his eyes he saw a sight of horror.

Emily was couched over in the cover of the room seemingly struggling with another person. As Pigsy rised to help Emily, he was bluntly struck upon the skull. He opens his eyes in anguish. As his eyes come into focus he saw a Palm-Leaf-Fan sprayed ing leaf into the window. It opens up like the open palm of a fist. Inside the fan he saw an old man carrying a sleeping baby.

He realized immediately that he didn't know who the old man is, but he did recognize the Palm-Leaf-Fan! "It's the magic Iron-Fan from the Iron-Fan -Princess of Mountain Flame", Pisgy though to himself as he grabbed his aching head.

"You are not the father", a voice rang out. Pigsy was in shock. He felt like he had died and now the Palm Leaf was her to bring him to heaven. Suddenly, his head was over covered with a potato sack. Pigsy struggled in the sack. The more he struggled the more he was beat about the head, bludgeoning his senses.

He heard Emily shouting in anguish: " Wolfe stop!!" Pigsy felt himself being bound with rope, yet he was unable to do anything. The rope squeezed his neck and he began to suffocate. He was carried very violently over a shoulder down a flight of stairs. Blood seeps from the potato sack as Pisgy was dropped in a metal bin. Continues blows were delivered to his head, and soon all that could be heard were puddles of blood being smacked. The beating stopped and a car's wheels were heard spinning away from the scene.

Pigsy fainted, and seeing the past scene of Flame Mountain, before he drops into the crystal mirror, they were in Flame Mountain....

"Why is it so hot here?" No grass nor trees, the earth was burned all over... .."  Monkey King flew up to the sky, he saw the Flame Mountain.

Blame this on nobody but you! Monkey!  Jade Emperor appointed you as Stable Assister, You don't stay in the Stable, and you stole and ate most of panacea pills from the Heaven Pharmacy and ruined Jade Empress's Fairy Peach Party. The Pharmacist cooked you in the stove and tried to smelt you and get the panacea pills back. You, Monkey, escaped from the torture, the flames of pharmacy stove dropped onto earth and created the Mountain Flame.

We stopped at Mountain Flame, where we saw no trace of living things. The whole mountain was covered by fire. To pass through, we had to borrow the palm-leaf fan belonging to Princess Iron Fan, wife of Ox King. Unfortunately, you had captured their son earlier, the Red Child, whom Budhisattva had taken in as a finance boy. The Princess remembered that incident and therefore refused to lend us the fan.

You monkey changed yourself into an insect and hid among the tea leaves. Once you got into the Princess's stomach, you started to move around violently until she could no longer bear the pain. Finally, she agreed to lend her Fan. However, she gave you a phony one. You and I flew to the flame mountain by the Iron-Fan . You wanted me to stay away to see you use fan to put out the flames...

I was so frighten, I saw the fan did not work! The flames were jumping sky high and grabbed you, burning down you all over!!"

What is this... pain?  I feel the heart is crying out for acceptance or my own loneliness. I feel the seeking of consolation and the realization of something distant and forsaken. 

On the second try, you had stolen Ox King's Golden-Eyed Beast under water while the King was having a party at the Blue-Waved Pond. You changed into the form of Ox King and came to the residence of the Princess. There you fooled her and got hold of the real fan.

On your way home, unfortunately, you met Ox King, who appeared as me and tricked you into returning the fan. You lost the fan, when you saw me again, you grabbed me and asked: "Where is the fan?!"

What are these... tears I shed the tears of happiness and blissful joy perhaps the antidote for the pain in my heart or the mask of my own disillusions...

Pigsy waked up slowly gaining consciousness. He found himself lying in a huge trash dumpster. Widow Betty digs him out of the trash holding his bloody carcass. Pigsy could barely hear her cries.

Pigsy opened his blacken eyes. Betty wailing in tears, touched his head and said joyously," Thanks God, you’ve awakened, Argus, let's go home!!" "They beat you up to a bloody pulp, and they put this awful pig head on you so tight, that I can't get it off."

"I'm fine, this is my mask for the stage show. Let's go", said a delirious Pigsy. As his breaths through his broken snout, blood fills his sinuses.

"You won almost one billion dollars at the slot machine and roulette table; this is how they want to teach you a lesson. Argus, let's leave here and go home", plead Betty as she helped Pigsy out of the dumpster.

Pigsy, holding Betty's hand and laughing in tears,  
managed to say, "I'm NOT Argus."

"Bob-Jack...whatever your name is, please go home with me, I'm Betty.  We have seven hundred and eighty millions dollar. How much money can I spend? I'm an old lady! You can do anything you want for the rest of your life..."

"Betty," Pigsy said: "I only want to stay here for the rest of my life."

"They killed you once already, aren't you afraid! You won one billion dollars in one day from them. They won't see you alive to get another chance, this is a hell, so many people ruined their lives over here don't you know? I saw everybody, men and women alike, waste their lives and dreams, all hoping that they would win the BIG MONEY one day. And it never happens."

"Betty," Pigsy thankfully held her fists," If you knew who I really was, you wouldn't say these things. Let me tell you, nobody can hurt me, this is the paradise for me. All the money in this is mine; I can get it anytime I want."

Betty signed, she knew that staying here in the city could only be trouble for anyone. She remembered what happened to her husband and now looking at Pigsy: "Who are you?"

"Who am I you ask," Pigsy started to smile with all the confidence and glory he could muster, "Barred-Jay Baconn."

Betty looked at his bloodied pig head in confusion. "This pig head looked so real, is this real a mask for the stage show?" Betty questioned to herself. But as she stared at the bloody beast; she couldn't help but state the obvious. She saw a Pig with a bloody snout, a swollen face, standing outside of the dumpster, where he almost got killed. Pigsy smiled so big that he believed that he had just dropped into a heaven.

Betty signed in exhaustion. And turned to leave Pigsy.

"And they say that I'm crazy. Boy this one here is more crazy than all of us", Betty said to herself. And this pig head? It looked far too real to be a stage show mask!

第 三 回 ﹕ 太乙水晶淘金潮; 百足蜈蚣盜蟻香

Chapter 3: After Gold Rush