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第 三 回 ﹕ 太乙水晶淘金潮; 百足蜈蚣盜蟻香

Chapter 3: After Gold Rush

The car began to roll into the dark Mountain cave which opened into a portal. Jeff didn't want to enter this underground passage at all, but the wheels locked up and the brake and gas petals became stiff and immobile. The car was sucked into the portal, yet quickly they found themselves in a mine tunnel.

The mine was completely dark. Jeff's car lights and light from the hats of the miners were seen. Hundreds of miners chipped away at the Mountain diligently. Their ore marked faces told many stories of the hardships that they had faced.

Suddenly the earth began to shook vigorously. Jeff was shocked after seeing that some pitmen have broken or burned his nose and eyes. These soot faced people dig unconsciously.

Finally, there was one pitman whose eyes connected with theirs. He mouthed some words that were at first inaudible. Jeff looked at him and holding his breath to hear him good, he finally heard the pitman burst out yelling," Explosion! It's going to explode!!"

All of a sudden, the whole ore tunnel ground was echoing "Explode! Explode!!" "Explosion! Explosion." At this point Jeff's car was completely out of control. Jeff attempts to turn the wheel and slow down the car, but this was to no avail. The car zooms by random gold diggers and pitmen nearly running them over.

At once the car slows down on its own right next to a pitman with a goatee and glasses. He thumps on the car window yelled in a stern voice," I'm Jeff Swan, I want to go home!!"

Jeff stunned," You are Jeff Swan?! I'm the Jeff Swan!" then he saw the pitman thumping, with his dirty goatee, glasses, and his identical nose and chin. Every facial feature looked exactly like Jeff. Now he remembered his grandfather named him after his great-uncle who died in the gold mine explosion.

Hesitant to speak Jeff mutters, Great Uncle?" his hands had push down the car window unconsciously. Then he saw his uncle's glasses were almost the same design and style, his own. "Is this style back in fashion or what?" he oddly thought to himself. Jeff's Great Uncle continued to yell, "Explosion, explosion." For that instant, the entire car filled in with the smell of soot and smoke. As Jeff invited his Great Uncle into the vehicle, the car began to start moving again.

Knocking everything out of it way, the car continued its journey down the endless gold mine. This was such a mysterious ghostly gold mine, as now the car was able to drive through the various pitmen as if they were ghost.

One old man with a calloused hand shouted at the passing car," Jeff, go get Zsolt and come back to save us! "

Pitman Jeff shouted" Zsolt dumped us all, I will dump him for good!!"

Dragon and Jeff were startled in astonishment, as the front seat of the car was full of faces and human body parts. Jeff unable to see very clear screamed, "Where is the exit? Which way?"

"Left!" the old face with callus hands and elbows answered who turned the wheel for him then disappeared.

As ground continued to roar and shake, Jeff was unsure if what he was experiencing was an illusion or reality. In the distance cable cars consumed by flames roar uncontrollably into a two-mile long mountain tunnel.

The Palm-Leaf-Fan appeared again, sprayed ing and carrying Doctor Sun who still carried the sleeping baby. Sun yelled cheerfully," Follow me, we can find the Crystal now!"

What crystal? Dragon didn't get the chance to yell back then he heard violent screams escape the cave. "Robert! I found the Ti-Y crystal!!" screamed a woman.

"Debra! Debra?!...." replied a man's voice. At this moment they heard the gold mine explode. The impact pushed Dragon into the front seat. Jeff discovered that he was inches away from crashing into a solid rock wall.

As Jeff pulled off the embankment of the bridge, it collapses. The car was quickly sucked outside the core of the cave, Dr.Robert Niles and his wife Debra were gazing at a purplish gray crystal. The car burst out of the deserted mine with Dragon stuffed in the front seat, and Jeff with his eyes closed and head on this knees. Jeff Swan raised his head with a ghostly expression, staring at the crystal in Debra's hand. Talking like his Great Uncle Jeff explains, " So this is the Crystal of Zsolt ?!"

Robert was in such a state of joy while showing off Debra's Crystal, he did not realize Jeff's ghostly tone. "Yes, it's the Tài-Yǐ Crystal. If it wasn't for Debra coming this way, we have never found it. Look at these gray winkles with colorful sparkles. This crystal was worthless two hundred years ago. Now it was going to aid us in the revolution of the computer age. The silicon chips can only store the data either in zero or one, black or white, therefore the computer modules only read true or false. All the human lives in the computer's machinery have no way out. Look! This crystal was able to store data in gray color digits; we are going to make computers think like human beings from now on!! It's going to be a computer innovation!"

Jeff answered angrily," Is the Tài-Yǐ crystal able to sojourn the souls that the wizards and witches and all the wealthiest have been fighting over? Zsolt explored and killed the entire pitmen of the Deep Wide Gold Mine, take me to him!"

"That's a hundred years legend," Debra said: "During the gold rush of California, the whole state came to dig the gold mine, nobody ever got rich from the gold mine. Except Zsolt who opened the franchises to sell the digging tools to the pitmen. He loaned the money to the miners to and made tons of money over these gold rush. The people who really got rich where the storeowners who sold all the mining equipment. Now its hundred years later, three generations ago, how do you find him to collect these old debts? Or do you want to see his grandson? Richard Zsolt's company was fighting Big Blue for these computer chips!"

Interested Jeff asked, "Exactly what is Richard Zsolt doing right now?"

Robert raised  his hands. "Capital Town Group is running every business nowadays, they are based under Zsolt Zone Bank, their credit cards are for people with bad credit or new only." Replied Robert.

"Credit cards?" inquired Jeff.

"For people have no credit or bad credit especially young adults, they say they got the lowest interest rate, but their credit limit is only $200, you will get charge $49 if you over charge the card, even mail your payment, they charge you late fee of $49. If you get to manage these problems, they will just hide your payment and charge you a late fee anyway, and the interest rate grows when you don't pay the bill on time. Millions of young college students get their first credit cards at 19 years old, but owe over $1,000 by the time they are 25 years old, but their credit limit never gets to be increased because they could never pay off the balance" Robert explained.

Jeff yelled," So Richard Zsolt, is no different then his grand dad Charlie Zsolt . He is still sucking the blood from people and preying off their dreams. Tell me how to get in contact with this Zsolt fellow!"

Robert and Debra looked at each other holding their laughter. "Your friend seems a little shocked from the underground explosion, maybe you need to take him home for some good rest" said Robert to Dragon.

Dragon agreed, "Jeff now has the burden of avenging all the lives of the lost pitmen. He promised he would. Yes, he is definitely tired." Dragon muttered these words to himself. Robert and Debra dropped their jaws, and then they heard a woman screaming and shouting:" Help! Jeff! Help!"

They saw the news reporter, Phenice, stampeding towards in panic, followed by a moving mass of giant ants. Every ant was a giant with tiger and wolf baring fangs and brandishing claws. Their nostrils blow on the back of her legs. Also there was one huge pink cocoon as large as a human, patching over with a thousand insect feet, rolling in the ants group, snarling all with menacing noise.

Dragon jumped up and opened the door, "You get into the car, and I need to rescue her!" Dragon bounced and hopped into the ants' front line.

Debra got into the back seat and slams the door. Robert dove into the front seat with Jeff. Jeff grabbed the Tài-Yǐ crystal and smelled it saying, "Get me to the Vampire!" then he lost his conscience.

Robert shook Jeff trying to wake him. He pushed him over and switched to the driver's seat. Circling the ant's riffle he shouted to the Dragon and Phenice, "Get in! Get in the car."

Dragon grabbed Phenice, thinking that he could escape from these big purple and black ants. But his rescue mission worked to no avail. Dragon kicked the cocoon with Phenice screaming in his arms.

At once the cocoon opened up, its strong and dense fragrance sprayed all throughout the air. The fragrance of sandalwood with ant's acid and gill fungus was present.

There was one magnitude pink Leggy Centipede tangling and fighting with a purple black ant queen in a triangle. The two bite and coiled each other. They both fought for a purple and red cyst. The enormous fragrance smell came from the purple red cyst. The Ant Queen and Leggy Centipede fought for it so hard that neither would give it up.

As soon as Leggy Centipede was untangled from the cocoon, all the ant soldiers followed up and helped the Ant Queen. Leggy Centipede was instantly stunned by this onslaught of the attack. Dragon jumped away from the Ant Queen. Robert became bolder and drove the car closer and yelled, "Jump in! Jump in!"

As the car was almost about to bump into the ants' battle field, Dragon suddenly held Phenice up and high, shouting "Jump on!" then tossed Phenice up to the sky and propelled her briskly forward like a rocket, straight into the car.

Phenice screamed and shouted in terror. Her wailing continued until she released that she has be perfectly placed into the vehicle. It was as if the palm-leaf had gracefully delivered her to the car.

Dragon tried to jump alone, but his foot was colluding with Leggy Centipede. Leggy Centipede attempted to lock her legs around him as the ant soldiers do the same. Dragon tried desperately to escape shaking some of the ants away. But the Leggy Centipede's grip was too strong, forcing Dragon back to the pool of ants.

Leggy Centipede smiled in pain with her beautiful bright green eyes. Her long eyelashes like daggers hung from her eyelids. He could see Leggy Centipede's pretty eyes and he thought that he had seen her before but yet he has no idea where. In another escape attempt, Dragon shook away every chelae and pincer of the Leggy Centipede and ant soldiers. His goal was to escape the strong scent of the Ant Queen. Leggy Centipede held up the fragrance cyst and raised herself up whirling into a huge thousand-legs cocoon. All the ants dropped off and quickly run away.

Ant Queen was caught unaware by this sudden fickle of events. She jumped onto Dragon in a flash; her eyes madly flicked like lightening bolts, her dense and strong fragrance smell flooded to Dragon's nose right away. Her chela struck quickly landing a punch to his head.

Dragon bounced back and avoids the struck by an inch. He jumped  away and the ant soldiers follow to charge the attack. Dragon was so good at the jumping and bouncing, he didn't even fight back; rather he jumped high and run far. Shouting to the car Dragon waved his hands," Go! Go!" Because the Ant Queen Didn't want to bite him at, she gave up Dragon by missing with one last struck and, run and after the Leggy Centipede immediately. All the ant soldiers follow Ant Queen. The battle array disappeared quickly in the flash.

Dragon found the car and everyone was gone, except Jeff who sat in the front seat; sleeping as if his soul was beaten.

On the next day, the sun shined bright. Jeff gave Dragon a ride to the set. The bald guy was not there, only Dennis waiting for them. "The Director is still with the script writers," Dennis told Jeff," he wants you to meet him over there."

"What about Aó-Áng?" Jeff point Dragon.

"The Assis. Director and I will rehearse some scenes with him." Dennis gave Dragon a new costume, and told Dragon to choose a dagger to use.

"Let me watch you guys rehearse as I wait for the Director" said Jeff nervous not wanting to leave Dragon alone. He followed them to the outdoor studio.

Jack waited under the tree, without any staff or cameraman. "Let's practice swordplay," Jack told Dragon," you let Dennis stick you once with the knife, and then you kick him away, then holding the wound and say, "YOU!"

Dragon was so confused, stood still. Dennis stabbed Dragon with knife.

Dragon could not  kick him away; instead he squatted on his heels in pain.

Jeff helped Dragon stand and found that he was bleeding," Dennis! How could you use real knife?!"

Dennis and Jack were shocked. Jack inspected the knife in Dennis's hand:" No, it's still his old wooden knife for the stage prop."

Dennis inspected Dragon's dagger and changed his face:" He is using a real dagger!!" Dragon was crouching and holding his little wound, Jack inspected his wound and asked in angry," This is not new wound! This is blood stasis busted out, are you a druggy?! That's why you could jump that high?"

Jeff was seized with surprise: "Jack?"

Dennis disarmed Dragon's dagger and started to search his costume. He found a little pack of powder under his garment.

Jeff confiscated the pack of powder:" Where could this come from? He'd just put this costume on today"

Jack started to dial his cell phone and told Jeff" Jeff, we need to get to the police station to make him take a drug test. I believe his blood is so full of it! Our new movie is almost ruined by this druggy."

When they enter the police station, Dragon was still holding his wound. He could still only tell his name, nothing else made sense to people. His wound was bound up, and the police pressed every finger to collect his fingerprints.

After a brief interrogation, the police pushed Dragon into another room.

This was all happening so fast for Dragon. While his finger was cleaned, a tube was showing in front of his nose:"

An officer entered the room and demands that Dragon, "urinate in this receptacle." The officer left and closed the door.

Dragon stood confused at exactly what it was he was supposed to do. He pulled down his pants and aimed into the tube shaped urinal. Unfortunately, his aim was inaccurate as the entire wall was half watered, leaving only half of the tube with urine.

A Police directive entered the bathroom. He put a lid on the tube and pushed Dragon out of the door. He lead Dragon to his holding cell.

Dragon stared at the bars in front of him his eardrums still echoing with the questions from different people saying," Who are you?"

"Who are you? Aó-Áng? Where do you come from? Why do you come to Hollywood? Aó-Áng, you don't know what this world all about?"

He stared at the other prisoners behind the bars; they made up various kinds of people. Some big, some small. And their eyes were showing the same confusion and frustrations about this world they all share.

While he finally fell into an uncomfortable nap, he was awakened by an erotic nightmare. Why am I here? Before the crystal mirror, we were in Flame Mountain.

"Why it's so hot here?" Suddenly Dragon was hit was a stream of conscious though montage.

No grass and tree were abundant, the earth was burned all over.. and had Monkey King flown up to the sky.

"There is the Flame Mountain. This is no one's fault but yours, Monkey!" Dragon's thoughts continued to flow.

Monkey King was a stone monkey and was conceived by a fairy stone in the Flower-Fruit Mountain. The monkeys crowned him as king because he dared to jump into the waterfall and found a marvelous kingdom there. After over years of seeing moneys getting old and sick until their death, to compete with the life span of heaven and earth and achieve immortality, Monkey King left home and was apprenticed to Buddha. Thus named Sun Wú-Kong meaning "Pondering on emptiness".

After obtained the powerful golden cudgel, a gift from my uncle, Dragon King of the East Sea, Aó Gûang. Immediately Monkey King claimed himself a saint that enjoyed equal power with heaven.

Jade Emperor appointed Monkey King as Stable Assister, Monkey King stole and ate most of panacea pills from the Heaven Pharmacy and ruined Jade Empress's Fairy Peach Party.

Emperor pharmaceutics cooked him in the stove and tried to torture him and get the panacea pills back. Monkey King escaped from the torment. His eyes became fire eyeballs and golden pupils. The flames of pharmacy stove dropped onto earth and created the Mountain Flame.

We were stopped at Mountain Flame, where we saw no trace of living things. The whole mountain was covered by fire. To pass through, we had to borrow the palm leaf fan belonging to Princess Iron Fan, wife of Ox King.

Unfortunately, Monkey King had earlier captured their son, the Red Child, whom Bodhisattva had taken in as a finance boy. The Princess remembered that incident and therefore refused to lend them the fan. So they were fighting, over and over, for the Iron-Fan .

"But I have nothing to do with this!" Dragon broke out of his thoughts. "Wasn't I a horse?! I was always a horse that stayed with the monk while Monkey King' Pigsy and Sandy were fighting the Iron-Fan Princess and Ox King. Wasn't I committed arson and burned the bright pearls? Wasn't I sentenced to death but later rescued by Buddha? I was assigned to join the West Journey mission to pay my crime. But I waited too long, I didn't even know it was my mission call when the monk approached me. I ate his horse, Buddha turned me into a horse to serve Xúan-Zhùang, the Monk Táng?

There was a color cloud on the edge of the sky, and a man standing onto the cloud. The cloud was coming, no, it's not a cloud, it's the Iron-Fan ! So the Flame Mountain actually did happened. There was a man holding a baby. "Have you fathered the baby with Princess Iron-Fan ?", he asked .

Suddenly a Leggy Centipede appeared out of nowhere.

Dragon laid torturing himself with his thoughts. "It can't be me! I was a horse and I stayed with the Monk all the time. Monkey King, Pigsy and Friar Sand were battling with the Princess and Ox King while I was so far away from where they were fighting. However, I could feel the earthquake once in a while." Ox King must had been very mad, because with every movement he made, the earth shook.

The fan flew away, and the beautiful Leggy Centipede enlarged, with her one thousand legs and hands wearing brightly colored jewelry. Leggy Centipede's legs, hands, and jewelry sprayed all over his body. Suddenly he became a horse. Leggy Centipede also turned into Leggy Migliaia.

Leggy's bright green eyes shuttered under her long eye lashes. Her eyes were piercing, allowing one to only bare but a seconds gaze into her eyes. She could turn men into salt. Leggy Migliaia stood naked, patting his horse's chest, touching his long neck, as she ride him and laughed.

"Aó-Áng." Coming out of this delirium, Dragon slowly opened his eyes to see the Reporter Phenice and a police officer standing in front of the holding cell bars.

"You can leave with her now", said the officer very sternly.

"Your background is so simple, why didn't you just tell them yesterday?" Phenice leaded him through the station. "You are clean on the urine test too! What were you afraid of? Your mom came to clean everything up for you, with all the documents."

"My mom?" Dragon couldn't believe his ears. "Who is my Mom?"

Phenice stared at him pausing in mid-step. Dragon looked at her in confusion then looked up following her eyesight.

A beautiful woman with high fashion prestige stood in front of him, "Aó-Áng." She opened her arms.

"Mom?" Dragon, puzzled, walked over to study the woman's face," Is that you???"

Her angry eyes flashed. A fragrant smell of sandalwood and gill fungus entered Dragon's nose, then immediately she greeted him with a powerful "slap" in the face. It was a bad night with no sleep for Dragon so he almost fainted by impact of this slap.

"My foolish child!" The woman held him in her arms, and started to weep.

第四回 ﹕意识半存留;神魂胡不归


Chapter.04: Lost Spirits' Soul' and Mind