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Xúan-Zhùang, became a monk when he was 13. 

Chéng, Hui 陳 褘 was his name before he became a monk (Hui means 'ceremonial robe of empress worn in time of sacrifice'). Jiang-Liú 江流 was his child pet name (Jiang meaning river, Liú means flowing).

That Monk Táng (Xúan-Zhùang) actually had a fiancee' was actually a known fact to people in his hometown, Stories go that as a young boy, Hui Chéng (Xúan-Zhùang was his monk name) had married 徐 香 真 Xiang-Zhen (meaning fragrance-truth) , daughter of his mother's bosom friend Xú. 

(Qín Emperor had chained most of young men to build the Great Wall, then Súi Emperor had slaved whole country's men to dig the tunnel rivers flowing countrywide, to avoid these kind of labor, kids got married very young in those ages.)


A cock that was part of Xúan-Zhùang's wife's trousseau, was scratching in Xúan-Zhùang's garden in his wedding. It found the Leggy Centipede's nest and ate all her offspring. The cock was about to eat the Leggy Centipede herself, but instead of hiding beneath a stone, Leggy Centipede saved herself with merge into a fallen Ti-Yi crystal. Afterward, she took it, learned the secret of its magic, and used it to make herself immortal.

Xúan-Zhùang's wedding firecrackers killed Centipede's whole family.

Centipede put a curse on Xúan-Zhùang's wedding. She always wait to perform  the fireworks in Xúan-Zhùang's wedding night.


At age 13, the couple went to watch the Emperor Suí's Flower Boat cruise down south. Xiang-Zhen was kidnapped on the spot. (So Xiang-Zhen should always call Xúan-Zhùang by his child pet name Jian-Liú, u pronunciation in 2nd tone).


Tormented by this loss, Xúan-Zhùang wandered into the Temple Of Pure Earth where he became a monk. 

17 years later on his way to the West, Xiang-Zhen suddenly emerged. Failing to persuade Xúan-Zhùang to resume a secular life, Xiang-Zhen swore to wait for him forever. 

Chapter 13:  We do, Xúan-Zhùang

第13回 ﹕唐人街上遇唐人; 隋朝舊月照新星





Pedestrians come to the corner and stop down to gather around. Xúan-Zhùang goes through the crowd, rear foot follows a forefoot to across the street.

His foot pedal straw sandal, clothes stack in his waist's small package, his left hand takes the scriptures, the right hand is holding whisks, he wipes the scripture then put it into the book box he carries on his back.      
There is a dome-shaped umbrella above the book box, a small oil lamp hanging before the umbrella.      

He is toting baskets and Gerries each packed in rolls packed with scripture.

The basket Gerry is higher than the head of Xúan-Zhùang a foot or so, overlying a bamboo coolie hat, there is an oil lamp at one end of the bamboo hat , oil lamp hanging straight in front of Xúan-Zhùang.

By this oil lamp, Xúan-Zhùang passed around the hundreds of countries, but this moment, the luminous lights around four corners make the oil lamp appear weak humble. he blows off the lamps.      

Xúan-Zhùang catches sight of his reflection in a glass building as he walks along the street. He never see such a high building with all over glass. He turns around to stop, the whole street, in fact, the whole sky is all of high glass building. He notices that he is lost in the jungle of mansions and streets.



ext. flame mountain

And the very last moment he was still walking backwards with his fellowship leading and walking forwards ahead. Surrounding by Monkey King' Pigsy and Friar Sand, he always wanted to take a good look when they were leaving a great scenery. He enjoys moving backwards, riding on White Dragon Horse or walking by foot, while his fellowship surrounding and moving forwards.

match cut:

They were leaving Flame Mountain and immediately after that, passing through a thick crystal mirror?!      


Xúan-Zhùang appears confused and eventually amazed as he contemplates the city before him in all its grandeur. Buildings seemed to be spinning. Decorative lights are everywhere; in the trees and overhead. Flowers lined the boulevard. There are statues that rotated. There are fountains of water flowing from giant stone blocks and walls. Xúan-Zhùang sees pictures of people appearing so real they might be living, except they didn't move.

chicago f      
He has never seen the building so tall and huge. All kinds of people are within the city: Men with short hair and men with long hair, women with long hair and women with short hair. And everybody's pants fit so well. There are people playing musical instruments. Children skate by him gliding along on pieces of wood, or shell, or bone, he cann't tell what these platforms were made out of that each had wheels mounted underneath.      

There are lots of written words, such as the spelling of "Chicago" on the walls and signs, but this is not in the language he had learned and prepared for.

Xúan-Zhùang believes that he is close to Sukhavati, the Western Paradise. He can't even see the tops of the taller buildings from where he stood. Bright electrical signs change colors before his eyes. He sees strange looking beasts with glowing eyes, all heading in the same direction on one side of the street and in the opposite direction on the other. They make loud noises and belched smoke.

Xúan-Zhùang sees a crowd gathering on the sidewalk. He stops to stare at what they are staring at, a strange-looking panel. Light, music, and odd sounds are coming from it. There appear to be people and other things trapped inside, yet the panel has no depth. xz4      


So this is the Sukhavati, the Western Paradise, (thinks Xúan-Zhùang) It is truly full of amazements.


He is overcome by the excitement of being there. He starts to greet people in Sanskrit:


Namaskar... (he said graciously and bowed with his hands over his heart.)

Nobody stops to acknowledge his salutation.


Xúan-Zhùang keeps on greeting. His elbow bumps a passerby.

The guy stopps. Smiling broadly.



Main maafi chahti hoon.


(The guy starts to walk away :)Sorry, don't speak Lamaism.



( stops to address him: ) Good afternoon, Shaman.


Namaskar. (Xúan-Zhùang pointed to himself. ) Mera nam kya hai.


One people

Get lost, Shanboo.

another people

Outta my face.

(Xúan-Zhùang is trying to communicate in Hindi's Sanskrit, the language he had learned for the mission, he volunteers himself to come here to learn and collect the scriptures, and he will learn it and take them home to translate it to his country. Unfortunately nobody on the street can understand him. Wrong place, also, wrong time.)      
Having no success, Xúan-Zhùang decides to move to a different location. He starts across the street, but he is not noticed that there are light signals on each street, there are red' yellow' and green color lights keep changing and flashing all the time. xz12      


A car almost hit him. It starts honking.

Startled, Xúan-Zhùang continues to cross.

Another car stops and honks, and several more slamms on their brakes behind it. xz14      

Xúan-Zhùang is causing a small traffic jam.

one car driver

What the hell is wrong with you?



Watch where you are going, Stupid!


Are you crazy? What a nut!


another car driver

What the hell is wrong with you? Watch where you're going, idiot!" (shouted an angry driver leaning out his window.)

Xúan-Zhùang is shocked to see that there were people inside the rolling animals. He starts to wander through the jam, peering through windshields to see who was inside. It's his first time to see those iron cargos moving without horses' cows or camels. xz20      

car driver

Motherfucker! Are you crazy? (cursed someone. realized that his cad had just been crashed.)



What a Nut!( In a very old old fashion car, only the old guy gentleman seems happy; he pointed Xúan-Zhùang to his leggy lady in the front seat.)

Leggy Migliaia smiles, smelling the fragrance cyst in her palm。



Move, you idiot or I'm going to run you over!

Xúan-Zhùang is completely confused.


From the sidewalk, a blond teen girl, Tracey Greens can see that he was in trouble. She deftly darts between parked cars and the stopped vehicles to grab his hand and pulls him to seek out of the crowd.

tracey green

Come on; let's get the hell out of here.( She was hearing the whine of approaching police sirens.)



Sorry, sorry! he is my foreign cousin from Texas.

A new round of curses falls on them both.


Into the next street, Tracey hurles some creative profanity of her own back at motorists as they screeched away.


Wrong way, José" (she shakes her head and laughes to him.)



Sorry, sorry! he is my foreign cousin from Texas.

She pulls Xúan-Zhùang out of street and get themselves to a safe corner.


Go back to Texas.



(yelling:) Hooray Texas!

Tracey sarcastically thanks the chorus of hecklers, and in a throw-away gesture, bows to the crowd as they hurried away.


So much excitement made Tracey hungry. She turned to Xúan-Zhùang:


Are you Hungry?



Hummmm?! Hungry? (Xúan-Zhùang caught and repeated the word he learn right away.)


What's your name?



I'm Tracey, and you are ?




Xúan-Zhùang smiles helplessly. Tracey determines that a crash course in English was needed.


Me, Tracey,( pointing to herself. ) You are ... ?



Mi, TraXi; U R... ?


(laughs.) No. No. No. Tracey. (she says emphatically, points to herself with both hands. Then taking his hand and pointing it at herself she repeats) Tray-see.



Tray-sî (pointing to her.)

Tracey nods and smiles. Xúan-Zhùang bows.




Now, you. ( pointing to Xúan-Zhùang.) You are ­__?

His brow furrows for a moment. Then he says.



Janet, it's GREAT!! Almost look like a movie scene already!! I can't wait to see u make it happen!! cg      
I downloaded this from web, so we don't have right to use it unless u modefy it. ch      






Good. Now, Shan-Zhùang, are you hungry? (pats her stomach and pretends to chew on something.) Are you hungry? Wanna get something to eat?


Angry. (smiles and nodds)


Say 'I do.'



Xúan-Zhùang, Do you want to get something to eat? Say 'I do.'




Great. Let's get something to eat.


ext. McDonald's

When he sees the life-size fiberglass statue of Ronald McDonald, Xúan-Zhùang is fascinated.

He looks the clown over very carefully. Xúan-Zhùang closes his palms and is about to bow, Tracey urges him to go inside.  

int. McDonalds

At the ordering station, Xúan-Zhùang bows to every unit-formed people.

The chicken leg's photo in the wall, one chicken leg is as big as one window! Xúan-Zhùang stares and can not keep his eyes and mouth closed.


(turns to Xúan-Zhùang) What would you like to eat."


Xúan-Zhùang again looks bewildered.


Do you want to get something to eat? Say 'I do.'




That's OK I'll order for both of us. (Turning to the cashier:) We'd like two Caesar salads, two cheeseburgers, two large fries, two chocolate shakes, and one apple turnover to share. Oh, and hold the onions. We don't want to have onion breath... uh, in case we decide to make out later. (winks suggestively.)


She turns to Xúan-Zhùang and guides him to an available table. Minutes later the order is ready. Tracey brings it to the table, partly unwrapps a burger and offers it to him.

Xúan-Zhùang fors nothing; he gets confused again, so they eat in bare hands over here?

Tracey thinks she can demonstrate by taking a bite herself. Setting it down, she unwrapps the other one and holds it toward Xúan-Zhùang. He makes a face and shakes his head.


I thought you said you were hungry.

Then she opens a packaged salad and set it in front of him. He starts to eat it.



Salad good?


Sala gud.


What about the fries? Fries good?


(sniffs them and nods.) Flies gud.


Tracey laughs.


So you eat only vegetables do you?


Do you?


Um hum, I do.


I do!"

    Tracey is so excited to hear the word, Xúan-Zhùang get excited by Tracey's amazed expression too, he invites her attention onto his right hand's finger, and then he points his finger onto the outdoor sky of the windows.
Tracey's eyesight follows his finger pointing, Xúan-Zhùang points to the highest and brightest building in the sky.  


Xúan-Zhùang try very hard, try hardest to ask and tell: Is here Sindhu now? It's been a long way, he left Cháng-Ang, he traveled across Sinkang, then it was Turkey, Afghanistan, then it's Pakistan...

It's all because of the scriptures. The scriptures are never well-translated, never completed, mostly translated by meaning, nothing by words, we need the complete original scriptures, and I will learn them all, bring them home and translate them...




Tracey laughs when she sees Xúan-Zhùang is putting together his palms and reading.


Tracey, let's go! (2 girls get in.)



Lilly and Peaches , Xúan-Zhùang !

Girls are fantasy to see Xúan-Zhùang,'s good looking face.


Xúan-Zhùang, my fiancés !"


Shan-Zhùang ? your what?!

xz xz1


Calm down.

They went out to the parking lot, Tracey found her car﹕


I told you so already.


(throw her the car key:) You told us what?!



That I will get married on my birthday.

Peaches and Lilly


Xúan-Zhùang is trying to tell that his book case and luggage are still left with the doorman status, .but nobody hears him.   cg5

They will fascinated by Xúan-Zhùang's attitude of riding inside a car for the first time, also busy asking Tracey what she mean by married on birthday.

Tracey insists to tell later.


ext. park lakeside

Tracey takes Xúan-Zhùang to the park in the lakeside, there are a group of young people gathered around the trunk of a huge and ancient tree growing near the edge of the park.

Peaches and Lily bring up the cake and light a candle, the group start to sing Happy Birthday.

Tracey pulls Xúan-Zhùang run to join their yelling:



Happy Birthday! Avalon Green!

Looking up all people waved at tree house on the high top.

A young hug appeared and crawling down the tree.



(talking to Xúan-Zhùang's ear: ) Avalon was camping out high in the branches to protect it from being cut down. It was Avalon's birthday today, but Avalon didn't want to leave the tree, so we decided to throw a party for him on the spot. Almost everybody grow up with that tree house..."

Xúan-Zhùang is obviously confused about why Avalon was living in a tree.


Tracey trys to explain, but her sign language is never enough for the situation. She eventually gives up and starts introducing him to her friends.

Everybody was each other's high school classmate and friend. Almost everybody was graduated this year.

Some wearing uniforms, they are all tall and great looking kids.


Veronica seems pregnant.

Cliff seems to be Traceye's special friend, but Tracey decids not to smile too much to him even he smiles so sincere to her.


(waves and shouts:) "Happy Birthday, Avalon. ( Holding Xúan-Zhùang's hand finger to finger, and whispers to him:) Zsolt Zone Bank bought a piece of the park from the city to expand the parking lot for their branch office. Avalon didn't want to leave the tree, so we decided to throw a party for him on right here. This tree house has been here since we were children."


Xúan-Zhùang attention 'to listen to the whole, one also can not understand.

veronica (pregnant girl)

(front to hug Avalon :) Happy Birthday, Avalon !


avalon greens

(pleased to wear her back: ) Hey, Veronica.

Tracey dropps her face, but at once delights her smile, came front also holds Avalon:


Happy birthday, Avalon.



(approaches to hold and beat Avalon's shoulder:) Happy birthday, stupid.


Hey, Cliff. (beats him back.)

The group are all young people of beautiful and handsome, big tall and strong, and some people dress as if from a vasket ball team.

And Tracey and Avalon look the spirit likeness on the face of brother and sister but exciting precincts.


Tracey drops her face deeper into losing control at the instant Cliff approaches, She put her sights away for a long time before the restoration of calm, Cliff greets behind her:


How are you, Tracey?

She did not turn for a while.

Finally, she turned around smiling:



Cliff smiles very sincere smile, Tracey laughs in a very 'efforts'.




People see them around the core, cut the cake around as if nothing had happened.

Peaches won't let Avalon receive the cake until she dips the cream on his nose.

Tracey hands the first piece of cake to Xúan-Zhùang.



People all have to stop to watch' Xúan-Zhùang is too amazed to the piece of cake, he is surprised to observe, begin to carefully smell the cake, another sniff sniff, sniff, he will like to understand that there are no meat.


Cake, good!

Avalon is amazed by Xúan-Zhùang's serious attitude. He also picks up the cake for another sniff sniff.



Peaches is laughing to knock his head.

Avalon sniffs it three times﹐he insists to pause, not to have his cake until he see Xúan-Zhùang has his first bite.


Everybody, this is Xúan-Zhùang. Xúan-Zhùang, everybody.



Hey, how are you? (eats the cake and suddenly convulsive laugh poisoning look like struggling over the cake.)

Peaches is dying to hold the laughter, but refuses to meet the performance, she deliberately ignores him, and continue to cut out the cake to send to others.

Lilly passed the cakes to Veronica and Cliff。



Cliff's eye sight never leave Tracey:


What are you going to do for your birthday tomorrow, Tracey? It's your eighteenth!

Tracey intentionally fails to get his attention, but pause, to wait until Avalon's screams on the floor suspended.

tracey green

I'm getting married.


All people robust, Avalon quickly climb up from the ground.


Tracey! (One after another they are all screaming congratulations to the last unanimous:) Who is the groom?

Tracey pronounciates the accents of ú and ù very correctly:




Xúan-Zhùang salutes to everybody.


Does he know about it?


Of course.


And you are all invited, tomorrow 10 A.M. Be here!


Everyone cheered, the female group hugged Tracey, Avalon shook Xúan-Zhùang's hand:


Congratulations, man!

Not have to understand that these men and women hugging around, Xúan-Zhùang is about to requite everybody's greeting, not expect the end of hand grips is Avalon's hold up.


Tracey hooks the winks, Xúan-Zhùang smiles in shy, he is hugged much more than his whole life.


Everyone come on to grab the cake and beverages, pizza boxes are opened and guys shouting:




Somebody discover that hugging is more fun, so there become three groups to hug the groom' the bride and the birthday boy.


You're going to marry--what did you say his name was ? the guy in the robe? His name is Shane-John?


Cliff (cont'd)

Have you guys talked?


Xúan-Zhùang. (Tracey correct his pronunciation of the four tones﹕) Sure, we talked a lot, but like I said, he doesn't speak much English.



What's he doing here?


He's a foreign exchange student. He's here to study America.


Isn't he a little old to be a student?




Yeah, and what's gonna happen when he has to go back to Katmandu or Timbuktu or wherever he's from? Have you, uh, thought about that?

Tracey shrugged.


Is he good at French kissing?



I think he looks like the dude from that old TV show 'Kung Fu.'




Seriously, he looks like those people that hang out at the airport selling incense.



I think he's kinda cute.


(raise her tone up:) He wants me to take him to the Sears Tower to collect some books. He thinks it's the university.

She goes so unprepared and kisses him. Xúan-Zhùang robusts.

Most girls like to see his reflection and Cliff's reaction.

The boys open the cans of beer, a can of delivery to Xúan-Zhùang : "Beer."


(smelled:) Beer no good.


Lily handed a can of Coke held high, indicating that she will not kiss him no more:




(sucked a mouthful: ) Coke no good.

Everybody laughed﹕"You are over eighteen, aren't you? "


Tracey was already learn how he drinks﹕




Water good!

Tracey delivered a bottle of water to him.




XÚAN-ZHÙANG shakes his head.




Salad good.


The salad is all gone. Do you want this tomato?


I do.


Soon everyone was partying and drinking. Someone mentions swimming in lake. They had spent their childhood and after-school life over here.

Joe take off his pants and yelled to Xúan-Zhùang.


Come on down, Kung-Fu guy. (jumps into the lake naked.)


Xúan-Zhùang is shocked.


Don't be frighten, we are basketball team and cheerleaders, we get naked a lots.


You get naked a lots! (yelled in water: ) Jump! topless!"



Lilly waves "no no", Joe points to Xúan-Zhùang.


Come on! You got to be curious too!

Xúan-Zhùang retreated to the tree, Tracey comforts him.

avalon green

Hey, we are out of food!



Yeah, Veronica ate it all!(points to Veronica's tummy in pregency.)


I did not! ( beats him.)


(grabs Avalon's shoulder:) You wanna know the most disgusting thing Veronica does in the women's room?



No, not really. (makes a very frighten expression: ) but you're going to tell me anyway. Ain't you?!


She eats! Doughnuts, potato chips, everything. There can be all these toilets flushing, but she just goes on eating and eating. Fried chicken, tomato juice, burritos with guacamole..."




Tracey, (shows them to sit among Veronica and Cliff: )talk to your step-mommy and new uncle. Why you are getting married too?


It's the 18 years old present I get for become a adult. Uncle Cliff, (holds Xúan-Zhùang's arm intentionally: ) How about you get more pizza for us?



(says with the raised index finger points: ) I dare you to take your pants off in the supermarket and walk down the frozen food aisle with your ding-a-ling hanging out.


(adds the offer :) We 'll pay for the beer and pizza if you do.



Fine, (keeps smiling:) But only if your Shaman goes with us.

Tracey shows the empty pizza box to Xúan-Zhùang﹕


You want to go with them to get pizza and beer?"

Xúan-Zhùang nods.


Cliff groans in deep voice, everybody could hear it.


Come on, don't do this, can't you see he's a monk. I mean, he's only got long hair because he missed a haircut.


Don't do what? (grabs Veronica and waves the boys away: ) Go on. Me and my new mommy are hungry."


Peaches pulling Lilly and Xúan-Zhùang, Cliff and Avalon run to the car, yelling to the friends swimming in the lake:


Come on , Joe, your favorite thing. We're going to buy food, naked! The girls dare us or they will pay for. it


Wait! Wait for me!

Joe crawls quickly out of the water, dripping wet and shouting to catch up.


Cliff pushes Xúan-Zhùang, gives Tracey a look but Tracey avoid her eyes contacts.


(yells ) Veronica, baby-sit the tree while we are gone. (pushes Joe) Hurry up, the last guy jump in shall be shopping nude!


We all get naked so the girls will pay!

Tracey' Peaches and four boys piled into Cliff's SUV.


int. clifroceryf's suv.

Xúan-Zhùang was amazed at his first time being inside a car. Tracey sat beside him.


(picks up where they left off: ) I dare you to take your pants off in the supermarket and walk down the frozen food aisle with your ding-a-ling hanging out.



"Fine! but you have to buy the beer and pizza if I do."

The girls giggled.


It's Avalon's Birthday. He doesn't have to pay for anything. We will.


The SUV pulled up in front of Kay's grocery, and everyone got out.

Two of the Girls go to look for the pizza. The boys heads for the beer aisle.

int. kay's grocery

Joe takes Xúan-Zhùang by the shoulder and led him around the store, searching for the most deserted spot he could find.


When he thought he found it, he has Xúan-Zhùang stand in front of him while he slips off his pants and shorts.

Xúan-Zhùang is shocked. He looked all around to see if anyone was coming, then back at Joe. He starts to say something, but Joe hushes him up.


David and Joe begin inching them both down the aisle, one hand still on Xúan-Zhùang's shoulder, the other cupping his crotch. He is determined to go through with the dare, but he is starting to shiver, partly from the cold, partly from nerves.


Avalon and Cliff were hiding at one end of the aisle. It is hard not to laugh out loud as they peeked around the corner and saw Joe's bare butt and Xúan-Zhùang's eccentric robes creeping cautiously down the aisle.


They start to strip off themselves too.

Most want to hide the seam drilling is actually Xúan-Zhùang, Avalon poses like a Greek sculpture status in nude and approaches him peacefully﹕


Keep your pants on, dude.


Three naked guys walk together, with Xúan-Zhùang very nervous aside.

Joe takes the cola out of Xúan-Zhùang's hand, begin to imitate the television ads songs.


Shopping last minute for the party? Cool. (continues his clown accent and mimicked a advertising model to open the freezer door to a pretty woman, but is suddenly called out cold:) Damn, it's cold.


joe (cont'd)

(uses low voice to make his tone magnetic: ) What are you looking for? Three sausages, half a dozen eggs?

Young woman (Leggy Centipede) looks down on them without taboo , overcritical. She acts like nothing ever shopping before, and she is with an old gentleman (Vampire Zsolt), dressed up like any supermarket shopper.


Manner to maintain the old gentleman, just staring at Avalon's neck artery on the blood:

VAMPIRE ZSOLT (old gentleman)

We shall join your party on the lake, what do you need?

Avalon robusts, suddenly recognizes the gentleman is Zsolt Zone Bank President, beautiful young woman is Hollywood Star Leggy Migliaia.

cut to:


ext. ancient grand tree

Started the date of high school graduation ceremony, Avalon launched the Zsolt residents to hold the Grand Green tree around the park, due to Zsolt Zone Group signed a contract to build a DNA Lab Hospital around the North Lake, the entire cluster of ancient Grand Tree was about to be chopped down.

Ever since the constructing sign erected, he has been living in habitats above the tree house, whenever a vehicle has appeared, he would mobilize the nearby residents gathered around trees till reactive retire vehicles.

match cut:




(quickly extricats to check-out gate and yelling:) We gotta go. Tracey, Peaches. Now!"

Tracey and Peaches have been pushing hot grilled food waiting in line to pay, allow the team of three naked guys to lay down their drinks on the check out counter, running away with Xúan-Zhùang followed holding their clothes and underwear.


There are guards and securities team at the supermarket entrance for traffic control has been, some people look a long look 'exclaimed:


Movie star shopping inside!

people (cont'd)


Avalon and Cliff to keep the look as if nothing had happened 'are to accelerate the dash.



(bring up the rear in the ease pace of modeling on show, still hello with the passers-by :) Hi, how're ya doing?

ext. kay's grocery

At the other end a woman pushing a cart appears and makes her way toward the strange couple.

At first she is too busy shopping to notice them. Then her eyes grow wide as she catches sight of Cliff.



We gotta go, monk man, now!

He grabs Xúan-Zhùang with both hands and streaks out of the store.

Outside he takes hold of the door, about to dive into the SUV, when he stops cold in his tracks.


Holy shit! ( looking back toward the store entrance.) I left my pants inside."


A moment later the rest of the party came out with a bag of six-packs and several flat boxes, laughing uncontrollably.

Peaches waved Cliff's khakis in the air like a flag.

They all finally back to red brigade vehicles, after the girls jumped in the front seat driving.


Avalon put on underwear in the back seat of laughter, Avalon some how long could not find his own trousers, he shouted anxiously:


Where are my khakis ?

Xúan-Zhùang who did not understand but fully aware of what he cried, trying to back off, Joe runs up a shout:


Wait! Wait for me! (waving in hand with the trousers.)



The car driven to North Lake Park, Avalon is looking around with his long neck, when he sees the sights of the other vehicle, he screamed:


Damn! I shouldn't left the tree house!

He takes out his cell phone trying to button 'pre-set number in an instant all the help in issued a mobilization text message.


Look forward to looking after, Peaches turns back to comfort with Avalon:


No problem, Judy and the other guys must have called for help already."

Two vehicles have already occupied their spaces.

Well they stopps brigade vehicles, run to the trees.


The park has more than a lot of unfamiliar faces, two police cars around the tree directly,

Veronica, Judy and Lilly join hands around the Grand tree and refuse to leave, the other two project team members are to stop a guy wearing swim trunks.

Some boys climbs up the tree. Some boys and girls confights three project team members in the dispute between some machinery around.

Three police stand idly by.

Apart from anything else, Avalon catches a humble rope from the back of the tree trunks, to immediately climbed up to the tree house with vigorous skill.

Immediately to all boys and girls share the victory of his hands posture, everybody raise their hands to the tree house to applaud and cheer on Avalon.

Points down the tree, Avalon claimes in words with irony:


Look! We have a banker and a movie star to join the party!

Zsolt and Leggy Migliaia come up hand in hand, they are very friendly with a smile.

There are two strangers dressed in black standing in silence,

Zsolt waves to them, clicked the remote control in hand to the luxury classic car, the read door raises and opens.

The men in black suits goes over to come up with a huge balloons floating with flowers.


Take it easy, kids. We are here to join your party."

Shining in her jewelry, Leggy Migliaia's garments reveal her slender legs and voluptuous breast. Her eyes are bright green protected by very long eyelashes. Her body is very curvy and one can get lost in her essence.


We are here to ensure that you can have your party going.


Then what will you do afterwards? (yells in the treehouse: ) We grow up with this tree. This tree is older than our grandfather, and we want it live right where it is!

Zsolt raises the head and graciously waves to him.

Luxury classic cars near the resounding sound of music happy birthday, two men in black move out and set up a display table cover with all the birthday supplies in the music.


I'm getting married tomorrow! This is always our space!

LEGGY migliaia

It's always your space, Congratulations! Won't you invite us? We'll bring beautiful flowers and all the trimmings!


And more music, maybe a live band?

Zsolt clicks the remote control, the luxury classic car has the wedding march playing.

Cliff is mad, trying to talk back, suddenly he sees a couple walking up from parking far away, he yelled overjoyed and pointing:


Tracey, here come your parents!

Tracey drops her face, turns and run with Xúan-Zhùang dragging, telling Lilly and Peaches :


Let's go!

Lilly, as well as Peaches, deliberately circuitous' avoids approaching that of the parents of Tracey.


Where are you going, Tracey?!


See you all tomorrow at 10 A.M.(doesn't turn her head.)

ext. green's residence

Tracey Greens 's home is located in the Chicago suburbs, building grand 'style of high-quality, at dusk on ramp' night light under the street lamps, wall canopy Lei bands appears solemn harmony,


Xúan-Zhùang is going to appreciate the porch of the cylindrical probe in relief, the car door opened, Lilly pulls him out, Tracey has opened the gate and door, to push the group forward into the house.

int. tracey's room

Tingle runs hurriedly into Gallery Ossetia of second floor, Tracey bring the friends into her own room, She opens two large suitcase laid on the bed then began to empty the cabinets and closets.


Lilly and Peaches are folding and molding all the items.

Tracey takes out in tacit agreement, while they were waiting.

They picked something out on their own favor, but still completely let Tracey decides to be into the suitcase or not.


There are the photos and posters of their basketball team and cheerleaders all over the wall and the desk and table. Lilly and Peaches start to drag out every one with their happy images.

As long as there is Cliff, or including Veronica, Tracey always let it down and not to throw it into the suitcase.

In the end it is not a few photos can be put into cartons.

In particular, over the house she and Cliff are all kinds of fun photos' up the mountain into the sea' picnic barbecue' dancing singing' course the beach and even the Disney amusement park ... ...


Tracey's beautiful eyes fills with sudden tears, her fingers flutters up and down over the photos , then stopps at nowhere. It's so painful that she decides to stamp all the zippers even that no suitcase were be fully filled, when she find that the house had long been the doldrums, she wipes her eyes out of tears then she sees that Cliff blocked the doorway, the house is in dead silence. their eyes are both drop-cheek at the same time. Tracey wipes her eyes in fury and stopps tears right away, she moves the suitcase and walks out the door, Xúan-Zhùang and Lily' Peaches follow with other suitcases. Cliff moves away from the door, looks at Xúan-Zhùang in a most strange way.

Tracey teeths to bite, carrying the suitcase to walk out, eyes to not seeing Cliff, she find her mom, Carol Greens waiting outside the door, in pregnancy. Veronica blockes in the corridor, also in pregnancy. Eddie Greens was at the end.


You can't stop me, Mom, (lowers her eyes:) I'm eighteen now! (feels disgusted on Carol's pregnant tummy, then she starts to stare into her face and eyes.)


Mother and daughter on the look, the two sides remains silent.

Eddie pulls Veronica, the two go downstairs.


carol green

And that' what you do? to send all the boys running naked in public, then to marry a totally stranger?! who doesn't even speak English?


Lilly and Peaches each carries a suitcase onto another to all left the room.


(hold down Xúan-Zhùang's shoulder ) Wait, Shan-John.


(immediately turns to look back: ) You leave him alone. What are you going to do?


I have a wedding gift for him. (opens a large cardboard box, which is a pretty evening suit:) Remember this? This is my prom suit, I proposed to you in this suit.


He is 5' 10"


Perfect, so you chose him because he is same size.


Same size and better!


Wait outside, I will have him go to you in 10 minutes.(opens up the box and gives a gesture that he will let Xúan-Zhùang to try on the suit.)


Five minutes.


Dude, (throw the suit into the box ) Don't get married. (Then he turns serious and says to Carol:) Mrs. Greens , if you don't tell Tracey the truth right now, I'm going to request a pregnancy test."


"So you 're calling me 'Mrs. Greens, now? "

Carol touched the asperity of her stomach.


You and your husband made my parents disown me and my sister. At least I'm entitled to ask for pregnancy test before it's too late."


It won't matter to Tracey. She saw us together. That's it.


I only tried to comfort you. How could you use me to get back at your husband!


Nothing would have happened if you men hadn't fallen for it.


How could you use me ? Me and Tracey were just engaged!




(was angered by Cliff's despicable eyes :) fine, I tested you because I knew you wouldn't pass. Listen, Veronica fell for Eddie because Avalon made her feel very insecure. She found out what you and Avalon did behind her back.


What? We didn't do anything. Avalon and me are good friends since childhood, we're very close friends.



Exactly, very close. You slept with everybody didn't you ?


Who told you that?





What about Peaches and Lilly?


What about them?


They're living together.



They are in two separate rooms.


Not ever since Tracey stayed there, Now they sleep in one room, and Tracey in another.



That's different!


How can it be different? Listen, even if they three sleep in one bed, I have no problem with it!


Save it, Cliff. I will tell Tracey not to marry him, but I still don't want her to marry you either.



CAROL GREENS (conti'd)

(says to Xúan-Zhùang who was listening in concentrate: ) Let's go, Shan-John.

Carol led goes down the stairs, Cliff picks up the pace.

Tracey' Lilly and Peaches are already sitting in the car, waiting in the junction.

Xúan-Zhùang sits in the car with the dress box.


Carol crys suddenly, she pulls Tracey's hand across the car window and says it word by word in carefully restrain tears:


Tracey, do NOT get married, come back later, your uncle Richard is running his Vice-President campaign, We will move and start a new life in Washington."

Carol takes out her pocket and gives Tracey all the hundred dollar bills.


Tracey stares at blank quietly, Cliff runs impulse to come, Lilly switches on the car profile to drive away.

Tracey leave the house she lived for eighteen years, holding the money of hundred dollars, suddenly aware of her mother will not take part in her wedding, crying and back towards waved to Carol.

Cliff yells to her , but she deliberately does not listen.


int. girl's apartment, night

Back to the apartment, Tracey has finished on the toilet as soon as possible, then she jump off to bed '

She decids to comply with the officiating system :Do not see the groom before the wedding.

She warns Lily and Peaches that Xúan-Zhùang will be chanting at the tap.

Lily and Peaches pushes Xúan-Zhùang into the bathroom,

They hear the sound of water Raining Cats a little bit then the bathroom goes on a quiet.


After for a long time they see Xúan-Zhùang was out of the bathroom, washed clean.

They go into the bathroom to take a view, toothpaste, soap purse are found intact.


At dawn, Peaches happily drive Tracey run into the bride make-up company.


Joe came to pick Xúan-Zhùang, find him that the door not locked 'not on bed' but meditation whole night on the ground.

Lilly, using a hair dryer and electric comb, strike the joint action with Joe, They kidnap and head-hunt to have Xúan-Zhùang get up and down waxing 'clean oil' and lighting a whole circle.


 In the middle of the park, the fountain jet spray high and float fast. as affluent as the endless story from the flowers and the grass.

Can be seen sitting on the stool swans swimming in the pond water.

Next to the water cooler, there are many fish swimming, freely. thorough the water.

The children sit around the swinging swing. Some families picnic in the vicinity, but have gradually towel to clean up the shop.


In North Park, the Grand Green tree seems to be the center of all, and there is a wedding, openly inviting everybody.

Under the trees to receive people, a table put a lot of drinking; have wine and fruit juice, the first lift, string chicken, beef strings, fries, lettuce and fruit.

Zsolt Group Chief Executive, Zsolt was very modest, Tracey did not say to invite he took part in the wedding, he really does not appear, but he's luxury classic car as well as two men in black suits come to arrange everything, there are meals, balloons and flowers adorned the entire North Park , the folding chair rows added to the whole parasol 'red carpet together long channel blocks.


Men in black suits are saying hello to all the park visitors, tell the public that the party will be supplied to afternoon.

Avalon and Joe are standing by the table smiling over distribution of drinks.

Basketball teams' cheerleaders and the students are all wearing their graduation party suits to attend the wedding.


Avalon is let go alert completely. He has been stationed at the tree house on a long-term war of resistance over a few weeks, now his potential enemy appears on the side, he is happy to deal with them for the wedding party. In order to facilitate access from top to bottom, he even helped solve a number of unknotting between the housing ladder, as well as a number of tree knot.

Cliff smiles only painful but it is barely, he keeps to whisper to Xúan-Zhùang:


Are you sure that you want to go through with this? Tracey is borderline alcoholic, ever since her pa had my sis. I only had one minute fling with her mother. She is doing this to get back at her mom. Are you sure you want to walk down the aisle?"


Xúan-Zhùang stands idly, listening to Cliff's whisper in smile, he put on the evening suit Cliff gave him, hair and shoes which Joe and Lily frustrating over morning, in a rare bright light. Actually appears to make do with great looking, tall and handsome.


Gosh, what a mess!


I know you don't understand all this at all! (stares at Xúan-Zhùang furiously, still need to keep smile in polite.)

To his surprise, Xúan-Zhùang responsed:


I don't. Do you?


Two vehicles come in the drive, holding the Bible, the priest from the second car walks out of the door.

Wedding music ring from the side of luxury classic cars.

Cliff ' Avalon' Joe﹐ the team of the best man walk Xúan-Zhùang to the bouquet stage.

This moment, Xúan-Zhùang finds that people have him to stand in center,

Cliff has his only wish to switch position with him, but Avalon and Joe brought them back for holding.


Peaches' Lily accompany Tracey march together come slowly on the red carpet.


I wonder he is going do some weird Kung-Fu in bed? Lilly and I will join you tonight?


You Tomboys! Leave-- us-- alone!

Tracey is wearing a princess dress in white, which is her own choice after she pulled Peaches around into the bridal make-up company out of the lap.



Xúan-Zhùang and Tracey become the center in the park.

Tracey bows, very calmly, eventually looking up to the Grand Green tree.

It's her colorful childhood came to the flash, it seems to be her very first time to look up at the tree as a very small kid, when Mom took her to the park.

It's seems to be her first time to come to this park, to play basketball, to practice the cheerleader...

Xúan-Zhùang stands by her side, keeps continue to look around.

Balloons floating drags the attentions of very attractive,colorful flows.


Why the balloons were in white and dark blue? (thinks to hmself.)

This must be closely related to towering old tree. The old tree is bound to have spirituality. He feels the wind brush through the tree would like to tell him something,

But when he listened carefully, he sees that Pine tree in Eastern country.

cut to:


ext. Luùo-Yáng Soul Rock Temple Mount -Top Pine tree.

In his 9-year-old when his brother took him went to the temple to start hearing followed by, Master of the temple monks had to remind him: pine branches are gradually growing towards the West.

He tonsured to be the monk, Westbound left the monastery to collect the Scriptures in the last minute, he told the master: When the growth of branches made a U-turn to the East, you will know my return... 

disolve to:


The music stopps.

the pastor

Dearly beloved ,we are gathered here to unite Tracey and Xúan-Zhùang into holy matrimony.


the pastor (contin'd)

If anyone has just cause to show why these two should not be married, may he/she speak now or forever hold his peace."

Avalon look askance look at the Cliff.


Pastor paused then asked Tracey:


Do you, Tracey, take Xúan-Zhùang to be your husband, to honor and obey, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health 'til death do you part?

Tracey goes looking smile.





(Smile) Good. (Looking at Xúan-Zhùang ) Do you, Xúan-Zhùang, take Tracey to be your wife, to honor and obey for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health till death do you part?"

Everybody holding their breath and wait.

Xúan-Zhùang eyes' find that everyone was waiting for him.


Tracey smiles and gazes at his eyes.