第八回 ﹕金箍棒打鐵靴軍 ﹐ 新雁分飛筋斗雲

Chapter 08: Got milk? Libby

第九回 ﹕百足千履暗藏迷香; 獨角麒麟白宮奔騰


Chapter.09: Lost in her shoes

The film was not yet finished, and there was already a wrap party.

John Kleve, the director told everybody it was because of the BIG ONE earthquake, he needed to change the film into a new production. Since the earthquake had damaged many mansions in the area, this party was actually taking place in a garden. No one worried about the quake, people stayed indoors and watched more movies. Hollywood understood and capitalized on this.

The garden party was aglitter with luxurious decorations and lights. The waiters and waitress were more formally attired than the film staff, Most were excited about these temporary jobs, which enabled them to serve drinks and food to the stars.

Rising star actors and actresses attended the party as well, hoping to be noticed and get some offers in new productions. They were all very anxious to meet the director, but John Kleve didn't pay much attention to anybody. When he saw the producer, Mr. Tony Pulpo enter the garden, he grabbed his arm to search the party, and spoke into the cell phone:" Jeff, Where is the dragon?"

Tony Pulpo, had an Octopus personality, very fancy hands, able to grab and work many thing by hand very quick and amazing way. In a literal sense, there were shrimp cocktails from waitress's trays and lobsters from waiter's trays that disappeared and instantly appeared in Tony's hands and no one ever saw the transaction.

Jared Narcisse , was very angry at Dragon. Everyone could see that his chances of being the lead for the film were ruined. He sent his sidekick, Dennis Berkley, to seek for the Dragon, and followed the Director and the producer, tried to chat them up, but Director Kleve didn't let him hang around...

White Dragon, Jeff, and Ant Queen attended the party.

As part of the entertainment, Leggy's movie is being shown on a screen. She is there and adorned with a beautifully sculptured amethyst set of jewelry linked from her neck to encircling her waist and draping to her legs. A crowd of guests surround her, ooohing and awwing their appreciation of the piece.

Ant Queen jumped to the screen to attack. She didn't realize it's only a movie. The crowd laughed.

The Queen realized her mistake and looked over the crowd, pulled Dragon tagging to go with her, they acted like total strangers, a unknown mother and son.

The Fashion Show was always the girls' favorite part of the party, as well as the gentlemen's best entertainment. The producer's wife, Ms. Lisa Pulpo, hosted the show. She encouraged everybody to show off their jewelry and shoes, as long as they were custom made, and the customization was over a year old.

The wrap party took place on Pulpo's property. Leggy, who was also her neighbor, of course provided countless items for the show. Las Vegas show girls and boys were invited to be the performers.

There are a lot of exotic leathers--alligator, snake and ostrich. There were a lot of boots, too, starting with the pair of $14,000 Manolo Blahnik alligator boots, Famous for excruciatingly high heels and similarly painful price points, then it came Loeffler Randall's most expensive pair of shoes for the season, flat boots made of embossed anaconda leather, were hand cut scale by scale (embossed anaconda is actually cow hide made to look like anaconda). And from Manolo to Gucci to Ferragamo, the list is a roster of designer names that command premiums.

Those owners of the jewelry and shoes, had a ball dancing on the stage and comparing each other's fashions.

Leggy always has her own corner for her Shoe Party: Bunches of ladies and girls gather around and show off their favorite collection of shoes..

The shoes were all custom made, the producer's wife was showing everybody that how the show optional laces could be taken apart, or added onto top of the shoe.

This was not only a fashion show, this was a fashion show-off, most of sandals shoes' and sandals, clutches' with handheld bags are decorated with fire opals, black and white diamonds, multi- colored sapphires, pink spinels, aquamarine and diamond pendants, super rare popsicle-blue tourmaline, they are not only showing their legs and figures, they are showing also the shining gems and jewelry. They had hired some male dancers who were singing and dancing 'These boots are made for walking'.

These boots are made for walking. And that's just what they’ll do.
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you... ...

Incredible, everyone applauded.

Ant Queen was observing with arms crossed, then nosed in when Leggy was showing a shoe made of all jewelry, with a strain attached fragrance smelly veal.

She spied Leggy slipping out. The Queen run after her. PurSing Leggy all the way to her house.

Inside the home, she couldn't find Leggy, but her sense of smell guided her to a vial of fragrance.

Ant Queen sniffed the vial but threw it away because it's not her lost fragrance vial she is looking for.

Meanwhile Dragon had followed them both. He and the Queen ransack the house looking for the right vial.

They saw over a thousand boxes of shoes inside a full room with huge closets.

Ant Queen told Dragon:" Shrink yourself and dive into it!"

Dragon went through thousands of shoe boxes, thinking Leggy may have hidden it one of them.

Guided by her sense of smell, the Queen finds the right box and throw it to Dragon, when Dragon was working on opening it, she smelled again and said:" Wait?!" She picked up another box and throw it to Dragon again.

Dragon had no problem tucking the boxes under his arms. Ant Queen found another box, then another one...

Suddenly, he heard Tony Pulpo, the Octopus producer's voice talking inside of his ears:" Why you fooling around here for?!"

He paused in puzzle, Ant Queen seemed didn't hear a thing, kept giving him more and more boxes.

Eventually, Dragon was holding a stack of over hundred of the boxes. Finally Ant Queen chose hundreds out of a thousand boxes. Dragon left those boxes to stay in Leggy's closet. Ant Queen sniffed the closet over and over again, and decided that there were no more boxes to smell. Dragon wanted to open the boxes one by one, but Ant Queen said:" Hold it!"

"Follow me!" She then lead Dragon back to the garden party.

The fashion show and the music hadn't stopped after Leggy left. The audience was amazed to see Dragon reappear, carrying hundreds of boxes. His mom, Ant Queen, followed and greeted the audience with a proud and tricky smile.

Some of the models on the stage followed them backstage. They came back to the stage with wearing fancy new shoes shining with jewelry, smelling good and excited smiles.

Word soon got around that there were tons of shoes backstage brought by the Dragon and Ant Queen.

The showboys took off their shirts to make themselves suitable for the fancy boots, then the showgirls started to walk the stage, clad only in their underwear. The fragrance in the air was getting stronger and stronger...

Then the show came to an intermission, no one appeared on stage with new shoes, backstage everyone was fighting over a very fragrant and fancy pair of shoes.

Leggy suddenly emerged from the shadows, grabbed the vial.

This was the moment Ant Queen was waiting for all night. She jumped to grab the vial, but to her big surprise, Werewolf (one of the Las Vegas dancers), cut in to protect Leggy who then ran away with the vial.

Ant Queen was screaming, angry and loud. White Dragon didn't waste a second, he reached out to stop Leggy that instant, but two more guys jumped in- Jared Narcisse, and his sidekick, Dennis Berkley.

Three other guys tried to attack White Dragon at the same time. Dragon didn't allow any of them to touch him.

He jumped and disappeared after Leggy.

The altercation created a riot. Director Kelve and Producer Pulpo were watching from very far away.

It's a mess, Dragon left, Pulpo smiled and told Kelve: "Sign him!"

Then there were boarding calls from the airport:"14:00 P.M. to Miami Florida, boarding passengers for the Flight number D2183 with Boeing 737-8AS, please go to Gate 91, 3rd floor...

This is a final boarding call for passengers James Maurlias, Amy Sun, Olivia Sun, and Shin Sun on flight number D2183 to Miami. This flight has boarded and is waiting on you in order to depart. Passengers James Maurlias, Amy Sun, Olivia Sun, and Shin Sun, please make your way to Gate 91, your aircraft is ready to depart..."

At the waiting room, Phenice stood up and patted Olivia:" Let's go, the plane is about to depart."

James and Amy carried their luggage and followed.

Olivia murmurred and looked around:" Shin is not here yet, we are going to Miami."

"He is waiting on the plane." Phenice comforted her.

Walking toward the gate, Phenice told Amy:" I checked The Mechanics' Institute building houses, the oldest library on the West Coast, most documents were vague during that gold rush time, but there was one record left clear, there was one Sun's family there, they claimed that they are the original residents of W-Hng Mountain, and their ancestors came from Flower-Fruit Mountain, under the sea of A Li State, part of the devine land Dong-Sheng.

"It's impossible, somebody must have changed the record!"

The racist laws were drafted during the Gold Rush (1849-1852), a period when waves of Chinese immigrants (about 25,000) migrated to California. These laws obliterated rights such as interracial marriage, owning property and testifying against whites in court. Many weren't even repealed until the 1940s nearly a hundred years later!

On May 10,1868, alone, Chinese workers laid 10 miles of track in less than 12 hours in order to complete the last leg of the railroad.

In the spring of 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Chester A. Arthur. This act provided an absolute 10-year moratorium on Chinese labor immigration. Thus very few Chinese could enter the country under the 1882 law.

"Where-ever he goes and whatever he tries won't do any good, because it's the earth striking back. The lower female ratio makes man eager to fight for more than his share, he needs to fix the earth, not the mountain."

"Higher female ratio has made males fight over these cultures for years already."

"And now it's less female ratio, and the males are still fighting as usual, actually worse than ever!"

"So it's hopeless."

"Human culture made earth from impossible peace into hopeless pieces. We've figured out the truth, so if you and the crystal can take me there, we can help Shin better there."

Amy sighed:" Even though you are probably right, my Crystal can not flew us anywhere, we are stuck here."

"Didn't you say the question is 'Who is in the Crystal?'"

"Whoever it is in the Crystal, they are just the ghosts who escaped and refuse to go to the Mother Ship for the recycle of metempsychosis."

"Mother ship?"

"Hell, or Heaven, Hades, whatever we want to call it. We don't get the Iron-Fan to fly, so we can only wait here, our only hope is that we are Shin's destiny, Whatever he does, he shall always come back to us. Humans can't go back to the fourth dimension, only Dragons and Unihorns, those heavenly creatures, can travel through time."

"Amy, I happen to know that there is one Dragon living around us," Phenice said: "And that's not the only thing I figured out, I also have developed a stronger and stronger sense, that began when I was a child, that maybe I'm a Phoenix!"

"Really?! How do you know that?"

"The air and sky have excited me all my life, when I'm in trouble, it always sends something on colorful wings to save me. "Also," Phenice told Amy in a very confidential way: "For all of my life, in all of my dreams, my soul fly."

Phoenix and Dragon, they help only if they care for the Humans, but what can you do if it's the earth striking back?


A UFO incident occurred at Holloman Air Force Base outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Aliens apparently attempted to visit the earth, but crashed, leaving behind the UFO with their bodies inside. U.S. Air Force reports from 1994 concluded that: No aliens, or alien spacecraft, were recovered by the Air Force; reports of aliens could not have been associated with the Mogul debris recovery as that vehicle was incapable of transporting passengers; no unusual activity was carried out by the Air Force in 1947 outside of the Mogul recovery.

Leggy shifted very fast like a thunder under the ground, she landed herself at a secret air force base (but it can be seen from outer space), located a little further away from Holloman Air Force Base (but it's really no difference from the outer space). This base is more attractive than Holloman, and inside the base, has more complete advanced construction, it seemed that the Air Force copied and improved all the ideas from the alien spacecraft.

Leggy Centipede was able to get away from Ant queen, but Dragon jumped and almost caught up to her near the base entrance.

Dragon lost Leggy Centipede in front of the entry gate, as he fumbled with the handle, the gate opened enough to allow him through.

Dragon followed and at first searched in a confused manner. It seemed that whenever he lost her trail, he would hear a faint noise that allowed him to pick up the trail again.

Finally Dragon caught up to Leggy just as she attached a crystal horn onto a Unihorn robot. Hidden inside the horn was a vial.

Leggy began attacking Dragon, but Dragon punched her and she ran away.

The Unihorn robot seemed to move slightly, it's eyes blinked once and it seemed to try to start itself, but then froze into the cold status made by all the Ti based cermets and Yi alloy.

Now that Dragon was alone, he unscrewed the horn from the Unihorn, but was unable to remove the vial from the horn.

Iron-Fan flew in, carrying Dr.Sun appeared: "Take it easy, Dragon, why do you want to break my Smart Computer?!"

"Ant Queen wanted it back."

"Ant Queen?" Dr.Sun tried to stop Dragon's hand, but Dragon wouldn't give up, he kept screwing and unscrewing, Dr.Sun then patted his hand away, pushed a button and unscrewed the crystal out of the Unihorn's head:" I thought only those animals get it to play the games once every 4 years, why is a insect Queen want it now?!"

Unihorn's eyes were wide open while Shin Sun was unscrewing it's crystal horn, then finally closed and whole body frozen into steady status when the crystal was pulled out.

Ant Queen was slow, but eventually her voice came from the ground far away, her voice was telling Dragon:" it's a decoy. it's not my fragrance !"

But Dragon had got the crystal out of the Unihorn head.

Ant Queen appeared and yelled:" She used you again, screw it back."

"It's ok," Dr.Sun left:" Those two animals are coming to get it for their games now. They come once every four years."

"Which two animals?!" Dragon yelled, but Shin Sun flew away without answer.

" o ng,"  Ant Queen grabbed his shoulder and yelled:" Ride me to Las Vegas, I tracked down the smell all the way, now I have decided that she passed my vial to the Werewolf, she touched that showgirl too, but she should know that only Werewolf can fight me better. Both animals are all in same gang there, let's go!"

Out of nowhere, two iron soldiers appeared, one attacked Ant Queen, and the other one grabbed Dragon's crystal. Then more and more soldiers jumped in.

The soldiers wore uniforms that were copper colored, they were wearing iron shoes, helmets and iron masks, so that no one could identify their faces. They carried guns that shot streams of raw lightning. They shot these guns to intimidate Dragon.

The amber colors from the gun laser beams come together, The lights changed Dragon's color, and destroyed the tissues of his skin' body' clothes, from the surface and into deeper parts. Some smoke raised from around the wound. It didn't bother Dragon, he gave one soldier a dreadful beating, the soldier retreated with his arm almost broken.

Suddenly the room filled with an army of Iron-Shoe Soldiers join for battle.

Iron-Shoe Soldiers came in droves, soon overcrowding the base with countless soldiers. Dragon lost the fight immediately, he tried to give the crystal to Queen, but Ant Queen didn't really want it, all Dragon could do was to hide it from the attacking soldiers.

While Dragon and Queen were losing fighting, a gray donkey and a white elephant jumped in, then a crowd of donkeys and elephants ran in after. They kicked out lots of Iron-Shoe Soldiers. When they reached Dragon, who was buried beneath the crowd, White Elephant grabbed away the crystal horn from Dragon and left, then all the donkeys and elephants vanished.

Monkey King flew in with the tumbler cloud carrying him. He whirled his golden cudgel like a running wheel, popping off all the soldiers who jump on him. But immediately ten more soldiers, twenty more, a hundred more soldiers come into the fight. Dragon punched away all the Iron-Shoe Solders around him.

Monkey King was furious about those endless soldiers, he aimed his cudgel toward them but no soldier stepped back.

Suddenly, there was the Octopus producer's voice scolding inside his ears:" Dragon Prince, come to see who come to your ocean now!"

攫住 百龙全身
缠手绑脚 将他攫往空中消失

In the midair falls the giant octopus limbs, the boneless arms strongly intertwine the kinking to seize hundred dragon whole bodies fully to be troublesome ties up the foot to seize him toward airborne vanishing

The solders seemed to get a signal to withdraw. They disappeared very quickly.

White Dragon was grabbed into sky high, then was dropped into the deep ocean.


Monkey King flew away in tumbler cloud and yelled back:" Come help me rescue my son from the Hades. "

"Where is the entry?"

"Bermuda, the Brown Volcano."

回 ﹕头七回家度蜜月;众生皆醉我独醒


Chapter.10: 7th day's honeymoon