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Chapter.10: 7th day's honeymoon

"This is Captain Jerry Young welcoming you on board flight 2183 to Miami. Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin for departure..."

The moment they boarded the plane, Amy Sun was amazed to see that Shin Sun was sitting in a seat, dressed like an oriental friar and holding a baby dressed in pink. Shin made brief eye contact and immediately lowered his face.

There were plenty of empty seats, and everyone took seats surrounding him.

Olivia sat next to Shin and took his hand: " Shin." Her soul seemed to be restored, and there was clarity in her eyes.

Phenice was so excited enough to almost scream, but then she heard Amy asked:" Who are you?"

'Shin Sun' answered:" I'm Shin's twin brother, Hermit Sun..."

Amy shook her head:" Shin didn't have any brother."

Hermit Sun raised a finger made a quick SILENCE sign:" They are here, and one of them can hear us even your thoughts."

Who are they? Phenice cast a quick glance around the cabin. All the passengers appeared normal. She could see the Hollywood actress Leggy was reading a magazine, Banker Zsolt was napping behind his eyeglasses. Where are they? Which one of them could hear even her thoughts?

The jet took off. The cabin was quiet except for the drone of the engines.

It's a mind game now, since one of them could hear our thoughts, shouldn't we be thinking about something we don't want them to hear?!

"Is Shin going to be here?!" Phenice whispered.

"That's what they are waiting for." Hermit Sun answered.

"They saw you and they know that you are not Shin already?" Amy whispered.

"They are waiting until they see the thing they want."

Olivia sighed and put her neck on Shin's shoulder:" Wake me up at Miami..." She smelled Shin and closed her eyes to nap, a tear drop wetted her eye frame.

"Who is your baby?" Phenice asked Hermit.

"You shall take over and protect her for me when it's the moment I have to fight, I keep surviving this body for Shin, but I think Shin figured out getting back this body will keep his spirits away from travelling back to the past to undo everything he wants to undo."

"I can protect?!" Phenice asked really LOUD:" Am I a phoenix? Was I always right about those feeling of the Phoenix and me?!"

"Only a Phoenix can figure out if she is a phoenix or not, not a human."

"But I know a Dragon doesn't know that if he is a Dragon either..."

The plane flew into whitish clouds above the Green Hills and the blue oceans... ...

Amy staring at the sky, she started to find out that all the colors were rendering into greenish, the clouds were shallow green frost, the sky was dark green, and there was a huge green fish swimming and making the waves.

It's a fish? It was so large she could only see parts of it at a time such as a fish tail taging, not the whole fish. It's head was as big as a mountain, and it stirred the sky like the fish tail was splashing the sea wave...

All of sudden, Amy sat up straight, she could never figure out how big the fish was, but then she saw a beautiful, colorful bird flew in and began to fight the fish. It's a giant Phoenix, her wings covered half the sky, still the fish was much larger than the bird, but the phoenix didn't seem to be afraid, the sky and the clouds were stirred into beautiful greenish and colorful light show.

The fish stirred an universal tsunami, the earth was only a corner of rolling waves, the sky only showed a little of whirling quick sand flowing.

The phoenix slide, accelerated and soared. Glowing in colorful lights to attack the greenish whirl, vivid and strongly.

Green whirl, Throwing heaven and earth into chaos;

Thunder, Rocking mountains and rivers;

Colorful Lightning, Flying like fire through the clouds;

Green Mists, Covering all of the earth.

The wind howled;

Loud roared the thunder.

Phoenix lightning streaked red, While fish clouds blocked out the moon and the stars.

Here is your Phoenix! Amy got excited and tried to alert Phenice in the next seat, but she found that Phenice had fallen asleep.

Amy tried to awaken her, but Hermit stayed her hand and shook his head:" Don't! Her spirit is fighting in the sky, don't interrupt her!"

Olivia was resting on Hermit Sun's shoulder. Her heart and mind seem to sank into the Flowing Sands River. Watching the clouds floating outside the plane.

In a greenish sky where flashed lights rained, She saw herself, Laughing with Shin along a river, And with James Maurlias always around.

Nothing else would get them down... ...

Amy smiled, she wanted to see how Shin propose to Olivia,  then she saw Shin and Olivia were offering each other with fruit juices after meal, Olivia gave him cherry, Shin threw in banana, he said:" I called James, I asked him to stay away in the next seven years, that I will marry you and give you the best time of your life..."

"What?!" Olivia claimed.

"It was you imply me that I shall ask first..."

"I did not!" She laughed.

"So, what you say?"

"Say what?"

"Shall I call your parents to tell them that we are getting married?"

All of sudden, the aircraft sank into the greenish flowing sands. Everybody saw it, because all passengers calling out in alarm.

The profound greenish universal whirl was sucking the aircraft in, Impregnable and completely concentrating on...

So it's everybody's sky, anybody can switch the sky into their own thoughts.

But who could thinking about sinking the whole aircraft into greenish universal?!

Then they felt something colorful power and lighting holding them, the aircraft was not sinking, not deviate anymore, the aircraft went back into its route and direction again, slowly and laboriously...

It's the Phoenix holding the craft with it's wing and long tails, trying to flew the aircraft away from the greenish whirl.

The Phoenix seemed able to ride the aircraft away from the greenish whirl, but, something inside the aircraft added the strength and carried the aircraft drop into the greenish hole...

Hermit Sun lowed his eyes and watching critically, he started to check all the passengers with a special fondness, was there an immortal in the aircraft want to sink the whole craft? Even including itself?

 Suddenly, they saw a magic palm-leaf fan flying in, and Shine Sun's soul  was about to come down to them.  

They only saw his face in a foggy shape, not much detail about his attire.

James looked out and asked the sky: "Shin, did you tell Olivia and me the same thing?

You told me that you love her truly so you wouldn't ask her to take each other over lift time, you would gave her the best time for the seven years marriage, and you would inform me when it's time for her to renew the second seven years, did you tell her the seven years? or the life time promise?

Did you just bull me away with this seven years craps?"

Shin was happy to look into the craft cabin, then he was sad to hear James, he did not answer, flew the Iron-Fan into the greenish whirl.

Then in a flash, the Green fish went along. And then the Phoenix, also was gone. The sky turned into blue, the clouds were whitish again.

"So what are we waiting for? What is Shin waiting for?" Amy asked:" What shall we do?"

"A moment he thinks he can grab to undo the century disaster from the past. He chose not to come back to trap into this human body, he chose to be a flying ghost traveling with the Fan "

People exploded the sierra to pick the gold ore﹐ to plant the earthquake ruinous consequence. Sun's ancestor didn't get to use the best crystal to invent the Smartest Computer. What Sun can redo over there?

Hermit Sun looked at out of the jet's window, and almost everybody glanced at the flying Iron-Fan then lowered their eyes and pretended that they didn't see it. Everyone remembered what Hermit Sun said, that one of them can hear even if it's only a thought.

Olivia was crying. So what are we flying into? Is there still a beautiful future waiting for us? Were the past 7 days only a nightmare? Am I awake or am I still in the nightmare?!

Finally the Iron-Fan flew away and disappeared.

Phenice spoke to Amy's ear:" Hurry, take me to follow him, I have figured out the truth, it's the earth striking back, so wherever Shin is aimed, it shall be the wrong target.

Shin Sun went in the wrong direction! He can never correct the Hopeless from the Impossible."

The sex ratio of female more than male had turned  to male more than female. The tribe struggles of bullets and blasting explosives evolves the international wars of Nuclear and Genetic weapon competition. The land war evolves resources plundering, Human ruined the earth, the earth strikes back to kill mostly the females, because more males will create endless wars.

Amy stared at her: "What makes you think that I can follow him to help?"

"It's the earth striking back! Maybe we can go back to join them, I think I have a better idea of how to correct this mess."

"I don't know how to go to these time travel and the 4th dimension, human beings are all trapped in their BODY. Only the dragon and Phoenix, those kind of supernaturals, are able to flew among the time zones.

There was a landing announcement in the air:" Please return to your seats, put your seatbacks and trays up and buckle your seat belts, we will be landing in Miami in a few moments."

Hermit Sun signed:" Everybody prepare for their attacks."

"Why?" Phenice asked:" Why didn't they attack us in flight?"

"They were waiting for Shin and he was listening to our whisper all the time. Shin appeared at the last moment to let them learn that he didn't have the Crystal, but now they know one of us has got a crystal to talk to the ghost inside. They are going to attack us when the plane lands.

"This is a tough mind game," Phenice lost her coolness:" If they can hear our thoughts, don't they know that we know they are going to attack right after landings?"

The plane was landing with a tremendous noise beneath the aircraft wheels.

Leggy Migliaia was gone, beside her empty seat, there was the banker trying to open an overwing emergency exit door, the flight attendant came to stop him:" Sir, please sit down and buckle up, we are landing, don't open that door!"

The door opened instantly, the banker turned his head and grinned, showing his sharp teeth. He was not the banker, he was a vampire!

The attendant screamed and was scared. Suddenly a giant purple Leggy Centipede bounced up from out of nowhere, it's thousand feet spreading out and attacking almost everyone in the cabin. The passengers were panicking and could find nowhere to hide from the attacking Leggy Centipede foot.

Vampire grabbed Olivia and said with a grin :" Let's go meet your husband."

Olivia was slow to react, but James Maurlias didn't hesitate at all, he punched at Vampire and tried to take Olivia into his arms, but he missed both, Vampire and Olivia disappeared in a blink.

Hermit Sun gave the baby in his arms to Phenice, but Olivia was already gone with the vampire.

Leggy Centipede forced the door open and was shaking the whole cabin. Everyone was tumbling and yelling. Vampire, dragging Olivia, jumped and disappeared through the door, followed instantly by the Leggy Centipede.

Olivia was crying outside the craft, "Shin! ... ..." she cried.

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Chapter.11: Beginner's Luck