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第 13 回 ﹕唐人街上遇唐人; 隋朝舊月照新星


Chapter.13:  We do, Xúan-Zhùang

Under the Great Grand Tree, the pastor announced:" You may kiss the bride, Groom."

He was looking at Xúan-Zhùang.

Xúan-Zhùang didn't quiet understand this sentence, he looked around, everybody were expecting something from him.

Tracey stepped forward and kissed him.

Everybody laughed.

"It's not going to last! I give it three days." Cliff disgusted it.

"They will have quiet a good night." Avalon tried to make a joke.

There were a chunky  load of gray clouds and black clouds dropped low,  the sky was turning gray and black, suddenly, there were a large group of bats emerged to fly, fluttered and threw at him all around.

The bats were blind in daytime,  therefore created a riot around the tree.

Zsolt stepped forward to stick up an large automatically opened umbrella, The bats saw the shadows and flew into the umbrella.

While there were some bats fluttered around, Zsolt hung the umbrella upside down to the Big Green Tree, the bats were not only go to the umbrella, they   hided beyond the tree.

Xúan-Zhùang started to sense something is wrong.

Everybody came to hug and kiss Tracey, they were saying same thing to him It's more of language barrier, Tracey didn't teach him anymore, she just want to totally enjoy the attention.

Xúan-Zhùang knew what's happening, to him. He recalled the same atmosphere, how were everybody talking to him. Didn't know exactly what's going to do next, but he knew what's happening.

Xúan-Zhùang 玄奘 600-664(meaning Unreliable-Strong) was his monk name, originally secular named Chén-Hui 陳褘 (Chén was his family name, Hui means 'ceremonial robe of empress worn in time of sacrifice'). His child pet name was Jiang-Liú 江流 .(means river-flowing).

He got married when he was 12 years old. Xiang-Zheng 香真(means Fragrant- Purity) was 6 years older than him, daughter of his mother's bosom friend Xú. 

221 B.C.,  Qín Emperor (BC 250-BC 210), unified six countries of mainland China, finished the long-term feudal lord to establish a separatist regime the aspect. Died at the age of 50 years old, He had chained most of young men to build the Great Wall.

The grand magnificent Great Wall, it crosses north part of the China's summit of high mountain ridge, the total length more than 6,700 kilometers, is included “the world heritage name list” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, was honored as “the world eighth big miracle”.

Year 581, Emperor Súi(569-618, reigned for 604 years in ~617) reunified China, finished 300-400 years to establish a separatist regime the influence tangled warfare aspect, fight up and down the country. 

Súi Emperor had slaved whole country's men to dig the tunnel rivers flowing countrywide.

The Grand Canal, flows four provinces, communicates five big river systems all over China, the span 1747 kilometers, is in the world the longest artificial canal. The Beijing Hangzhou big canal is the perpetual flow which the Chinese only north and south move toward, it compared to Suez Canal long 10 times, 20 times longer than Panama Canal.

Year 605, Emperor Súi Yáng-Dì requisitioned for millions of laborer working on cut and dig canals, in the next 7 years, the canals cut over 40 foots in width, connected two of the largest nationwide rivers flowing all over whole country.

There were big roads constructed along the canals. There were aspens' poplars and willows grew along the roads, from the north Capital Lùo-Yáng to the Southern Yáng-Zhou, it's over 2,000 miles of poplars and willows grew in green shadows. There were posts built for estafettes and corvees. One summer palace was built after two posts and there were total over forty summer palaces built only for Emperor Súi Yáng-Dì.

When it's golden harvest season, beautiful scenery of southern river attracted Emperor Súi Yáng-Dì so much that he couldn't wait for all the canals to be completed and finished, million of ferryboats were built for Emperor's fleet, he set out his Dragon Cruiser to the navigation southern tour... ...

To avoid  those kind of coolies slavery and military Conscription, kids got married very young in those ages, ever since Qín Dynasty.

Chén-Hui was born in a official aristocratic family. His paternal great-grandfather was appointed Northern Wèi Dynasty, the grandfather was appointed Northern Qí Dynasty, his father was once appointed Jiang-Ling county magistrate of Súi Dynasty, quitted for the times was tumultuous and chaotic. Chén-Hui was the fourth son.

Chén-Hui was extremely intelligent with extraordinary appearance, he had diligently studied aloud Confucian and hundred ancient books, also read aloud Buddhism classics from his second elder brother, Master Monk Chang-Jie in Lùo-Yáng Pure-Land Temple. Know as the genius kid, Chén-Hui had already learn 2 of most important scriptures when he was 11 years old.

Chén-Hui got married right after his 11th birthday. The marriage was long-term arranged. Their mothers were very good bosom friends.

As he could remember, the first time they met, he was called and introduced to her: "Jiang-Liú, come to meet your wife, Xiang-Zheng."

He was cute, she was beautiful, the most good looking kid couple.

What they did in their wedding day? They were fooling around in the garden, there were lots of domesticated fowls from her trousseau, and they end up with chasing the rooster across the fence and trees, laughing louder than the fowls.. ...

The Emperor's dragon cruiser was forty-five chǐ in height (3 chǐ = 1 meter), fifty chǐ in width, 200 chǐ in hull. It's 4 stories ship, the top deck was main palace hall' inner hall, east imperial court and west court. 2nd and 3rd decks were totally one hundred and sixty rooms, decorated with carving gold and jade. bottom deck was cabins for enuches. There were one thousand and eighty boat-trackers dragging the cruiser on shore in green silk towlines. All trackers were dressed in color brocade robes.

The Empress's phoenix cruiser was a little bit smaller than Emperor's and drawn by nine hundred boat-trackers.

Then there were 9 floating-scenery cruisers for imperial concubines, drawn by two hundred boat-trackers, 36 floating-colors cruisers for imperial wives and maidservants, drawn by 100 boat-trackers,

Then following in the end was thousands of cruisers for the princes' princesses' ministers' diplomatic envoys, retinues and armed escorts. drawn by 800 boat-trackers.

Such a vast and mighty fleet navigated in the canals, it took twenty millions of cavalries to guard and follow, flags covering the sky, and the horse hoofs all over the road, stem touching stern, it lasted over two hundreds miles.

There were observers said: After the Emperor's Dragon cruiser left the capital over fifty days, the retinues and escort's cruisers were just leaving to catch up.

And the Emperor's Dragon cruiser would have his next cruiser coming to Lùo River Canal, which flowed most near to their hometown, Gou-Shi, Yan-Shi County of Hé-Nán Province.

As soon as the canal had been running through to Lùo River. The exciting news was sprayed ing among the village, on their wedding day, the words was out: The Emperor's Dragon cruiser is coming!

There were so many exciting story and description about Emperor's Dragon cruiser, so Xiang-Zhen came to drag  Chén-Hui's arm: "Jiang-Lúi, let's go see Emperor's Dragon cruiser!"

They left their hometown, rushed to see the Emperor's Dragon cruiser.

Along the Lùo river, they were running to the main dike, hands in hands.

They saw the tall cruiser berth, then unexpectedly, thousands of cavalries running over and broke their hand link.

They were dispersed by the soldiers and boat-trackers, Xiang-Zhen screamed under the flags and the horse hoofs... ...

Sunset came down to Chicago, there were more bats flew in, hidden into the luxuriant  branches, the profuse grown foliages of the grand green tree.

The wedding party was a joyful picnic, music,  singing, dancing in the park.

Lilly and Peaches chased Tracey and Xúan-Zhùang into the car and left their wedding party in the Michigan Lake Park.

Xúan-Zhùang stared at outside of the car, it's a mansion jungle there, he sensed that he must recognize where he was, so he could leave and go on by himself very soon.

Numerous architects have constructed landmark buildings of varying styles in Chicago. Chicago can boast to having 4 of the 10 tallest buildings in the United States and 9 of the 100 in the world.

The city was going through a massive skyscraper building boom, 55 East Erie is the tallest residential building in the world? People are living in a mountain high building like that?Trump International Hotel, 96 story structure, reached 1,362 feet heights, how many people they need to build a mansion like that? A lots of frantic skyscraper building like a mansion jungle.

Chicago Drainage Canal, a shipping link between the Great Lakes Michigan by the Chicago River, and the Mississippi River system, by way of the Illinois and Des Plaines Rivers. Much of the canal is a long, thin park with canoeing and a 62.5 mile hiking and biking trail .

Xúan-Zhùang signed, where is the Mirror?!

The only thing he could remember was so blur, that mirror, not thick, only took him one step. Before that step, he was riding backward on Dragon Horse, it was sultry hot, they were just leaving the Flame Mountain, the Monkey was flew back to return the Iron-Fan , Pigsy was following in limp footsteps, Friar Sand was lost behind, unable to catch up because his shoulder selected the heavy burden of scriptures.

In that short step, everything was blur.

After that step, he was alone, already entered this mansion jungle, his shoulder carried the scripture basket and Gerry by himself.  

Where is that entry for that 4th dimension.       

Actually, the Mirror had appeared in the historical documents:

Year 616, Emperor Súi Yáng-Dì started his third Dragon Cruiser Tour to Jiang-Du.

At the time being, the war flames were burring over the North and the Central Plains everywhere. Some royal officials made it onto the table to remonstrate, hoping that he would no longer southbound. Emperor Súi was very angry, put them all killed.

After arrival at Jiang-Du, Emperor Súi ordered the local officers to send in over 100 rooms of beauty into the Palace, he called the room beauties in turns to indulge the merry and wallow of satiric.

One day, Emperor Súi told his Queen Xiao: "The outside was calculated me, but I'm still recognized the Emperor, you still the Queen, let us drink joyful for it."

Then he was asking the mirror: "It's so good a head, not knowing who will cut it off come here then?"

Queen Xiao's face became pale and asked: "What do you mean, Emperor?"

Emperor said with a smile: "Aristocracy or Dalit, we all need to exchange and share the bitter and joy with each other. It is worth nothing sentimental."
Later, the Mirror answered his question.

Year 618, March 17, General Yu-Wen-Hua-Ji launched the mutiny, he led the troops to storm the Palace Jiang-Du, without being stopped by anyone, they entered the Emperor's chambers.

Emperor Súi was strangled with the scarf, his two sons and a grandson were also killed.

Queen Xiao and the palace people, made a little coffin with the bed boards, hastily buried the Emperor. This year in August, Jiang-Du Prefecture reburied them again in the west Jiang-Du.

With the Emperor's death, Súi Dynasty demised.

Queen Xiao was not dead, in the hurried retreat, she was living to the north Turkic region. Until 4th year of Tang Dynasty, she was pick up by Emperor Tang Tai-Zhong ... ... ...

The car stopped in front of their apartment, they got out of the car, Tracey followed Xúan-Zhùang very closed, she was smiling happily, he looked her in puzzle.

I told you I come here to collect the scriptures.

Didn't I tell you that I'm a monk?!

Tracey paused, waited in front of the door, turned her head to him, shy and excited.

What you want? Xúan-Zhùang had a very good guess from her body gestures, that she wanted him to carry her into the door? what's that?

He pretended that he can't understand it at all and moved on to step in.

Tracey's smile shrunken, a little bit of disappointed. Lilly and Peaches passed her in laughers, Lilly said it loud:" Worry no more, It's him got the cold foot, Tracey, before we get out and leave you to have the whole house, we have a Groom's wedding night 101 presentation for him!"

Lilly and Peaches pushed Tracey into her room to get fresh up, then they started to polish Xúan-Zhùang up, but Xúan-Zhùang changed his attitude, kept saying no on everything, no drink, no food, wouldn't sit, wouldn't stay, he tried to explain something to them, Lilly sat him down:" ok, now for your bachelor party."

"First of all," Peaches patted his shoulder:" Everything you learn from the porn videos are all exaggerated."

"Yea, and what's those Mosaic effects do there?!" Lilly nodded:" Those Japanese Video Ethics Review Conference !"

"Girls," Tracey walked in the living room:" He is not a Japanese, and he can't understand you, what are you try to do?"

"Don't worry, you just wait in bed,  we will warm it up for you, we won't do much talking now, so he will learn when he see it."

"Lilly..." Tracey was begging.

"Tracey, you are getting something so rare, I want to make it finally right for everybody. You see, man will cheat to his parents' priest' teacher' even himself' even in his own dream, but there is only one he will always  tell the true, and do it right without asking or tell, his twin brother.

So, I checked out this from a twins friend. Straight answers from these twin brothers, and since both twins were doing the exact same to their life, this shall be the truthful life to each human beings," Lilly holding Peaches and started to kiss each other:" They  did each other since they were 13, then they both turned to hetero when they were 18."

Tracey was angry:" So you want to tell me, if I let them fool around, they will turn to me when they are 18, which is, this year?"

"This is true to girls too. It's the natural laws from both Mars and Venus." Peaches was kissing back:" You need to let your groom try it too, or else he will be untruthful to himself and to you, confused and pretending to everybody for the rest of his life...."

Xúan-Zhùang was shocked to see two girls were kissing' talking and laughing at the same time.

"Get out of here!" Tracey pulled them off of each other, then pushed them out of house:" You are just two horny lesbians want to show off,  look at him, you scare out of him!"

"No! Man will never get scared of this....." Lilly was laughing and wanted to stay to do more of show and tell, Tracey closed them out and locked the door.

Xúan-Zhùang heard the knocks and walked to the back door.

To become a Buddhism monk, it required an unified entrance examination held by the government.

Year 612, Xiang-Zheng was plundered at Súi Emperor's Dragon cruiser, Chén-Hui lost his wife. Also, his father died. At the end of year,

Capital Lùo-Yáng Pure-Land Temple was recruiting for 27 monks.

After got through father's funeral, Chén-Hui joined the entrance exam, although he had learn more scriptures than other examinees, he was absolutely too young for the temple.

The exam minister asked him what's his goal when he become a monk, Chén-Hui gave a outstanding reply: "Far to meet Buddha, near to polish Buddhism."

The minister made an exception to let Chén-Hui obtained the identification to be a male novice into the monk nationality.

Chén-Hui earned and used his religion name as Xúan-Zhùang from then on.

Tracey locked the front door:" Finally!..."

She turned to seek for Xúan-Zhùang, then she saw that Veronica was blocking the bathroom and waiting:" Can we talk, I only have one word for you,"

"Say it and leave." Tracey shrunk her shoulder.

Veronica hinted looked at back door, Xúan-Zhùang was still holding the doorknob, waiting there.

"Doesn't matter, he won't understand you anyway."

"Don't be too sure, I kind of figure out, he could be a genius kid when he was a child."

"Ok, thanks, now you say it, please leave." Tracey showed the front door.

"Please don't go further with your rebellious marriage," Veronica walked forward:" just to get even with your parents. Everybody is a mess."

Tracey opened the front door and showed it to her.

"Tracey," Veronica held her abdomen and signed: "This maybe not your dad's, I don't even know! I was only say it to get your brother!"

"Sure, you will say anything to get attention again." Tracey opened the door wider.

Cliff entered from the backdoor: "Tracey, your mom is not pregnant, she is faking, to get your dad!"

"Read my lips!" Tracey got multiple-anguish to them:" The point is not who is pregnant, it's you had flings with my folks!" She tried her best to sweet talk to Xúan-Zhùang who had locked the backdoor and walked towards:" Honey, who is still waiting there? Let them all in."

Xúan-Zhùang paused until Tracey was looking him eyes to eyes:" Hui îz mâi bùkü? I go now."

Veronica was amazed:" I heard he said 'Where is my book, I go now'"

Tracey smiled:" He did, you think I would married to a guy never learn?"

"Tracey, give him his books back, HE IS LEAVING." Cliff said.

"I think she kept his book basket in Avalon's tree, Grand Green Tree in the park." Veronica said.

"It's none of your business what we do here," Tracey tried to act like an elegant housewife, a happy newlywed:" if you won't go, you are very welcome to stay and listen to what we do in our wedding night." She dragged Xúan-Zhùang's hand: "Come on Honey, your books are in the bedroom."

She went in and drew back the bed covers provocatively. Xúan-Zhùang saw no scriptures in her hand then he decided to step out, at the instant, there were multi-colored fireworks exploding everywhere, zooming and bursting with different shapes and colors.

A huge Leggy Centipede slithered out from between the sheets. The Leggy Centipede went straight for Xúan-Zhùang, wrapped her legs around him.

Sets of bright glowing stars raise and dissolved into the ceiling, each split into four or five stars, bright arms of cascading, long lasting stars, shaped to permeate outward like the branches of a palm tree, they wriggled and swam away from the centre in a mesmeric dance.

The glowing, flaming balls of color light and colorless crackle raise on their own and burst into variegated mini shells. All the stars fall out of the rocket and star-shell, then gently drift down to the door.

Nighttime sky filled with bright exploding fireworks, accompanied by the whirling sounds and exploding noise as the stars span and whirled to the outdoor.

Veronica was horrified, Cliff shrugged to avoid the fireworks from inside:" Waaah, bedroom fireworks for the wedding night!"

Grasped and wrapped Xúan-Zhùang in the middle, the Leggy Centipede tried to grab Tracey into her grasp, Xúan-Zhùang struggled all the chance he got, Tracey was creaming and kicking, Cliff and Veronica run into the bedroom and joined the fight, just as Xúan-Zhùang was about to get rode of Leggy Centipede's wrapping claws, it tight up and bounced out.

The Leggy Centipede dragged Xúan-Zhùang out the window of the apartment. Tracey screamed in horror as she watches the Leggy Centipede crawl down the side of the building with Xúan-Zhùang in its grasp.

Bright shells broke into large stars that fall for a short distance and then burst like a aerial shell again.- aerial shell bursts into large colored stars, these fall for a short distance and then split into pieces.
Shiny stars that start one color and change to another. colored stars that flash on and off, twinkle and flutter down.

The Leggy Centipede dragged Xúan-Zhùang through the dark streets to a secluded spot under a tree where the situation turned good to Xúan-Zhùang: The fireworks decreased down, the exploding noise disappeared, the tree branches  grabbed to stop the Leggy Centipede bouncing high, the tree leaves held to keep them going further, Leggy Centipede started to yell like a human, and bite with it's teeth.

Xúan-Zhùang felt that he was in a nightmare, because he could understand everything she was yelling, that she won't let him died so soon, she would torture him until he was too tire to struggle.

It seemed that Leggy Centipede rather give him more lectures than pains, she was yelling a lots about she has been waiting this forever, but Xúan-Zhùang got very confused about her crazy talks.

Suddenly it was surprised by the flash of a sword wielded by the Green Knight and fled dropping Xúan-Zhùang.

Xúan-Zhùang noticed that the Green Knight bear the face of his friend Avalon.

The Green Knight in shining armor was waving his sword scenes such as electricity.

Gasping Xúan-Zhùang in her wrap, the Leggy Centipede lost her advantages to counter﹐she couldn't fight, she could only dodge to avoid the sword.

Green Knight got a proud smiling face in the helmet which opened and closed, he wore a tan color  tunic, an off-white shirt, the green pants, hood, gauntlets, boot tops and belt.

He was waving a Witch King Sword with a brown detailed handle, silver blade, and gold trim, a slight tilt in the blade. 

In a flashy chopping, the Leggy Centipede was cut into 2 halves, Xúan-Zhùang was able to escaped out of her gasp, he rolled himself further away.

The Leggy Centipede was struggled in pains, Green Knight stepped in and chopped his sword like a new chief cutting the tangled muddy knots.

All the fireworks died, the Leggy Centipede was chopped into pieces and pieces, jumping and fleeing, but there were waiting for each other, when all the pieces met together, it become a complete Leggy Centipede again, extended long and run away like a champ.

"Is that you? Avalon?" Xúan-Zhùang was still observing the Green Knight, amazed.

'Yes, Zsolt and his bats processed me tonight, he tried to make me one of them, but the grand great Tree saved me, I'm one of the Green Knight now.'

'Those bats?! oh, I sensed something must be wrong but I didn't realize it's you in dangerous, I was thinking about myself!' Xúan-Zhùang was surprised that he can communicate with him so well:' We can talk?'

'Relax, you are not exactly TALKING right now. I'm immortalized, I can do the soul talk to anybody, language is only a tool for the body and mind, try to focus your thoughts into sentences, we can still talk without speaking.'

Xúan-Zhùang closed his mouth and found him still TALKING to Green Knight:' Then what was that Leggy Centipede try to yell to me?'

'That she has waiting for this night ever since you and your wife made her lost all of her family in your wedding night.'

'Me and wife?'

'A cock that was part of you wife's trousseau was scratching in the garden. It found the Leggy Centipede's nest and ate all her offspring. The cock was about to eat the Leggy Centipede herself, but instead of hiding beneath a stone, her soul saved herself with merge into a fallen Ti-Yi crystal. Afterward, she learned the secret of its magic, and used it to make herself immortal.  Yes, if you can take her crystal, maybe she will lose her magic power.'

'I never intend to hurt anybody.'

'Well, your wedding day destroyed her whole family, so she will celebrate your wedding night when you are with your wife.'

'I don't have a wife.'

'You have TWO. You are cursed'

'Could you send me to the Lake Park, I think she kept my scripture basket in your tree house.'

'Actually I need to be back there in the next second, they kidnapped my body and half soul, they poisoned the blood in my body, I need to get my body and my soul back, I do not want to become a vampire as them. I'm going now, I will see if the Unihorn can give you a ride.' Green Knight pulled his sword out of the sheath, then he scratched the sword and sheath to make some flashes with thunder noises to the sky.

When he was scratching more of his sword and sheath to make more lightning, loud sound of an explosion is the expansion of thunder, there was one thunder sound from the back of tree:" I'm here." then there walked in an Unihorn, dragon head, single horn, Elk body with fish-scale skin, ox tail, horse Hoof, made in yellowish Ti metal and crystals.

Green Knight disappeared among the trees. The Unihorn came from the crystal flashy lights, and it talked in thunder sounds:' Hop on, let me give you a ride.'

Xúan-Zhùang ride on and found out that the Unihorn walked slow like a horse: 'Don't you think if we get faster, maybe we can help Avalon there?'

'You can't be no help, can't you see the routine now? Everybody will get killed except you.' The Unihorn blinked with flashes in it's eyes, it spitfire in the middle of talking.


'To get Monkey King killed, and you will be the last one to keep.;


'To keep Monkey King stay put, until he get killed.'

'I don't understand any of this at all.' Xúan-Zhùang looked at the further sky, he saw the mansions were shining with nightly lights, he could barely figure out where the Park along the Lake...

During the replacement and alternating years among Súi and Táng dynasties, whole nation was in the chaos of war disasters and famine.

Xúan-Zhùang and his 2nd brother went to Capital Cháng-An, knew that at most of famous monks all left to gather in Sì-Chuan. There fore they moved to search and followed those teachers, paid respects to the ancient, seeked their senate study life, their trail reached to half area south of Yellow River.

Year 622, Xúan-Zhùang ordained the abstention as an adult monk, he had learned all the scriptures from all the teachers he could reach.

He visited Capital Cháng-An to attend a discussion lectures about the Mahayana Theory with the famous monk there, he raised doubts and difficulties, vertically and horizontally argued, his wisdom and talent, gained the depth admires for the eminent scholars, his reputation, also therefore sprayed over each region, became a learned well-known Buddhism character.

Year 624, he left Sì-Chuang to participate the studies and the lectures of Buddhism. All the famous monks came to gather around, even the  60-old great moral wisdom was very respectful to him. He then had studied pass tribes, claimed to fame.

Year 627, Xúan-Zhùang came to Capital Cháng-An, he had followed 3 more monks to learn more of the Buddhism, soon exhausted Schools of Thought by the praise, reputation over the capital. The officer petitioned to make him the Solemn of the temple. However, Xúan-Zhùang had been purposive westbound, to learn and collect the original scriptures in Sanskrit language.

Súi Dynasty died, the national government was new, Táng Emperor did allow his people to  leave the country. Xúan-Zhùang accompanied other monks petitioned for westbound and was rejected. All the other monks withdrew, only Xúan-Zhùang went on petition for the second times.

It had been disapproved again. However Xúan-Zhùang determined to bide his chance.

Year 629, the northern area was suffering repeated famine, the governor court approved to allow people and monks go out to seek the food.

Xúan-Zhùang left his temple and the Capital city. The gate was no longer locked, no more guardians, he still waited till the night.

It was a full moon, and there was a woman calling his child pet name:

"Jiang-Liú... " Xiang-Zhen run to him with the tearful eyes.

It's been 16 years since she was plundered. They were going through many hardships, she became a woman of vicissitudes.

He became the most famous monk in Capital city who found no more scriptures to learn here:" My name is not Jiang-Liú any more..."

"Jiang-Liú, it's a new Dynasty, new ages, let's resume our secular life, let's pick up what we missed over years..."

"My monk name is Xúan-Zhùang, and it's going to be my name forever."

"I have waited so many years come to meet you."

"But I have planed my life to leave this gate."

"Don't you forget how we got wedded with our parents blessing?!"

"At the end of same year, I had sworn that I will devote my life to server Buddha forever."

Under the moonlights, he listened to her talks, he looked at her crying with the dry eyes, he did not let her to hug him, finally, he walked away.

"Jiang-Liú !" She was calling him.

"Jiang-Liú !"

He did not turn his head, she yelled: "Jiang-Liú !  I swear to Buddha, ..."

He paused, she said:" I will wait for you forever. "

'Oh oh! ' The Unihorn claimed:' They are back!'

A lots of bats flew in and hit on them with the swatting wings.

'Relax, they come for my crystal horn, not you.' The Unihorn started to run and jump, but the attacking bats were getting crowded, and each bat attacked was bigger than the last one.

'Run for yourself when you see the chance, they want the crystal, you are Leggy Centipede's specialty, she won't get you unless you are with your wife.'

The bats blocked and detained them down, a huge bat grabbed the Unihorn's crystal horn, Xúan-Zhùang torn it away and yelled: 'No wife.'

All of sudden he was knock down by a huge bats and dropped out of the Unihorn's back.

All the bats got the whole space to ride on Unihorn and grabbing it's crystal horn, Unihorn wasn't scared at all, it opened it's mouth and burn down the bats by it's spitfires.

Xúan-Zhùang stood up and Unihorn yelled to him in spitting flames and thunder noise: 'Run! '

Xúan-Zhùang saw a tall building with a door and opened hallway, he didn't move because he saw Vampire Zsolt landed on Unihorn with waving steel chains and locks.

Vampire Zsolt grabbed Unihorn's crystal horn and locked the chains to tie up it's head and flame-spitting mouth. He didn't success on the chaining.

Unihorn knocked him away, run to a big tall tree and tried to shook away the chains around it's neck, but there were some Iron-shoes soldiers came to throw out more chains on it. 

Green Knight appeared with waving shining sword, the steel chains were chopped down and dropped.

Vampire Zsolt screamed with anger. Green Knight wasn't hesitated, he chopped down the big chains on Unihorn, then he chapped away most of the chains throwing to him and Unihorn.

When he saw that his sword was sharp enough to chop the steel metal, he was very proud of waving his new weapon, the hand had the sword to fall, the chains and locks fallen to ground pieces by pieces. He also  pushed and kicked away all the soldiers attacked in.

Vampire Zsolt humped with his nose:" New Knight, very good with your new toys? " He signaled his soldiers to step back and stay away.

"Knight Avalon," he raises his palm to Green Knight:" Meet your twin brother! Vampire Avalon, meet your first bite!"

There was a young Vampire appeared under the bats' flapping wings in shadows, he got Avalon's face with fang banging, very pale skin, satin long sleeve shirt with ascot and cross embellishment attached to a button front vest, an iridescent cape with stand up collar attaches to the shoulders with Velcro.

The new vampire seemed a little bit shaky, he was staring blank with a empty soul, moving like a walking corpse, Vampire Zsolt said:" The Tree stole his soul and spirits, put you two separated. How about you join him to make all of you complete into a handsome immortal?!"

Green Knight Avalon couldn't believe what he sees, he lowered his trembling sword, Vampire Zsolt patted the new vampire:" Attack!!"

Vampire shifted forward to charge, Knight Avalon shouted in anguish, he did not wave his sword to the new vampire, he stick his sword directly to Vampire Zsolt.

Out from the shadows in the ground, the huge Leggy Centipede bounced and jumped onto Xúan-Zhùang.

Xúan-Zhùang was so ready to dodge and bump   into the direction he had decided in his mind, it only took him several steps to jump into the door and he slammed the gate.

While Leggy Centipede was crawling beneath the gate to catch him, in the other side of fence, Xúan-Zhùang had already jumped out of the building and run to the different tall buildings.

Vampire Zsolt laughed with the winner gesture, this was a fight he could win without fighting. He shifted backward and turn around.

Green Knight Avalon raised his sword again, then he felt his neck hurt, Vampire Avalon had jumped on his back and bite along his armors  and go through to his neck.

Green Knight Avalon knocked off Vampire Avalon on his back, aimed his sword  sticking  upto Vampire Zsolt's heart.

Zsolt laughed very loud, he jumped up high and flipped flop in the sky, opened his huge bat wing and flew away.

Vampire Avalon grabbed and pulled out a stick-knife, while he jumped like a flying bat, his knife cut Knight Avalon's throat like a hidden razor in hand.

Knight Avalon felt his wound and found no blood but some tree liquid, he showed it to Vampire Avalon:" No blood, sucker!" Vampire Avalon jumped up, but Knight Avalon hit and hurt him hard, Vampire fell down and sat on ground, Knight Avalon didn't approach, he was sad, because he saw that Vampire Avalon had almost knock out by him, and there was bleeding in his mouth and sharpen fangs.

"If?" He said:" If I'm Avalon, who are you?!" he looked confused.

Knight Avalon answered:" The Vampire processed your veins and artery, they made you a Vampire.  he was too sad to talk, close his shaking lips, finished his sentence in thoughts: but the tree save my spirits, they made me a Green Knight.

You are empty soul! Knight Avalon didn't speak it out, close his mouth, only tell it in heart. But Vampire Avalon could heard him, he jumped up and stroked in fierce:" I'm not empty soul!" Threw in full energy, he attacked like a praying mantis operative in a textile mill.

Knight Avalon took his throws calmly, how much can you win?! Can't you see yourself fight like a flying bat hitting a tree?!

Vampire Avalon kept on striking like a blind bat, Knight Avalon signed, he waved his sword and cut sharply. Vampire Avalon was chopped, bled then chopped again.

While Vampire Avalon was still striking with his crutch knife, Knight Avalon chopped and cut until Vampire Avalon was injured over and unable to parry, he moved back and run to escape.

Knight Avalon didn't after him right away, with the mouth closed, he yelled out his thoughts: Run slow so I can follow you, we can figure out how to recover ourselves when we are there!

Vampire Avalon slowed down, did not turn his head back... ...

Xúan-Zhùang was running fast in a very light steps, hope the Leggy Centipede wouldn't follow to catch him.

Sooner he was distracted by a building nearby.

The building is a Christian chapel with a sign in front that says [I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.].

As he wandered toward it, he couldn't understand the English meaning, but he felt safe and secure to step forward.

He heard a familiar voice calling him by his childhood pet name: "Jian 江-Liú 流". (meaning River-Flowing).

Only one woman knew this name. Standing under the sign he saw Xiang-Zhen (meaning Fragrance-Pure), his bride before the West Journey Mission.

"Xiang-Zhen! Ni3 wei4-shen2-mo5 zai4 zhè-li3 ?" (Why you are here?)

"Wo3 ben3-lai2 bu4 zhe-dao4, Dan4 shi4 xiang4-zai4 wo3 zhe-dao4 le5, Kan4 dao4 ni3." (I didn't know, but I know why now, when I see you.)

Then they heard the footsteps sound rushing to come.

It's Tracey' Lilly' and Peaches, Tracey reached out her hand:" Hurry, Xúan-Zhùang ! I will drive you leave here!"

Xúan-Zhùang choose to take Xiang-Zhen's hand and run away from them. 

第 14 回 ﹕美人鱼,珍珠泪;前世今生唤不回

Chapter_14: Return of the Swanmay