Chapter Zero: {American West Journey}: [Addendum of West Journey Supplement Chapter 10]

                [West Journey Supplement]: [Supplement of West Journey Chapter 61]



Relationship among [West Journey 157?]'s [Iron-Fan Princess & Flame Mountain] year 1127' [West Journey Supplement]'s [Mackerel Spirit & Future Mirror] year 1640 and our {American West Journey} year 2010.


Monkey King is an ancient super hero in the most famous novel [West Journey], much like Superman is in the American culture. Monkey King's legacy has been around for over a thousand years, (1,300 years, to be exact.) yet, Superman has only been around for 80 years.

The entire story {American West Journey} unfolds in Monkey King's American Dream: White Dragon in Hollywood' Pigsy in Las Vegas, Friar Sand in White House' Xan-Zhang in Chicago' Monkey King in New York... And The Mackerel Spirit was diabolizing inside Monkey King's dream aside. He lured Monkey King to dream about his teammates visiting American. Each character enters different regions of America, through "The Mirror of Future", which serves as a portal for their journey.


Our novel {American West Journey} ought to be titled [Addendum of West Journey Supplement ], for it follows the 10th chapter [Mackerel Spirit & Future Mirror] of [West Journey Supplement ] written by Dng Shuo in late Mng Dynasty 1640.


While my paralipomena version comes after Dng Shuo's, Dng Shuo's enlarges version is an addition to 61st chapter [Iron-Fan Princess & Flame Mountain] of the original novel [West Journey] written by W-Chng-En in earlier Mng Dynasty.


Year 627, Xan-Zhang ventured himself to a mission of go to the Western Heaven to collect the scriptures because the scriptures in the temples were translated' incomplete and somehow inconsistent.


Xan-Zhang's expedition was so popular that he had become a deified figure in China' Japan' Korea ' India and most of eastern world. People called him Monk Tng.


Containing 100 chapters, Wu's [West Journey] has enjoyed great popularity ever since. Characters like Monk Tng  (Xan-Zhang) , Monkey King (Sun-W-Kong), Pigsy (Zhu-W-Nng), Friar Sand (Sha-W-Jng) and White-Dragon Horse (o ng) are well-loved legendary figures. All these characters (except Xan-Zhang) are all superheroes. Although at the time there were no TVs or Movies, the legacy of these stories continue to live.


Monkey King was conceived by a fairy stone in the Flower-Fruit Mountain , The monkeys crowned him for he discovered the most fancy kingdom under the waterfall. In order to compete with the lifespan of heaven and earth and achieve immortality, Monkey King left home and was apprenticed to Bodhi' thus named Sun-W-Kong meaning "Pondering on emptiness". Bodhi taught him how to flew and ride on his tumbler cloud. After he obtained the powerful golden cudgel, a gift from Dragon King of the East Sea, he immediately claimed himself a saint that enjoyed equal power with heaven.


Later, Monkey King had to be pressed under W-Hng Mountain for 500 years for stirring up trouble in the heavenly palace, waiting for Xan-Zhang release him to the West Journey mission.


Monk Tng, Originally called Xan-Zhang, became a monk when he was 13.


That Monk Tng (Xan-Zhang) actually had a fiancee' was actually a known fact to people in his hometown, Stories go that as a young boy, Chng Hui (Xan-Zhang was his monk name) had married Xiang-Zhen, daughter of his mother's bosom friend X. (Qn Emperor had chained most of young men to build the Great Wall, then Si Emperor had slaved whole country's men to dig the tunnel rivers flowing countrywide, to avoid these kind of labor, kids got married very young in those ages.)


At age 13, the couple went to watch the Emperor Su's Flower Boat cruise down south. Xiang-Zhen was kidnapped on the spot.


Tormented by this loss, Xan-Zhangwandered into the Temple Of Pure Earth where he became a monk.


17 years later on his way to the West, Xiang-Zhen suddenly emerged. Failing to persuade Xan-Zhang to resume a secular life, Xiang-Zhen swore to wait for him forever.


(In our {American West Journey} chapter 5 and 11, Xiang-Zhen will meet Xan-Zhang after he said "I do" to a 17 years blond girl Emily Greens .)


Xuan-Zhuang set off for the West to collect the scriptures from Chng-An. he worked off the incantation on Monkey King and took him as a disciple.


White-Dragon Horse was caught in the Eagle-Scared Ravine. o ng, Originally the son of Dragon King in the West Sea, he committed arson and burned the bright pearls. For this crime he was sentenced to death but later rescued by Buddha, who turned him into a horse to serve Monk Tng.


Pigsy was captured on Mountain F-Li . Named Zhu-W-Nng "Searching for Abilities", Pigsy was originally a marshal of Water God in the Milky Way. After assailing and harassed the Moon Goddess at the Fairy Peach Party while he was drunk, the marshal was demoted onto the earth and turned into the form of a pig.

Like Pigsy, Friar Sand also used to be Convolution General in Ti-Yǐ Temple. . He was demoted onto the earth and fell into Flowing Sands River for breaking Ti-Yi lantern on the crystal glass roof at the Fairy Peach Party. His Buddhist name was W-Jng "Trying To Comprehend Purity ".


Chapter 40 to 42, Monkey King was burned on Mountain Ha, Bodhisattva captured the Red Child- son of Princess Iron-Fan and Ox King.


Chapter 59 to 61 of [West Journey] is the story of [Flame Mountain], Monk Tng and his team stopped at Mountain Flame, where they saw no trace of living things. The whole mountain was covered by fire. To pass through, they had to borrow the palm-leaf Iron-Fan belonging to Princess Iron-Fan , wife of Ox King.


Unfortunately, Monkey King had earlier captured their son, the Red Child, whom Budhisattva had taken in as a finance boy. The Princess remembered that incident and therefore refused to lend them the fan.


Monkey King changed himself into an insect and hid among the tea leaves. Once he got into the Princess's stomach, he started to move around violently until she could no longer bear the pain. Finally, she agreed to lend her fan.


(Monkey King got into the Iron-Fan Princess's stomach to force her to agree to lend her fan in the Mountain Flame chapter. As a result of this action, in our {American West Journey}, Chapter preface, Iron-Fan Princess asks Dr.Sun to delivery her baby son to the father. Chapter 7 and 12, Monkey King lost his new born, and rescued the Monkey Prince from the future hell.)

The story of [Western Journey] was so successful that most novelist tried to out do Wu's version, but to no avail until Dng Shuo's [West Journey Supplement] was published 400 years ago. The plots are continued from [Western Journey]'s [Flame Mountain]. After Monk Tng and his team passed through Mountain Flame, they rested under a Peony tree, where they encounter the most vicious demon known as Mackerel Spirit, the "Lust Demon".


In [West Journey], the team had fight more than 100 demons, but in [West Journey Supplement], there was only one demon in the whole story: Mackerel Spirit.


Mackerel Spirit's capacity overwhelmed Monkey King's by 10 times. He had a huge body with its head and feet stretching from Mountain Kun-Ln to the star of Mystery. He exercised great power of manipulation. (Picture it and imagine that Monkey King is dreaming, and Mackerel is watching aside, just like an monkey with ant's size is dreaming, and a fish of mountain size's head is watching aside.)


Mackerel Spirit was actually a spirit of desire, often appearing in invisible forms. It had potentials of attacking anyone during his various emotional states: sad, happy or hesitant. It could also attack anyone from a distance. Once the desire attached itself on someone, it would remain there eternally.


Being aware that it wasn't easy to attack Monkey King when he was sober, Mackerel Spirit planned to sneak into his dream and take advantage of his sexual desire. Once aroused, Monkey King would indulge in passionate imagination and sexual pleasure, which would make him a vulnerable victim.

[West Journey Supplement] emphasizes Monkey King's dreams and his sexual desire.


As the team moved away from Mountain Flame, they stopped at a mountain path covered by fallen flowers. A peony tree immediately caught everyone's attention.


Just then, a group of youngsters emerged and provoked them. Being free from passion, Monkey King killed all of them. A while later, he turned compassionate and wrote a message of condolence. Then he felt confused and let his dream sneak in.


So Monkey King felled into dream in chapter.1 of [West Journey Supplement] already. (and in our {American West Journey} is nothing but Monkey's American Dream through Future Mirror.)


In the dream, Monkey King hit a green stone and fell down at a bright entrance. What stood in front of him was a glazed pagoda walled by precious mirrors, about ten thousand of them.


The mirrors differed in sizes and shapes. Monkey King saw a stele carved with the words "Ancient World".


He wanted to obtain the Mountain Banishing Bell from the Emperor of the Qn Dynasty  so that the bell could flatten the journey to the West. Monkey King was so absorbed in the thought that he merged into the mirror.


Monkey King found out that Qn Emperor was staying in the Mystery World, located in front of the Future Mirror. When they strolled to the Jade Gate, Monkey King broke away and rolled into the Future Mirror.


Two young boys stopped him and told him about Yama's sudden death, then dragged him into the Gate of Hell act as temporary Yama until the new Yama arrived.


Monkey King took off his robe and left the Gate of Hell for the Mystery World. There he met a self-claimed "New Ancient " who could not go back into Ancient World, had to stay and open a restaurant business. Monkey King then asked him how could he return to Blue Green World so that he could continue accompanying Monk Tng to the West Journey.


The New Ancient answered: "Trace your way back. The way you came is the way you leave." He pushed Monkey King as his last word fell.


The push of The New Ancient pushed Monkey King into another Future Mirror, which opened the beginning of our novel {American West Journey}. (I divide it into 3 movies.)

Here is the outline of the 12 chapters of [movie 1: American West Journey, Monkey King's American Dream]:

chapter_00 preface, (Iron-Fan Princess in Los Angeles Earth quake)

Los Angeles in 2012, a huge earthquake hits and Dr. Shin Sun thinks 
he is the only one alive......


Iron-Fan Princess asks him to delivery her newborn baby son to the Father.


Dr.Sun's soul flew away with Princess's baby riding the Iron-Fan , didn't realize that he was dead in earthquake. (Most new death never realize the death in the beginning.)


Princess transforms herself into Dr.Sun's corpse, acts and talks  as  Dr.Sun's twin brother 'Hemit Sun' so she can take care of her baby DAUGHTER that her enemy can't find and endanger her daughter.


'Hermit' called and informed Shin's co-worker Robert and Debra to go to Deep Wide Mine to dig for Ti-Yǐ crystal.

chapter_01, (White Dragon in Hollywood)'

White Dragon wakes up to find himself on the set of a Hollywood movie 
production, and he realizes he has stepped into the shoes of a 


Everybody was amazed by Dragon's performance in front of camera. The director cancelled the shooting to rewrite the script for Dragon.


Director want Jeff to guide Dragon since he acted like a totally stranger (Nobody ever realize that Dragon come from 1,000 years ago!)


Earthquake unearthed Deep Wide gold mine from hundred years ago, Dragon and Jeff bumped into 4th dimension's time zone from past.

Debra and Robert found the Ti-Yǐ crystal there, Jeff's great grand uncle, pitman Jeff's  ghost from Deep Wide Mine parked into Ti-Yǐ crystal and go home with Debra.


Jerrod and Dennis try to kill Dragon for he is big threat for their actor career.


Leggy Centipede tricked Dragon into helping her to grab Ant Queen's fragrance  cyst.


Jerrod and Dennis framed drugs into Dragon's pocket and sent him into jail. Ant Queen appeared as Dragon's mother to get him out of jail and trouble.

Returning to the saga off White Dragon, in his new identity he proceeds to become hot shot in Hollywood.


Ant Queen demand him to find her fragrance Cyst back from Leggy (Leggy Centipede). Ant Queen and Leggy have fight in wrapped party for the Cyst. Dragon and Ant Queen got lost in Leggy Centipede's shoe storage room for Leggy Centipede owns over 5,000 of shoes.

Leggy Centipede tricked Dragon to grab the Smart Computer's Unihorn Ti-Yǐ crystal Horn from White House.


Donkeys and Elephants appear to grab the Unihorn Ti-Yǐ crystal Horn and disappear.


How dragon died? On drug overdose? (ideas based on Bruce Lee) because he couldn't take the stress? (He become famous and all men want to fight him so they can be proved to be the best fighter than Dragon, and women want to sleep with him so they could become the hero's wife.) or got killed in movie studio? (ideas based on Bruce Lee's son, Brandon Lee)


'Leggy Centipede ' image comes from Filipino ex-president's wife, she used to be a movie star when she married the president, people found out that she owned over 5,000 shoes. 'Ant Queen' image come from some woman's character. The producer is a 'octopus', and I get the biggest problem about this character, if I make him EVILS, then no movie producer is going to make my fiction into movie?

chapter_02 (Pigsy in Las Vegas):

Pigsy finds himself dancing in a musical stage production, and 
eventually comes to find he is in
Las Vegas.


Pigsy won Jackpot and rescue Widow Betty from the slot machine's cage.


After became millionaire, Widow Betty bought off her daughter Goldie's Jewelry Company, then fired Goldie's Jewelry Designer's position, told her that she could become the boss and President of her company if she come to Las Vegas to pick up her home, but the condition is: she need to make Pigsy realized that Las Vegas is most dangerous, Widow Betty would only go home if Pigsy go home with her too, and she had already deposit half of her money in Pigsy's name, Pigsy could only have the money when he come to Betty's hometown.


Goldie come to show Pigsy the saving account her mom want her to open for him, Pigsy still refuse to leave Las Vegas, he think:" If u know that I'm actually have super power, u would agree with me that nothing can hurt me, Las Vegas is the paradise for me!"


Pigsy asked Goldie that if she ever saw the Ti-Yi crystal.

Goldie said that nobody even know how to say the correct pronunciation, it's a old time crystal from legend, nobody see it over decade.

Pigsy told her that it seed from heaven's Ti-Yi lantern, It doesn't look pretty as jewelry, but it's precious. Hardest outside and softest inside to hold everything,  let him know if she get any.


Friar Sand told Mrs.Mosley :"you may find a crystal which will help Marshal Pigsy to save his face in Indian casino." (from awj chapter.3)


Mrs. Mosley showed her Crystal and asked Goldie if she know any 'Marshal Pigsy' in Casino.

Pigsy was surprised that the crystal was so handy, but he couldn't tell her that he is 'The Marshal Pigsy'.


Goldie paid to offer Mrs.Mosley to stay with her  for that she might know where is this Marshal Pigsy.


Pigsy still believe nothing could ever hurt him at all in Las Vegas, refused the offer.


Goldie meet bigger problem,  her boyfriend Tom (surgeon boyfriend) won $7,000 in one evening.


Emily and Werewolf performing on the stage, Pigsy re-appeared into their show.

Mafia kidnapped Indian's chief son Red Eagle to force the Chief sign to let Vampire co-own the Indian's Casino in Arizona Reserved area.

Pigsy saved the Chief's son.


Tom go back to the gambling table, and lost all money in one day, he over-charged and withdraw his hospital fund, Hospital fired him over the phone.

Tom never said anything about his losing Hospital to anybody.


We need a good story about how Pigsy can not enjoy his fortune and sex because his Pigsy head will be bumping out whenever he is about to have a orgasm. 


We also need a good story about when Pigsy park his super power into the Crystal so he can become a regular human being, great looking man and own tons of money from casino to enjoy them all with a orgasm, what kind of problem, and how he got killed after losing his super power.

chapter_05 (Monk Tάng in Chicago)


Xan-Zhang is the only character who doesn't speak English, for he doesn't have any super power, he is just a regular human, a monk volunteered himself to collect the scriptures from the west.


Emily Greens got problems with her father got Veronica , her high school sweetheart's sister pregnant, then her mom got pregnant with Cliff , Emily 's sweetheart. They are all in Basket  ball team, her father own sport store and sponsor the team.


She promised herself that she will marry to a perfect husband who totally listen to her in her 18 years birthday.


She met and taught Xan-Zhang the only words that she want him to say: "I do" on her 18 years birthday. The legal age to get married.


Avalon is in a protest, not to let Vampires business who bought the land and want to cut the big old green tree.


After the green tree wedding, everybody appeared in Wedding night.


Lilly and Peaches sneaked in as a naughty lesbian acts, had all their fun to  the newly wedded.

Veronica waited in their bath when Emily tried to take  Xan-Zhang into shower. Veronica advised Emily not to make any stupid thing just because the    Emily 's father started the all the disaster on Veronica.

Cliff climb to their department and begged Emily to quit all the nonsense and eloped with him.


Leggy Centipede appeared to catch Xan-Zhang, Green Knight came to rescue.

Xan-Zhang found out that Green Knight had exactly Avalon's face, Xan-Zhang was horrified, he tried to ask if Avalon was died.

Surprisingly, Green Knight could understand him: "Vampire sucked my blood and snatch my body, tried to make me one of them, but the tree saved my soul, I'm one of Green Knight now."

Green Knight took Xan-Zhang to escape from Leggy Centipede, Xan-Zhang finally saw a couple of Asian face, he finally hear somebody speaking Chinese, he followed them to subway and followed them to Chinatown.

In Chinatown, there have Temple, there have church.

There was sign of "I'm the True, I'm the Way. "

Under the sign, Xan-Zhang met Xiang-Zhen. His fiance before the West Journey Mission.

We need a good story about what will happen to the monk and his TWO WIVES at the end of the [movie 1]

chapter_04 (Friar Sand to paint White House brown)
We meet
Friar Sand in his new American identity. 'Wugene' just come back from Africa (he was there for soul searching seriously for the meaning of life.)


Friar Sand told everybody that even he looks exactly like 'Wugene', but he was never Wugene. (He did not even know how to explain this: He got Wugene's face from nine shrunken skulls hanging on his necklace in [West Journey], while he was punished to wait for his [West Journey] mission call, a guy with same face of 'Wugene' tried to pass through the Flowing Sands River and died 9 times in those hundred years. )


June Summer invited him to join her Presidential Campaign (to replace Richard Bragg 's vice-presidential candidate) because Friar Sand showed that he can predict the future.


Friar Sand told Mrs.Mosley: "you may find a crystal which will help Marshal Pigsy to save his face in Indian casino."


North Carolina, Greensboro  small town with big wide open hill GreenMoun, NC university have their National High School football tournament every year.

Richard Bragg took Friar Sand' Eugen's sister' and little girl Katrina' Mrs. Mosley'  to the ball game, and told him one weird tradition:  The national football game always predict the presidential election. If the ivy league team win the game, Democrat win the election, else the Conservative win the White House.

Richard Bragg asked Friar Sand that what he could see in the game field?

Friar Sand saw nothing particular in the field, but he saw there were group of Donkey fighting group Elephant in the GreenMoun far away, and the Donkey and Elephant's fighting seems remote control the ball game players in game field...

Nobody but Sandy able to see the Donkeys and Elephants fighting,

Little niece Katrina yelled: "Uncle Wugene, then u need to help to let the Donkeys win!"


"Because we are Donkey party."

Donkeys and Elephants were fighting over a huge crystal horn. It's actually a friendly football game, and the crystal horn was the ball for competion.

Pitman Jeff's ghost yelled to Mrs. Mosley: "Give crystal to the girl Katrina, I will win the Unihorn's horn!"

Mrs. Mosley gave her crystal to Katrina.

Katrina and Friar Sand ride on Donkey Captain to win the Crystal Horn.

Vampire and Iron-Shoe Soldiers came to grab the Crystal Horn.

Monkey King' Dragon and Pigsy came to rescue.

Friar Sand told Monkey that he remember how the Hell operate, if they could get the baby's body back from Vampire's DNA robot Lab, he could try to help Monkey to get the baby's soul back from the Hell.


(Friar Sand is fighting Vampire and Leggy Centipede in New Orelean in fire and flame in movie 1, I need a story about how he win the Presidential election in movie 2, then later, how he got killed in movie 3.)

chapter_07 (Monkey King in New York). the final chapter with the final story outline at end.


Dr.Sun delivery the baby boy to Monkey King.


Vampire Zsolt collects the best human being's body for the DNA to reproduce the human robot. Monkey's son is supposed to be the best DNA sample.

Leggy Centipede spurtedMonkey King with Ant Queen's cyst fragrance, thousand of Iron-Shoes Solider robots  kept gathering to attack Monkey King, in spite of how powerful Monkey King was, he can not beat thousands and thousand of soldiers, he saw his baby son was killed in the fight, and vampire took the baby's body.

Libby (nobody know she is actually Lady Liberty until movie 3) told Monkey King that the only way to beat those robots come in thousand is to gain the control of Ant Queen's fragrance cyst.

Libby push Monkey King into pools so the robots can't smell to attack again.

Monkey King flew out the pool, shakes and dried himself in the middle of sky, when he landed his foot on the earth, he laughed in tears:" Nobody beats Monkey King! I'm going to hell and rescue my son back. Did anybody know where the entry of hell in this zone is?"

"Only the ghosts know" Libby said.

Dr. Sun said:" I will go with you, I will help! You see, I still have the Fan, it will carry us everywhere. "Monkey King glanced him in surprised, Dr. Sun seemed to say that he didn't even know he is a ghost?!

Friar Sand said: I used to work there as Exam and inspector with  Yama of Dharma wheel, he came from other galaxy, the earthling souls never over 6,000 years old than him, so he still need to work there until the earth has it's own yama to help him and take over,

he has 4 UFO, one UFO is the Dharma Wheel we need to get in. We need to greet the 1st Yama, The Equality Yama, he is right under the sea, and he is nice going, welcome and treat all soul equal, then I will drive the Dragon to get us directly into 9th Yama, all the horrors hell are all there, we won't get into Dharma Wheel UFO if we don't find the 10th entry there.

So we need to greet other Yamas too?

Noooo, we sneak in all the way, those Yamas never let u do or get anything in your way at all.

Monkey follow Green Knight and get into hell.

They got into 18th Hell, the deepest level

Dragon always blocked the gate open wide so Monkey king and others could enter the Hades

Friar Sand used to be hell angel and hell officer, he knew the way to each Hade.

they finally got into the 10th Hades, Samsara Yama's palace.

watching the rotary cycle of samsara whirl, monkey king found that everybody got his own gear wheel except himself, he could see how Pigsy and Friar Sand and Dragon's gear wheels linked and rotated to each other, but he could not find his own gear wheel?!

he seemed to find a monkey's gear, but when he traced back to see the past history of this gear wheel, there was no beginning of this gear?! when he tried to see the beginning of this gear, hr always see the monkey was sleeping and dreaming, and there was a Mackerel was watching aside?

that's not the beginning of his life, he was supposed to see the monkey was conceived from a fairy stone, he was supposed to see the stone monkey learn and gained the super power

but all he see was a monkey was sleeping, and a Mackerelwas watching?

Watching time zone whirling in the front, Jeff Ghost in the crystal talking Dr.Sun to decide to jump themselves  back to the ages of the gold rush, so Dr.Sun can help his grant great uncle to develop a better 'smart computer'.

Dr.Sun promised Monkey that they would go back to change the history to develop a super power robot, and come back to help monkey saving his baby son.

Dr.Sun jump into the back ages of the gold rush and the ghost mine.

Monkey King waited, it didn't seemed that they have changed the past history and back.

 Iron-Fan Princess appears to help Monkey King find their son in the time zone whirl.  she found her baby girl's gear whirl, Emilyng back the girl's past, Monkey found the baby boy's gear. and saw iron-shoe soldiers snatch him into DNA lab.

Swirling himself in thousand times light speed, he get to see the time changing and travel in speed. then he realized that why Dr.Sun couldn't make it happen, everything was so soon and flashing so fast, no human being able to do it.

But he is the Monkey King, the super hero! Can he do it?!

By confuse and mistake, he got his son back in TEENAGER age.

END of Movie I [American West Journey: Monkey King's American Dream]



Hallmark Entertainment productions [The Lost Empire /A.K.A. The Monkey King]

Hallmark production [Monkey King]


Up to the current, there r lots of comics and Japanese cartoon [West Journey]

Japanese Cartoon [West Journey]


West Journey sculptures in Las Vegas's China Town.

Las Vegas China Town [West Journey] sculpture





Actually, the main CHARACTER appearing in [the movie 1] is Ti-Yǐ crystal ! Here is the over-all story outline of the Ti-Yǐ crystal:


1. Friar Sand broke Ti-Yǐ crystal lantern while Monkey King rioted the Heaven, the pieces drop into earth's Deep Wide Gold Mine.


2.Dr.Sun's grand grand father as a miner during California gold rush, found the Ti-Yǐ crystal  and gave it to his son.


3.Vampire closed down Deep Wide Mine for he want the total control of the mine, he didn't want the gold, he want the Ti-Yǐ crystal.


4. Dr.Sun invented and developed the Smart Computer with his co-worker Dr.Robert, sold it to White House as the top national secret.


5.Earthquake unearth the Deep Wide Mine, Robert found spare Ti-Yǐ crystal, a miner ghost rest in Ti-Yǐ crystal .


6.The ghost in Ti-Yǐ crystal  came into  Mrs. Mosley's hand.


7. Mrs. Mosley took the Crystal to win the FOOTBALL game of Elephants and Donkeys.


8. Mrs. Mosley took the  Crystal to Casino, Pigsy used it to park his Pig soul and immortal power so he could enjoy the life without Pig head bumping out.


9.Seeing Monkey King tried to rescue his son from the hell, Dr.Sun decided that he should go back to the past to redesign Smart Computer, also reverse his fate of death in earthquake, he jumped into PAST with the Ghost in Crystal.