comics00Preface: Awaken in The Big One

Earth is still again. The awful shaking was over.

Somewhere in the darkness a dog is howling. Then it stops.


Dr. Shin Sun stands high above the city contemplating the skyline from the terrace of his high-rise. He can see for miles. He seems almost serene as he looks out upon the wreckage. An enormous vein of gold had been exposed by the temblor.

"It can't be what it looks like" he says to himself.

Tài-Yǐ crystal!

Shin is losing himself in his thoughts when a voice startled him.

iron-fan princess


(His Chinese name is called correctly with the family name 'Sun' being the first.)


"Shin Sun,"

"the earthquake has revealed to you the hiding place of the great golden lode."


"Who are you?"


"I am Princess Iron Fan,"

"I know your great grandfather. It was he who found the crystal in the days he worked for the railroad. Shin Sun, I know your desire,"


"I will help you to obtain more crystals, but you must deliver my baby to his father for me."

West Journey was the epic of Xúan-Zhùang who went in search of wisdom during the Táng Dynasty around 600 A.D. To further his quest he enlisted the help of a hero known as the Monkey King and formed a fellowship. Shin recalls that the fellowship included other characters called White Dragon, Pigsy, and Friar Sand.


"This is nuts," (he thinks.) "That was a story, a fiction written over 1300 years ago!" (Shin stares at his airborne messenger and thought) "Impossible. She's got to be some kind of hallucination or psychic glitch induced by the trauma of natural disaster."


"Monk Xúan-Zhùang and his fellows traveled to the Mountain of Flame. In order to pass through it, they fought with me. They wrested my palm-leaf fan and used it to quench the mountain's fire."

"Now, with a mother's sorrow, I must tell you that I can no longer keep my child."


"I can't believe this," (Shin thought.) "She's running on about a 'Mountain of Flame' and the birth of a baby that was supposed to have taken place in the year one thousand something like it was yesterday and this is twenty......"


"This is the year two thousand twelve,"


"My God, she's finishing my thoughts for me. Is she actually reading my mind? " (Shin forms the questions mentally.) "Where are Xúan-Zhùang and the fellowship now? Aren't they supposed to have finished their journey to the west one thousand years ago?"


"After they left the Mountain of Flame, they came forward in time to this place, America, through the crystal mirror of the future. Xúan-Zhùang is now in Chicago, Monkey King is in New York. Friar Sand is on his way to the White House. Pigsy has gone to Las Vegas, and White Dragon is in Hollywood."


"This is starting to get more than a little creepy," (He is having a wordless conversation with a thousand year-old fantasy woman floating in mid-air.) "I must be dreaming."

He glances up at the Princess to see her nodding in agreement. Shin breaks out in a cold sweat. The princess hesitates. She hasn't the heart to tell him the thing he would want to know next. His tone softened:


"Who is the father? Which one of the fellowship was he?" (Shin wondered silently.) "Is he The White Dragon?" "No, it can't be White Dragon,"

Shin concludes. Princess Iron-Fan is still following his thoughts, but says nothing.



"What about Pigsy? "

"What about Friar Sand?" "No, Friar Sand cannot be the father," (though Shin.) "But then if not him, who? And why am I- "

Shin aims his thought directly at Princess Iron Fan.


"Why am I the one to deliver your baby to its father?"


"My son will not wake until he is delivered into his father's hands, when his eyes open again, everyone will know who his father is."

Bewildered, Shin speaks aloud,


"Princess, you are immortal. You have extraordinary powers. Why can't you deliver the baby yourself?"


"If I can do that, I will keep him and rear him," (she replies with a trace of bitterness.)

The palm-leaf blows Shin off the railing into the air and drags him back into its wake. Effortlessly it catches Dr.Sun, but Shin's landing was surprisingly hard.


"That really hurt, even if I am dreaming. This is no soft magic carpet," he complains.

The Princess laughed a little at Shin's clumsiness.


"The Iron-Fan will accompany you until you understand why it is that you were chosen."

Shin reaches out and embraces the baby, who still in deep sleep.

The princess keeps her eyes on the fan until it vanishes into the horizon.


Time is running out. It is almost dawn.

Princess Iron-Fan sighs and begin her long, slow descent to the ground.

When her feet touches the bottom of the circle she spots the thing she is looking for. It's the Tài-Yǐ crystal glowing faintly in the dark.

The princess stops to retrieve the crystal. Then turning to Dr.Sun's corpse, she kneels gently beside him, takes his hand, and wraps his dead fingers around the stone. A moment later the body begin to regenerate. Broken bones straightened and healed. Wounds closes and abrasions fades.

The princess takes the crystal out of his hand and inserted it under Shin's tongue. Color returns to Shin's face:


"Shin, you thought this small piece was just a left-over? You were wrong, this is the crystal root, it come out by itself when you tried to cut it."

Unexpectedly, a cellular phone begin to ring. The princess hesitates and keeps listening, a baby crying in her back, she raises her fingers and twirling to aim to her back, a crying baby girl dressed in pink appeares from her back and falls into her arms, she is waken by the cell phone ring.

Holding and hushing the baby girl wrapped in pink, guides by the sound of a cell phone preset musical tone; the princess finds it tucked into Shin's breast pocket.

She takes it out and looked at it curiously. It continued to ring. Perplexed, she holds it away from herself and circles her finger around the case.

She frowns and knits her brows, the electromagnetism waves are so harmful and all fill full of the air! No where to escape!

She listens carefully to find among millions of voices in simultaneous conversations the right one:


"Hello, Shin? Are you there? We heard the news about the quake early this morning. Did it hit your building? Are you all right? Shin, this is Debra. Robert and I are a couple of nervous wrecks wondering if you're o.k."


sun, hermit (IRON-FAN PRINCESS)

"Debra" (answers the princess, hoarsely mimicking Shin Sun's baritone.) "Wait, please."

Princess Iron-Fan then sprays herself over Dr.Sun's lifeless body, first touching her forehead to his, and then merging her entire body into his. Shin's eyes opens, immediately holds up the baby girl into his arms. He sits up reaching for the cell phone. It flies immediately to his palm. Now he understand its operation.


"Debra," (HE says, this time in Shin's authentic voice,) "this is Hermit."


"Who?" (The voices in the air switches into cell phone, became more clear.)

Sun looks at cell phone in highly praise:


"It is Hermit Sun. Shin's twin brother. He must have told you about me. Listen, can you put Robert on the phone? I got a message from Shin."

The doctor waits briefly. Then a voice comes on the line.


"This is Robert."


"Hi, I'm Shin's brother, Hermit. There's a hell of a lot that's happened around here, but promised Shin I'd get his message to you. He's out on urgent delivery right now."


"What is it?"


"He wanted me to tell you to struck gold!

"The Deep Wide gold mine and the Titanium-Yttrium Crystal are unearthed by the quake..."



They hang up.

The baby girl stops crying and started gouging, watching Sun's face to smell him.

The princess holding her baby girl looked into the far, far place of Los Angeles.

The sunlight seems to start gathering and coming back for the new day.


L.A. earthquake, Princess Iron-Fan asked Shin Sun to deliver her baby to the father.

And who was the father?! He could be White Dragon? Pigsy? Friar Sand? Xúan-Zhùang﹖or Monkey King? (The West Journey team of 5, they all had contacts with Iron-Fan Princess while they were inFlame Mountain.)

Dragon became a Kung-Fu movie star in Hollywood, even he didn't know what is the movie.

Pigsy won the jackpot for Widow Betty in Las Vegas.

Leggy Centipede used Dragon to seize the vial from Ant Queen.

Everybody showed up on Shin Sun's funeral, including himself.

Friar Sand became the vice presidential candidate.

The monk learn his first English words 'I do', but he didn't learn it's his wedding.

Monkey King lost his baby son upon the delivery.

Ant Queen failed to use Dragon to get her vial back. Everybody had a party over Leggy Centipede's thousand pairs of shoes.

The Octopus producer dragged White Dragon to west ocean, to let him see what's happening in his Dragon Kingdom.

Everybody go to his Honeymoon, except himself.

The surgeon lost his hospital on gamble. Pigsy won half of Indian Casino, he finally lost himself when Night Queen coronated him.

Friar Sand won the game for Donkeys Demos against Elephants Repas.

The monk had 2 wives. Leggy Centipede cursed his wedding night with fireworks in their bedroom

Mermaid' Swanmay' Werewolf' Vampire' Phoenix and Dragon, everybody danced to the New King of Night

Finally the West Journey team got reunion and pioneered into Hell to rescue the Monkey Prince, Monkey King had perfect chance to observe the transmigration Global to see the beginning of his story, exactly how did his life get to this situation?

Watching time zone whirling in the front, he reached to see the left end of his own Global, he did not see his own conception from a fairy stone. Neither of his acquisition of super powers, neither of how he havoc in Heaven and punished to be in the West Journey mission.

All he sees was himself asleep and dreaming under a plum tree, with a Green Fish waiting aside, and staring at him.

Also, from the past of Reincarnation, he saw that him used to be Shin Sun, and Shin Sun was him.

Monkey King rescued his son from future hell.