Flashing lights everywhere now, Monkey King then sees the Lady Liberty. Such a sky-crafting status.


A starry headband, huge robe, holding a huge book under arm, his eyes keen in on the woman. He decides that this was the Buddha of the west. The Book that she is carrying must be the scriptures that Xúan-Zhùang and his four fellowships (White Dragon' Pigsy' Friar Sand' Monkey King) that are on their way, must have been looking for all along. His eyes light up. lb      

There was nothing Monkey King can't do! He flies higher and calculates the distance and staring at the book cover, then he lands to drag the book cover again.

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Something from the status's torch hit him?! Then he drops down from the sky, he feels frustrated.




He then manages to sly around and he scares the tourists.




It's a street for the tourists to form some lines to see the Lady Liberty's status.



When he fully landed he sees a woman that came up to him a grin upon her face:


"Stop monkey around!"


Monkey king (Sun Wù-Kong)

This is a human lady looked so resemble, exactly same as the status up high in the sky? Sun Wù-Kong compares two faces of the huge status and this lady:

"Who are you, are you? the BOOK-KEEPER?"


She is holding the book in her hand and a flash light in her hand.


"My name is Libby." She tells him. "I am the library keeper." She laughs. "Book keeper?!"


Monkey King struggles to get up on the ground, and a little dog comes to bite him.

A lady (dog owner)

"Toto stop it!"



The monkey points out his finger and he pushes his negative power, the dog pauses. Then he pushes the positive power out of his finger and the dog started to come to life again barking.
The dog comes back after him. He runs, then he takes out his left hand finger. He starts to push negative then positive streams making the dog stop and go, stop then start to bark again.

The tourists enjoy the show, they laugh in Wooo, WO! Waa. They applaud as they watch.

an old lady

(The old lady was actually very curvy, only showing aging wrinkles in her face, shining jewelry, slender legs and voluptuous breast, very long eyelashes.)

(dragging her husband away in a very annoying tone:) "Let's get out of here, it's a danger ape!"

her husband

(shouted from the sidelines:) "Hey, you crazy monkey, do my wife!"

Monkey king (Sun Wù-Kong) pointed to the old lady, then she paused. Sun Wù-Kong pointed again.

old lady

(came back to yelling and annoying again:)

"Let's go! Let's get out of h..." (Sun Wù-Kong paused her and activated her again.) "H...ere." (she got silent now.)

The children

( found this entertaining and they cheered him on. They want him to do it again. )
"Do him! Do him!" (the kids pointed to each other.)

an old woman

(rushed up behind him.) "Stop that you!" (she said and she hits him with her purse.)

The Monkey stopped his antics.

She was disguised, although she still was the Dragon Millipede. She had beautiful green eyes and long eye lashes like daggers. Though she had many legs she's managed to conceal them. But he could see through her disguise. He knew it by the way that she acted and moved. Her sharp movements, turned into an easy rhythm.

The old lady run after Monkey King. The old man tried to do the same magic to his wife, but it didn't work. She frowned at him.

The woman got mad and she rushed up to Monkey King. She took out the veal and sprayed Monkey king with it. The water came with a scent to it, like sandalwood and gill fungus.


Watched from afar, Libby felt fishy about the fragrance.

the old man

The old man laughed, and revealed his fang a little bit.

"Monkey King!" all of sudden there was one voice knowing his name and calling him?! Sun Wù-Kong rose up his ears; it seemed actually a voice into his ears? And nobody heard except him?!


"Sun Wù-Kong, I have a delivery for you, come to take you son!"

monkey king

The voice went on. Sun Wù-Kong did not see Libby's face behind him, Libby seemed to hear the calling too.

Monkey King went off to the dungeons to the left.


There in darkness he saw that flying down the magic Iron-Fan , holding a baby in the arm, Dr, Sun was delivering the baby. Baby floating and fly to Monkey King's arms.

Sun Wù-Kong watched over as this was happening. The baby started to cry. And Sun Wù-Kong didn't know what to do.


"Who are you?" (appears behind in a sudden.)

Monkey King

"You don't know who I am?! (was insulted.) I am Monkey King. Eight hundred years ago I have fought the Jade Emperor. I almost became the emperor of the south heavens." (He acts as a superhero:) "I am Sun Wù-Kong. Monkey King."


"Alright, whoever you say you are, but you don't even know why your baby is crying."

She was right, Monkey King realized, that with his power he could shook up the heavens and make the weather change but he could not figure out why his baby was crying so.


"Babies cry because they cannot talk." "All you need to do is to figure out what kind of cry is that."


"What kind of cry is this?!"( Sun Wù-Kong repeated in a helpless tone, he had no clue at all, and the crying baby was too soft to hold. )


"It's a happy cry because your son has found you." (Dr.Sun helped and told him.)


"Hey, hey, here, here, what's your name...?"

Sun Wù-Kong pats the baby then the baby opens his eyes, it's exactly the same eyes with Monkey King. Shinning and most bright, the fire eyeballs and the golden pupils!

No Earthling was supposed to have such eyes. Only Sun Wù-Kong got this kind of eyes because he stole and ate most of the panacea pills form the Heaven Pharmacy.


"Monkey Prince!!"

Sun Wù-Kong raised up his baby son proudly, at this moment he realized everything come to sense now, what's the meaning of his life? He didn't have to be a Heaven Emperor, he didn't even need to accomplish his West Journey mission anymore, he was proud and satisfied, he got a son!

But the baby started to cry again, and this time his crying had a different tone to it.

When he hears his baby crying Sun Wù-Kong became helpless again with emotion for his baby.

Libby signed, and sighs again.

Monkey King raised up his son so high and listen and study his son in his sky high arms, the baby still crying, Monkey King still lift baby up high, listen and observing...


"It's a RELEASE CRY." Libby finally said.


"Yes how do you mean?"


"From his diaper, he needs to get changed."

Monkey King put down the baby and unpacks the diapers, then a water pole springs up to his face. Monkey King shook out the water pisses in his eyes, stared and screaming in a proud voice.


"Boy!! It's a boy!"( Monkey King showing off his baby son to Libby:) "Look! It's a boy!"


"Dry him, and feed him!"

Libby yelled back.

Monkey King

stopped and became helpless again:) "Got milk?"

he took a glance at Libby's chest and look away. )


"No! Find your own milk!"

monkey king

(Monkey King felt disappointed:) "What a waste! No milk over such enormous knockers."


"Watch out! Monkey King!" (Dr. Sun yelled suddenly.)

Iron-Shoe Soldiers

Out from nowhere, two Iron-Shoe Soldiers appeared, one attacked Monkey, and another one grabbed Monkey King's baby.

The soldiers wore uniforms that were copper colored, they were wearing iron shoes and iron masks, so that no one could identify their faces. They wear helmets. They carried guns that shoot out streams of raw lightning.

To intimidate Monkey King, they shoot these guns around. The amber colors from the gun laser beams add together, The lights change monkey king's color, and destroyed the tissues of the skin' body' clothes, from surface into deeper parts. Some smoke arise around the wound.


It didn't bother Monkey King, Monkey King looked at the arm reach to the baby; he gave one of them a dreadful beating, the soldier stroked back with his arm almost broken.

Iron-Shoe Soldiers

Four more soldiers appeared and one solider jumped in to hit with the gun butt, other three shoot and aimed together with their laser beam gun.


This time Dr.Sun find where are those soldiers come from, they climbed up the wall from the bottom of the mansion, like ants.


More soldiers jumped on other's shoulders, like spiders.

More soldiers jumped into the roof, like grasshoppers.

The attack directly hit to Monkey King's head.

monkey king

Monkey King looked at the soldier and raised his hand to his right ear.

There was the powerful Golden Cudgel, six million kilos in weight. It used to be the ocean anchor in the East Sea, now it had shrunken into a hair sized piece and it links behind his ear. It is activated and glows to his power.

Now the Monkey used this to attack the soldiers, sending them flying back and up onto the five steps of the nearby building.

Monkey King held his baby with one arm and with his other he swings the cudgel.
Two soldiers then get up from the ground and aim their steams of lightning at Monkey King.

Preparing to fire their weapons, though Monkey King could see this coming and he jumped at the same time avoiding the lightning strikes.

There was no time for full victory at this moment, six more iron shoes soldiers, jumped to Monkey King at the same time.


Dr.Sun struck with his Iron-Fan, the fan grabbed and threw away the soldiers like a magic palm.


Five soldiers flew into the same direction, but one soldier run away with Monkey Kings baby in his arm.


Monkey King screamed in anger at the sight, but all of the soldiers came together and jumped in front of him to block his way. Because of this, Monkey King could not get to his baby.


Dr. Sun and the Iran-Fan swirl to the front running after the soldiers and they managed to grab the baby back!


All the iron-boots soldiers keep coming to attack flocked up, provocative of their nose, without the use of their visual recognition.

Libby suddenly realized that they are tracking the scent, it's the smell of fragrance!



Chapter 1 to 7 focuses on the origin of Monkey King 孫猴王 conceived by a fairy stone in the Flower-Fruit Mountain 花果山, he was a stone monkey living under the sea of Aó Lai2 State 敖來州, part of the divine land Dong Sheng4. In order to compete with the lifespan of heaven and earth and achieve immortality, Monkey King left home and was apprenticed to Bodhi' 菩提 thus named Sun-Wù-Kong 孫悟空 meaning "Pondering on emptiness". After he obtained the powerful golden cudgel, a gift from Dragon King Aó Guang3 敖廣 of the East Sea, he immediately claimed himself a saint that enjoyed equal power with heaven. Later, Monkey King had to be pressed under Wu3-Hang2 Mountain 五行山 for 500 years for stirring up trouble in the heavenly palace..

Flame Mountain : Monkey King changed himself into an insect and hid among tea leaves. Once he got into the Princess's stomach, he started to move around violently until she could no longer bear the pain. Finally, she agreed to lend her fan.

From chapter 59 to 61, Monk Tάng and his team stopped at Mountain Flame, where they saw no trace of living things. The whole mountain was covered by fire. To pass through, they had to borrow the palm-leaf fan belonging to Princess Iron Fan, wife of Ox King.

Unfortunately, Monkey King had earlier captured their son, the Red Child, whom Budhisattva had taken in as a finance boy. The Princess remembered that incident and therefore refused to lend them the fan. Monkey King changed himself into an insect and hid among tea leaves. Once he got into the Princess's stomach, he started to move around violently until she could no longer bear the pain. Finally, she agreed to lend her fan. However, she gave him a phony one. Monkey King was almost burned half dead by trying to quell the flames by the phony

On the second try, Monkey King stole Ox King's Golden-Eyed Beast under water while the King was having a party at the Blue-Waved Pond. Monkey King changed into the form of Ox King and came to the residence of the Princess. There he fooled her and got hold of the real fan. However, he only obtained the incantation on how to enlarge the size of the fan, but forgot to get the codes for reducing the size. Consequently, Monkey King had to carry the fan on his back. On his way home, unfortunately, he met Ox King, who appeared as Pigsy and tricked him into returning the fan.

Finally, Monkey King and Ox King had a big battle. Following the order of the Jade Emperor, Buddhist and Heaven troops came onto the earth and intervened. During the battle, Heavenly King Tuota and his 3rd son Nazha captured Ox King. To save their own lives, Princess Iron-Fan and Ox King had to surrender their fan. Monkey King took the fan and waved 49 times on Flame Mountain. The fire was gone immediately. Rain replaced fire, moisture replaced dryness. Walking on the smooth paths, Monk Tάng and his team easily passed through the mountain and continued their journey westward.


Future Mirror : After they left Flame Mountain, Green Fish sneaks in and manipulates Monkey King's dream while he is napping.

Chapter 10 is titled [Returning To The Thousand-Mirror Labyrinth 萬鏡臺行者重歸; Monkey King Rescued Himself At Ge-Jing Palace 葛藟宮悟空自救.] Monkey King put Qin Gui into a calabash and turned him into thick liquid. He then offered the liquid to General Yuè Fei for the redress of frame-up. Yuè rebuffed the invitation and said scornfully that even half a bite of the trator's flesh would make his body stink for half a year.

Monkey King took off his robe and left the Gate of Hell for the Mystery World. There he met a self-claimed "New Ancient 新古人" who could not go back into Ancient World, had to stay and open a restaurant business.
Monkey King then asked him how could he return to Blue Green World so that he could continue accompanying Monk Tάng to the Western Journey. The New Ancient answered: "Trace your way back. The way you came is the way you leave." He pushed Monkey King as his last word fell.

The push of The New Ancient pushed Monkey King into another Future Mirror, which opened the beginning of my novel [American West Journey 美國西遊記].


In chapter 15, White-Dragon Horse 白龍馬 was caught in the Eagle-Scared Ravine, Originally the son of Dragon King Aó Jin4 in the State of Guang in the West Sea, he committed arson and burned the bright pearls. For this crime he was sentenced to death but later rescued by Buddha, who turned him into a horse to serve Monk Táng.


In chapter 19, Pigsy 豬八戒 was
captured on Mountain Fú-Lái 福來山. Named "Searching for Abilities 豬悟能", Pigsy was originally a general of Water God in the Milky Way. After assailing and harassed the Moon Goddess at the Fairy Peach Party while he was drunk, the general was demoted onto the earth and turned into the form of a pig.

[West Journey 1570] : In chapter 22, Friar Sand 沙僧 disappeared in Flowing Sands River.

Like Pigsy, Monk Sand also used to be a general. He was demoted onto the earth and fell into Flowing Sands River for breaking the crystal glass roof at the Fairy Peach Party.

He knew that he could not foresee the future. He could not even learn the capability after he was promoted to be Convolution General in Tài-Yǐ Temple.

Long time ago in the underworld, Yama's promoted him to be the hell angel among his Rakshasa group. Without the earth body, the faces were never important among the ghosts and Rakshasa, All souls of ghost were fading and exhausting in hell's forever nights, the recycle of metempsychosis once was whirligig so fast that he and his co-angels had almost clean out ghost population in their duty zone, he was promoted to the heaven's Convolution General in Tài-Yǐ Temple.

Then he broke the Tài-Yǐ crystal lantern in the temple. It was an accident, Monkey King agitated the battle in south heaven, General Convolution was supposed to together his troop, and to join the battalion just to capture the stone monkey who happened to decide that he should be the Emperor of the Heaven.

The Tài-Yǐ lantern dropped out of his palm and the crystal pieces drop out of the Tài-Yǐ Palace, down to the earth, planted to be the Tài-Yǐ mine under earth.

He was demoted down to be the Friar Sand in the Flowing Sands River; he was sentenced to wait there until he got called to serve the West Journey mission. He was waiting for the monk in those forever nights of sands of streams.

After hundred of years, he saw the first guy who try to cross the Flowing Sands River.

Friar Sand decided that the guy was not the monk to get him out to the journey; he stayed very far to observe the human drown into the sand.

When he saw the guy came in with the same face again, he started to count the earth years and figure out there was a palingenesis going on the guy. He had decided that the guy was never the calling for his West Journey Mission, so he still stay very far and watching him drowned.

The guy came again, same face, dressed and prayed like a friar this time. Friar Sand did not answer his pray to appear to save him.

The fourth time, the fifth time, the guy with the same face kept coming in and each time would start to dress as a monk.

Friar Sand decided it's a comeuppance for the guy, but nevertheless he dived to the bottom of the river to collect the guy's skulls, and he started to form the guy's face on his earthling body.

When Xúan-Zhùang came to the river accompany with fellowship of Monkey King SUN-WÙ-KONG (meaning "Pondering on emptiness")' White Dragon and Pigsy Wù-Néng (meaning "Searching for Abilities"), Friar Sand had nine shrunken skulls hanging on his necklace. the skulls were so small that nobody would think it's only walnut nuts.

Xúan-Zhùang gave him a disciple name as Sand Wù-Jìng悟淨 (meaning "Trying to Comprehend Purity "). He used to be the oldest angel from hell angel to Heaven General, now he becomes the youngest disciple in the fellowship for the West Journey mission.

Now he still got Wugene's face, and Wugene was in Africa? Isn't he supposed to come to Flowing Sands River again, to cross that river of all sinking and no return? And why am I able to see the future? In Wugene's face? And in Wugene's home town on Wugene's 10th life?

Xúan-Zhùang, became a monk when he was 13. 

Chéng, Hui 陳 褘 was his name before he became a monk (Hui means 'ceremonial robe of empress worn in time of sacrifice'). Jiang-Liú 江流 was his child pet name (Jiang meaning river, Liú means flowing).

That Monk Táng (Xúan-Zhùang) actually had a fiancee' was actually a known fact to people in his hometown, Stories go that as a young boy,

Hui Chéng (Xúan-Zhùang was his monk name) had married 徐 香 真 Xiang-Zhen (meaning fragrance-truth) , daughter of his mother's bosom friend Xú. 

(Qín Emperor had chained most of young men to build the Great Wall, then Súi Emperor had slaved whole country's men to dig the tunnel rivers flowing countrywide, to avoid these kind of labor, kids got married very young in those ages.)

A cock that was part of Xúan-Zhùang's wife's trousseau, was scratching in Xúan-Zhùang's garden in his wedding. It found Leggy Centipede's nest and ate all her offspring. The cock was about to eat Centipede herself, but instead of hiding beneath a stone, Centipede saved herself with merge into a fallen Ti-Yi crystal. Afterward, she took it, learned the secret of its magic, and used it to make herself immortal.

Xúan-Zhùang's wedding firecrackers killed Centipede's whole family.

Centipede put a curse on Xúan-Zhùang's wedding. She always wait to perform  the fireworks in Xúan-Zhùang's wedding night.

At age 13, the couple went to watch the Emperor Suí's Flower Boat cruise down south. Xiang-Zhen was kidnapped on the spot. (So Xiang-Zhen should always call Xúan-Zhùang by his child pet name Jian-Liú, u pronunciation in 2nd tone).

Tormented by this loss, Xúan-Zhùang wandered into the Temple Of Pure Earth where he became a monk. 

17 years later on his way to the West, Xiang-Zhen suddenly emerged. Failing to persuade Xúan-Zhùang to resume a secular life, Xiang-Zhen swore to wait for him forever. 

L.A. earthquake, Princess Iron-Fan asked Shin Sun to deliver her baby to the father.

And who was the father?! He could be White Dragon? Pigsy? Friar Sand? Xúan-Zhùang﹖or Monkey King? (The West Journey team of 5, they all had contacts with Iron-Fan Princess while they were inFlame Mountain.)


Dragon became a Kung-Fu movie star in Hollywood, even he didn't know what is the movie.


Pigsy won the jackpot for Widow Betty in Las Vegas.


Leggy Centipede used Dragon to seize the vial from Ant Queen.


Everybody showed up on Shin Sun's funeral, including himself.


Friar Sand became the vice presidential candidate.


The monk learn his first English words 'I do', but he didn't learn it's his wedding.


Monkey King lost his baby son upon the delivery.


Ant Queen failed to use Dragon to get her vial back. Everybody had a party over Leggy Centipede's thousand pairs of shoes.

The Octopus producer dragged White Dragon to west ocean, to let him see what's happening in his Dragon Kingdom.


Everybody go to his Honeymoon, except himself.


The surgeon lost his hospital on gamble. Pigsy won half of Indian Casino, he finally lost himself when Night Queen coronated him.


Friar Sand won the game for Donkeys Demos against Elephants Repas.


The monk had 2 wives. Leggy Centipede cursed his wedding night with fireworks in their bedroom


Mermaid' Swanmay' Werewolf' Vampire' Phoenix and Dragon, everybody danced to the New King of Night


Finally the West Journey team got reunion and pioneered into Hell to rescue the Monkey Prince, Monkey King had perfect chance to observe the transmigration Global to see the beginning of his story, exactly how did his life get to this situation?

Watching time zone whirling in the front, he reached to see the left end of his own Global, he did not see his own conception from a fairy stone. Neither of his acquisition of super powers, neither of how he havoc in Heaven and punished to be in the West Journey mission.

All he sees was himself asleep and dreaming under a plum tree, with a Green Fish waiting aside, and staring at him.

Also, from the past of Reincarnation, he saw that him used to be Shin Sun, and Shin Sun was him.

Monkey King rescued his son from future hell.