Chapter 2: It's Paradise for pig

INT. las vegas show [Beauties in Beast's Cave] - night

From the bright star-filled sky, Pigsy falls onto the backstage.

As he fell on the floor head first, he counts the birds that fly around his head.

As he wiggles his ears in pain, he realizes his pain is so acute that even his whiskers ache.

Pigsy flips his eyes upward, staring at the ceiling. He thinks the starry sky has turned into a disco-ceiling with huge mirrored balls hanging from it. These shinny disco balls host a multitude of brilliant sparkling colors. As Pigsy's head keeps turning, the light reflecting off the mirrors changes into thin beams of various colored light.

"Did I drop out of the mirrors?", Pigsy wonders to himself. He sits on his butt, totally bewildered. And there is mirror within the mirror? Dreaming in the dreams, fallen in the dream.

Pigsy's sudden drop-in from the ceiling stupefies all of the dancers backstage.

One of the dancers notices that Pigsy just sit there staring at the ceiling. Another dancer then helps the dazed pigsy up off the floor.

Walter, the stage manager, mumbled something that was inaudible and then slapped Pigsy in the head, and then pushes Pigsy through the curtains to the front of the stage.

The loud stentorian music with the bright light accompaniment startles Pigsy nearly half to death. His eyes widen as he finds himself trusted in the middle of a dance show in progress.

Male and female dancers dress in animal outfits surrounded him. Hunky men with gorilla chests, boar heads, lion and bear costumes all fill the stage. The females dance gracefully in their sheer ostrich, gazelle, zebra and giraffe masquerades. The women exhibit beautiful eyebrows, with long eyelashes and red lips.

In any normal situation, many would be frightened by Pigsy's fat ugly snout and large pigheaded appearance, but now he sees himself in front of a fierce and brutal beast. They all sing and dance in unison. For a moment he thinks he has dropped into a Bogey wine party and the beast troll's and flesh orgy.

Terrified, he backs up and attempts to sneak out of the scene, but Walter is blocking the exit with pure rage in his eyes. So this is not a dream, this is a show stage. Why am I here? Where is the mirror I came from?

As Pigsy returns to the dancers, he notices all the females atop the male beasts' shoulders. A few females gracefully jump off the backs of the beast and do spinning pirouettes.

On instinct, Pigsy rushes a beautiful long legged ostrich woman, and kneels down in front of her.

The sight of the Pig evokes lots of laughter from the audience.

Emily Siebenburgen, the ostrich woman, sees Pigsy jumped out from nowhere and knelled down in front of her. Competing with the chunky chest gorilla-man, Pigsy extends his hand for to dance. She displays obsequious smile with seductive eyes, and the loud laughter from the audiences has made her realized that she now the focus of the stage. She has no time to think why all of sudden there is a new pig jumped in without any rehearsal, but it works! The audiences love him. And she was the lead dancer now.

She decides to ride on Pigsy to see how strong this pig head and shoulders were.

Pigsy had never been so close to the warmth of a beautiful woman's bosom.

Every costume is made with a little cloth as possible. Jewelry and random silks cover the bare essentials of the dancers. Every beautiful female's body is inconspicuously shown through their wardrobes. The slender legs, firm breasts and tender buttocks are a little to much for Pigsy's eyes to handle.

Pigsy's impure focus almost causes Emily to fall off his back, but she catches her balance. Emily wants to smack Pigsy in the head but then she notices that the audience began to enjoy this scene of beauty and beast couple losing his partner, the chunky chest gorilla-man gets upset. The audience erupts into laughter.

Pigsy notices the most beautiful bra on Emily's chest. It's lovely silky golden inset, with its mosaic diamond lace and silver edges. The small bra barely covers her chest.

Every pair of dancers are professionally trained dancing couples. It is obvious that just a production would take months of training. Just the mounting of females atop the male's shoulders will had been endless rehearsal takes. The dance routines look fancy and exotic, yet Pigsy never has the privilege of training with the dancers. So it makes him very excited to watch his neighboring dance couple, and then mock their performance.

The erotic movements of the dancers get the drunken men in the audience excited.

To the corner of the stage, two animals appear to commence a duel. Suddenly, the Werewolf attacks the Red Eagle, whose counterattack seems not to be planned, but Pigsy's act interrupts Werewolf's attempt. Werewolf misses his attack by an inch, Red Eagle fights back with hesitation, flailing his Indian-style garment.

Taking the attention off this battle, Emily suddenly grabs her chest. She feel a cool breeze and notices that her golden bra is wrapped around Pigsy's head. Unaware of the situation, Pigsy run around the stage, rousing the crowd.

The audience stand in appreciation. The audience become rowdy and unable to contain their enjoyment. They begin to stand on tables and chair and dance to the continuously blaring music.

Walter, not expecting this type of reaction, happily collects the money from the stage and retreats backstage. The hysterical laughter and chaos are louder than the music.

With her red with humiliation face, Emily finally comes within arms length of Pigsy. It is the same time that he realizes that her bra is around his head. Too late, she lands a hard punch atop his head. Pigsy's great athleticism doesn't allow Emily to get in any more punches as he run off the stage.

The gorilla-man and Werewolf try to grab Pigsy, but Red Eagle cut them out.

The music continues to play and this scene adds to a perfect conclusion of a chaotic slapstick comedy show.

Walter decids to come to stage and helps in the apprehension of Pigsy. This makes the audience happier as their eyes followed Pigsy who almost knocks down the "Beauty in Beast's Cave" sign that is posted next to the theater exit.

Squealing and breathing very heavily, Pigsy rushes into High Roller's Casino.

A room full of slot machines and big time gamblers fill the room. The air is clean with conglomerated sounds of music, machines and laughter. Running and bumping into random people, Pigsy has figured out how the fashionable people dressed in this fancy place. As he turns the corner he knocks down a cocktail waitress, who is shocked to see a half man half pig.

Pigsy doesn't pause at all. He pushes a red wood door with thread floral painting and run into a passage where nobody was around. Running through the hall, he notices a full body mirror. He stopps himself and comes back to the mirror. His ugly Pig appearance slowly transforms into a very handsome guy.

"What a paradise", he thinks to himself.

The red wood door with thread painting is pulled open and hotel security enters the hallway.

"Excuse me sir, have you seen a man dressed like a pig come through here?" questions the guard.

"I don't think so, man", replies Pigsy.

... ... ... ...


Preface: Awaken in The Big One

廿 年 一 覺 美 國 夢 ;  芭 扇 乘 風 送 新 生

L.A. earthquake, Princess Iron-Fan asked Shin Sun to deliver her baby to the father.


And who was the father?! He could be White Dragon? Pigsy? Friar Sand? Xúan-Zhùang﹖or Monkey King? (The West Journey team of 5, they all had contacts with Iron-Fan Princess while they were in Flame Mountain.)

Chapter 01: How High Can you Jump? Dragon

第 一 回 ﹕ 龍 馬 飛 躍 好 來 塢;  火 樹 銀 花 炫 影 城

Dragon became a Kung-Fu movie star in Hollywood, although he didn't know what is the movie.

Chapter 02: It's Paradise for pig


Pigsy won the jackpot for Widow Betty in Las Vegas.

Chapter 03: After Gold Rush

第 三 回 ﹕ 太乙水晶淘金潮; 百足蜈蚣盜蟻香

Leggy Centipede used Dragon to seize the vial from Ant Queen.

Everybody showed up on Shin Sun's funeral, including himself.

Chapter 05: To paint the White House brown

第五回 ﹕九命難渡流沙河 ;  十世相逢成同宗

Friar Sand became the vice presidential candidate.

Chapter 06: I do, Xúan-Zhùang

回 ﹕ 唐僧從來不姓唐;  西出陽關今何往

The monk learn his first English words 'I do', but he didn't learn it's his wedding.

Chapter 07: After Flowing Sands River

第七回 ﹕黑 人 面 南 入 白 宮 ; 女 性 出 頭 作 總 統

Chapter 08: Got milk? Libby

第八回 ﹕金箍棒打鐵靴軍 ﹐ 新雁分飛筋斗雲

Monkey King lost his baby son upon the delivery.

Chapter 09: Lost in her shoes

第九回 ﹕百足千履暗藏迷香; 獨角麒麟白宮奔騰

Ant Queen failed to use Dragon to get her vial back. Everybody had a party over Leggy Centipede's thousand pairs of shoes.

The Octopus producer dragged White Dragon to west ocean, to let him see what's happening in his Dragon Kingdom.

Chapter 10: 7th day's honeymoon

回 ﹕头七回家度蜜月;众生皆醉我独醒

Everybody go to his Honeymoon, except himself.

Chapter.11: Beginner's Luck

第 11 回 ﹕初賭贏得滿天星星; 再賭輸光三代長城

The surgeon lost his hospital on gamble. Pigsy won half of Indian Casino, he finally lost himself when Night Queen coronated him.

Chapter.12: Touch down, Demos

第 12 回 ﹕ 風水交遞橄欖球; 驢象相爭麒麟角

Friar Sand won the game for Donkeys Demos against Elephants Repas.

Chapter.13:  We do, Xúan-Zhùang

第 13 回 ﹕唐人街上遇唐人; 隋朝舊月照新星

The monk had 2 wives. Leggy Centipede cursed his wedding night with fireworks in their bedroom

Chapter_14: Return of the Swanmay

第 14 回 ﹕美人鱼,珍珠泪;前世今生唤不回

Mermaid' Swanmay' Werewolf' Vampire' Phoenix and Dragon, everybody danced to the New King of Night

Chapter_15: Saving Monkey Prince

第 15 回 ﹕千迴萬轉移星斗; 十殿輪迴救新生。

Finally the West Journey team got reunion and pioneered into Hell to rescue the Monkey Prince, Monkey King had perfect chance to observe the transmigration Global to see the beginning of his story, exactly how did his life get to this situation?

Watching time zone whirling in the front, he reached to see the left end of his own Global, he did not see his own conception from a fairy stone. Neither of his acquisition of super powers, neither of how he havoc in Heaven and punished to be in the West Journey mission.

All he sees was himself asleep and dreaming under a plum tree, with a Green Fish waiting aside, and staring at him.

Also, from the past of Reincarnation, he saw that him used to be Shin Sun, and Shin Sun was him.

Monkey King rescued his son from future hell.


American West Journey