L.A. earthquake, Princess Iron-Fan asked Shin Sun to deliver her baby to the father.


And who was the father?! He could be White Dragon? Pigsy? Friar Sand? Xúan-Zhùang﹖or Monkey King? (The West Journey team of 5, they all had contacts with Iron-Fan Princess while they were in Flame Mountain.)


Chapter 04: Lost Spirits' Soul' and Mind ,Dr.Sun

Chapter 08: Got milk? Libby ,Monkey King

Chapter 10: 7th day's honeymoon ,Dr.Sun

Chapter 14: Return of the Swanmay ,Pigsy & etc.

Chapter 15: Saving Monkey Prince , Monkey King

"This is Captain Jerry Young welcoming you on board flight 2183 to Miami. Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin for departure..."

The moment they boarded the plane, Amy Sun was amazed to see that Shin Sun was sitting in a seat, dressed like an oriental friar and holding a baby dressed in pink. Shin made brief eye contact and immediately lowered his face.

There were plenty of empty seats, and everyone took seats surrounding him.

Olivia sat next to Shin and took his hand: " Shin." Her soul seemed to be restored, and there was clarity in her eyes.

Phenice was so excited enough to almost scream, but then she heard Amy asked:" Who are you?"

'Shin Sun' answered:" I'm Shin's twin brother, Hermit Sun..."

Amy shook her head:" Shin didn't have any brother."

Hermit Sun raised a finger made a quick SILENCE sign:" They are here, and one of them can hear us even your thoughts."

Who are they? Phenice cast a quick glance around the cabin. All the passengers appeared normal. She could see the Hollywood actress Leggy was reading a magazine, Banker Zsolt was napping behind his eyeglasses. Where are they? Which one of them could hear even her thoughts?

The jet took off. The cabin was quiet except for the drone of the engines.

It's a mind game now, since one of them could hear our thoughts, shouldn't we be thinking about something we don't want them to hear?!

"Is Shin going to be here?!" Phenice whispered.

"That's what they are waiting for." Hermit Sun answered.

"They saw you and they know that you are not Shin already?" Amy whispered.

"They are waiting until they see the thing they want."

Olivia sighed and put her neck on Shin's shoulder:" Wake me up at Miami..." She smelled Shin and closed her eyes to nap, a tear drop wetted her eye frame.

"Who is your baby?" Phenice asked Hermit.

"You shall take over and protect her for me when it's the moment I have to fight, I keep surviving this body for Shin, but I think Shin figured out getting back this body will keep his spirits away from travelling back to the past to undo everything he wants to undo."

"I can protect?!" Phenice asked really LOUD:" Am I a phoenix? Was I always right about those feeling of the Phoenix and me?!"

"Only a Phoenix can figure out if she is a phoenix or not, not a human."

"But I know a Dragon doesn't know that if he is a Dragon either..."

The plane flew into whitish clouds above the Green Hills and the blue oceans... ...

Amy staring at the sky, she started to find out that all the colors were rendering into greenish, the clouds were shallow green frost, the sky was dark green, and there was a huge green fish swimming and making the waves.

It's a fish? It was so large she could only see parts of it at a time such as a fish tail taging, not the whole fish. It's head was as big as a mountain, and it stirred the sky like the fish tail was splashing the sea wave...

All of sudden, Amy sat up straight, she could never figure out how big the fish was, but then she saw a beautiful, colorful bird flew in and began to fight the fish. It's a giant Phoenix, her wings covered half the sky, still the fish was much larger than the bird, but the phoenix didn't seem to be afraid, the sky and the clouds were stirred into beautiful greenish and colorful light show.

The fish stirred an universal tsunami, the earth was only a corner of rolling waves, the sky only showed a little of whirling quick sand flowing.

The phoenix slide, accelerated and soared. Glowing in colorful lights to attack the greenish whirl, vivid and strongly.

Green whirl, Throwing heaven and earth into chaos;

Thunder, Rocking mountains and rivers;

Colorful Lightning, Flying like fire through the clouds;

Green Mists, Covering all of the earth.

The wind howled;

Loud roared the thunder.

Phoenix lightning streaked red, While fish clouds blocked out the moon and the stars.

Here is your Phoenix! Amy got excited and tried to alert Phenice in the next seat, but she found that Phenice had fallen asleep.

Amy tried to awaken her, but Hermit stayed her hand and shook his head:" Don't! Her spirit is fighting in the sky, don't interrupt her!"

Olivia was resting on Hermit Sun's shoulder. Her heart and mind seem to sank into the Flowing Sands River. Watching the clouds floating outside the plane.

In a greenish sky where flashed lights rained, She saw herself, Laughing with Shin along a river, And with James Maurlias always around.

Nothing else would get them down... ...

Amy smiled, she wanted to see how Shin propose to Olivia,  then she saw Shin and Olivia were offering each other with fruit juices after meal, Olivia gave him cherry, Shin threw in banana, he said:" I called James, I asked him to stay away in the next seven years, that I will marry you and give you the best time of your life..."

"What?!" Olivia claimed.

"It was you imply me that I shall ask first..."

"I did not!" She laughed.

"So, what you say?"

"Say what?"

"Shall I call your parents to tell them that we are getting married?"

All of sudden, the aircraft sank into the greenish flowing sands. Everybody saw it, because all passengers calling out in alarm.

The profound greenish universal whirl was sucking the aircraft in, Impregnable and completely concentrating on...

So it's everybody's sky, anybody can switch the sky into their own thoughts.

But who could thinking about sinking the whole aircraft into greenish universal?!

Then they felt something colorful power and lighting holding them, the aircraft was not sinking, not deviate anymore, the aircraft went back into its route and direction again, slowly and laboriously...

It's the Phoenix holding the craft with it's wing and long tails, trying to flew the aircraft away from the greenish whirl.

The Phoenix seemed able to ride the aircraft away from the greenish whirl, but, something inside the aircraft added the strength and carried the aircraft drop into the greenish hole...

Hermit Sun lowed his eyes and watching critically, he started to check all the passengers with a special fondness, was there an immortal in the aircraft want to sink the whole craft? Even including itself?

 Suddenly, they saw a magic palm-leaf fan flying in, and Shine Sun's soul  was about to come down to them.  

They only saw his face in a foggy shape, not much detail about his attire.

James looked out and asked the sky: "Shin, did you tell Olivia and me the same thing?

You told me that you love her truly so you wouldn't ask her to take each other over lift time, you would gave her the best time for the seven years marriage, and you would inform me when it's time for her to renew the second seven years, did you tell her the seven years? or the life time promise?

Did you just bull me away with this seven years craps?"

Shin was happy to look into the craft cabin, then he was sad to hear James, he did not answer, flew the Iron-Fan into the greenish whirl.

Then in a flash, the Green fish went along. And then the Phoenix, also was gone. The sky turned into blue, the clouds were whitish again.

"So what are we waiting for? What is Shin waiting for?" Amy asked:" What shall we do?"

"A moment he thinks he can grab to undo the century disaster from the past. He chose not to come back to trap into this human body, he chose to be a flying ghost traveling with the Fan "

People exploded the sierra to pick the gold ore﹐ to plant the earthquake ruinous consequence. Sun's ancestor didn't get to use the best crystal to invent the Smartest Computer. What Sun can redo over there?

Hermit Sun looked at out of the jet's window, and almost everybody glanced at the flying Iron-Fan then lowered their eyes and pretended that they didn't see it. Everyone remembered what Hermit Sun said, that one of them can hear even if it's only a thought.

Olivia was crying. So what are we flying into? Is there still a beautiful future waiting for us? Were the past 7 days only a nightmare? Am I awake or am I still in the nightmare?!

Finally the Iron-Fan flew away and disappeared.

Phenice spoke to Amy's ear:" Hurry, take me to follow him, I have figured out the truth, it's the earth striking back, so wherever Shin is aimed, it shall be the wrong target.

Shin Sun went in the wrong direction! He can never correct the Hopeless from the Impossible."

The sex ratio of female more than male had turned  to male more than female. The tribe struggles of bullets and blasting explosives evolves the international wars of Nuclear and Genetic weapon competition. The land war evolves resources plundering, Human ruined the earth, the earth strikes back to kill mostly the females, because more males will create endless wars.

Amy stared at her: "What makes you think that I can follow him to help?"

"It's the earth striking back! Maybe we can go back to join them, I think I have a better idea of how to correct this mess."

"I don't know how to go to these time travel and the 4th dimension, human beings are all trapped in their BODY. Only the dragon and Phoenix, those kind of supernaturals, are able to flew among the time zones.

There was a landing announcement in the air:" Please return to your seats, put your seatbacks and trays up and buckle your seat belts, we will be landing in Miami in a few moments."

Hermit Sun signed:" Everybody prepare for their attacks."

"Why?" Phenice asked:" Why didn't they attack us in flight?"

"They were waiting for Shin and he was listening to our whisper all the time. Shin appeared at the last moment to let them learn that he didn't have the Crystal, but now they know one of us has got a crystal to talk to the ghost inside. They are going to attack us when the plane lands.

"This is a tough mind game," Phenice lost her coolness:" If they can hear our thoughts, don't they know that we know they are going to attack right after landings?"

The plane was landing with a tremendous noise beneath the aircraft wheels.

Leggy Migliaia was gone, beside her empty seat, there was the banker trying to open an overwing emergency exit door, the flight attendant came to stop him:" Sir, please sit down and buckle up, we are landing, don't open that door!"

The door opened instantly, the banker turned his head and grinned, showing his sharp teeth. He was not the banker, he was a vampire!

The attendant screamed and was scared. Suddenly a giant purple Leggy Centipede bounced up from out of nowhere, it's thousand feet spreading out and attacking almost everyone in the cabin. The passengers were panicking and could find nowhere to hide from the attacking Leggy Centipede foot.

Vampire grabbed Olivia and said with a grin :" Let's go meet your husband."

Olivia was slow to react, but James Maurlias didn't hesitate at all, he punched at Vampire and tried to take Olivia into his arms, but he missed both, Vampire and Olivia disappeared in a blink.

Hermit Sun gave the baby in his arms to Phenice, but Olivia was already gone with the vampire.

Leggy Centipede forced the door open and was shaking the whole cabin. Everyone was tumbling and yelling. Vampire, dragging Olivia, jumped and disappeared through the door, followed instantly by the Leggy Centipede.

Olivia was crying outside the craft, "Shin! ... ..." she cried.


Preface: Awaken in The Big One (chapter00' 04' 08' 10' 15):  L.A. earthquake, Princess Iron-Fan asked Shin Sun (who didn't realized that he died in Earthquake) to deliver her baby to the father by riding on the flying Iron-Fan.

And who was the father?! He could be White Dragon (chapter01'03'09)? Pigsy(chapter02'11' 14)? Friar Sand(chapter05' 07' 12)? Xúan-Zhùang(chapter06' 13)or Monkey King(chapter08'10)? (The West Journey team of 5, they all had contacts with Iron-Fan Princess while they were in Flame Mountain. To put out the flames and pass through the Flame Mountain, they were fighting Princess to force her to  lend the magic Iron-Fan.)

Dr Shin Sun: Great Grandson of Sam Sun railroad constructor. Invented new generation computer based on Tài-Y Crystal his great grandpa left him, disappeared in the night of Los Angeles BIG earthquake because Iron-Fan Princess asked him to deliver a baby to the father. Actually, His name Zhe-Sheng, meaning "Knowing Life".

Monkey King is an ancient super hero in the most famous novel  [West Journey], much like Superman is in the American culture. Monkey King's legacy has been around for over a thousand years, (1,300 years, to be exact.) yet, Superman has only been around for 80 years.

Shin Sun is the human version of Monkey King trapped in a human body.  Monkey King is the superhero version of Shin Sun with monkey face. But Monkey King can never figure it out, Why is this Dr.Sun looks so familiarly? Iron-Fan Princess has twin with who?! All like dreams resemble imaginary?

He has not yet vigilant to the fatal crisis, after leaving Flame Mountain, they already encountered a most weird spirit, its charm has excel in possible to manipulate other people's dreamland.

Green Fish realized that the dream attacks may not necessarily be successful, therefore he must let Monkey King dream to extricate himself with difficulty, watching' manipulating and waiting for the moment of the fatal strike!

The whole story is actually a superhero's dream.

Nothing really happened, the whole story took place in Monkey King's dream, and Green Fish ( the Mackerel Spirit) was manipulating it, to kill the monkey when he was most diabolized and paralyzed by the dream.

Monkey King remembered how he was jumping in Iron-Fan Princess's stomach, so he is dying to see who is the father? What will happen to his West Journey teammates? Yet, he doesn't know that he is dreaming, he is dying! Because Green Fish is manipulating and waiting aside!

 Musa Ox, Iron-Fan Princess, Wife of Ox King, drank tea of Monkey King changed into a insect in her tea cup to force her to give Iron-Fan so he can put down the flame of Mountain Flame, had twins  after West Journey team left Flame Mountain.

Hermit Sun, Iron-Fan Princess find Dr.Sun's body, find the Tài-Yǐ crystal, put the crystal in his palm to rebuild his crushed body. She reincarnation in the corpse. manages to call Dr.Sun's friends to go to Deep Wide Gold Mine to find more Tài-Yǐ crystal. She tells the friends that HE is Dr. Sun's twin brother, Hermit Sun. His name, Dng4-S3 meaning "destined died".

Released since year 700, [West Journey] become most famous fiction in world, that Monk Xúan-Zhùang devoted his life to recede West region to collect scriptures, and Monkey King' Pigsy' Friar Sand and White Dragon HORSE had to escort him for the mission.  Flame Mountain is the most popular chapter in fiction, that West Journey had to fight Iron-Fan Princess and Ox-King to go pass the Flame Mountain.
Ox King, his madly turn over and hoof beat made earthquake, he was mad because his wife Iron-Fan Princess had twins with Monkey King. Our fiction {American West Journey} movie 1 starting and movie 3 ending at earthquakes, but we never see Ox King appearing in our fiction. (We shall keep Ox King in mind, use this character whenever we need him to develop the story. In old time story of [West Journey] over 1,500 years, Ox King and Monkey King used to be good friends hooked up in buddy brotherhood.)
So, everything happens in Monkey King's dream! And he doesn't know that he is dreaming from the beginning, neither he knows that a fish is waiting to kill him aside.

To enjoy the story, U need to learn how to dream like a superhero. To edit and change the story, U need to manipulate a superhero's dream like a super-spirit.

So to be dreaming together with Monkey King, U are going to see that White Dragon flying in Hollywood' Pigsy dancing in Las Vegas, Friar Sand paint the White House black, Monk Xan-Zhang got 2 wives and fireworks in his wedding night, U can edit more fancy and adventurous American dreams to each West Journey teammate (Their exciting and dangerous situations will make Monkey King fail to see that he is actually the only one about to get killed any instant), as long as they will get together in the final chapter to rescue the Monkey Prince.

All character's images' designs and outlines:


廿 年 一 覺 美 國 夢 ;  芭 扇 乘 風 送 新 生

Preface: Awaken in The Big One

L.A. earthquake, Princess Iron-Fan asked Shin Sun to deliver her baby to the father.


And who was the father?! He could be White Dragon? Pigsy? Friar Sand? Xúan-Zhùang﹖or Monkey King? (The West Journey team of 5, they all had contacts with Iron-Fan Princess while they were in Flame Mountain.)

Shin Sun, Iron-Fan Princess


第四回 ﹕意识半存留;神魂胡不归

Chapter.04: Lost Spirits' Soul' and Mind

Everybody showed up on Shin Sun's funeral, including himself.

Shin Sun, swanmay


第八回 ﹕金箍棒打鐵靴軍 ﹐ 新雁分飛筋斗雲


Chapter 08: Got milk? Libby

Monkey King lost his baby son upon the delivery.

Monkey King, Lady Liberty


Zsolt, the Vampire 


回 ﹕头七回家度蜜月;众生皆醉我独醒


Chapter.10: 7th day's honeymoon


Everybody go to his Honeymoon, except himself.

Monkey King, Shin Sun, Iron-Fan Princess, Dragon, Sandy.

 Zsolt, the Vampire 


第 15 回 ﹕千迴萬轉移星斗; 十殿輪迴救新生。


chapter15: Saving Monkey Prince

Finally the West Journey team got reunion and pioneered into Hell to rescue the Monkey Prince, Monkey King had perfect chance to observe the transmigration Global to see the beginning of his story, exactly how did his life get to this situation?

Watching time zone whirling in the front, he reached to see the left end of his own Global, he did not see his own conception from a fairy stone. Neither of his acquisition of super powers, neither of how he havoc in Heaven and punished to be in the West Journey mission.

All he sees was himself asleep and dreaming under a plum tree, with a Green Fish waiting aside, and staring at him.

Also, from the past of Reincarnation, he saw that him used to be Shin Sun, and Shin Sun was him.

Monkey King rescued his son from future hell.

Monkey King, Shin Sun, Iron-Fan Princess, Dragon, Sandy.


Zsolt, the Vampire 

Werewolf , Sir Ambrose Maurlias, Musketeer to the Queen and Knight of the Shadows

Full Name:     Ambrose Vespasien  Maurlias

    Race:               Human (werewolf)

    Age:                25

    Eye Color:      Clear Blue

    Hair:               Long, straight, blonde

    Height:            6'

    Occupation:    Musketeer

    Birthday:         January 25, 1611

    Setting:          A D20 Swashbuckling campaign...

                          turned Ravenloft

Wolfe , Las Vegas show boy.

Sir Ambrose Maurlias,, A Werewolf always going out in full moon.

James Maurlias, Okivia's boy friend, promised Shin Sun that he would stay away from Olivia for 7 years while she married to Sun 

NameOlivia  (formally 'Angelina', known as Chase)

Race:   Druid, Shadow Fey  (formally a Swanmay)
Class:  Druid (swanmay)  

Eyes:  dark blue, but will also shift through many colors (see history)

Hair:  medium/dark brown, kept just past the shoulders.  Its straight, but shiney. 

Height:  5'4" 

Skin:  Caucasian.  A bit pale, but nothing vampiric.

CampaignPrivateers of the Sea of Sorrows (Ravenloft)

Personality:  Olivia is an outspoken and opinionated girl, especially considering her size.  Small and petite physically, she is quick and rather strong for her size.  Incredibly strong willed, Olivia isn't afraid to speak her mind.  She's generally friendly and level-headed.

Significant Other:  Engaged to Ambrose Maurlias before she married to Shin Sun

Distinguishing Marks:  Olivia has pointed fey ears, like an elf.

Build Description:  Olivia is fit and small.  Skinny, but due to her small frame; she's not bony or anything.  She doesn't have a large chest (she's still growing!), but not "flat" chested, either.

Clothing Style:  She wears a mix of deer-leather and white cloth.  Since she believed she is pregnant, her shirt is empire-waisted and her leather skirt has tie-rings so it can be expanded.  Her skirt is actually more of a skort, having shorts underneath so she can still ride horses.  Her skirt is a leather halter-top with a white cloth bottom and white bell-sleeves.  She wears thigh-high boots.     

Previously as a Swanmay:  As they way of the Swanmay, her sect of Druids, she clothes herself completely in white if possible.  White leather pants and top is what she typically wears, and dons a magical cloak made of swan feathers.  Her weapon of choice is a white oak quaterstaff which bears a carving of a swimming swan on the top.    

Magical Abilities:  Being a Druid , Olivia has learned through mediation and respect for the natural world she can summon forth its powers.  She's especially apt at calling lightning and summoning elementals.  Like most druids, she can also heal wounds, though if possible she takes a more offensive position in combat. She can change her body at will, taking on forms of elements, though she's quite new at this and hasn't mastered it well yet.

Mermaid Form:  Upon entering Ravenloft, Olivia gained the ability to shape into a mermaid.  When she becomes submerged in water, or drenching wet through any other means, she becomes a mermaid: long, green-blue tail, spiney ear fins behind her ears, fins on her arms and at her waist.  Also grows scales over her back and on her cheeks.  Her marine scales are reptilian, not fishy (no slimy nastiness)

Swan Form:  Being a Swanmay, Olivia can turn into the shape of a swan at will.  However, the long she stays in Ravenloft the harder it becomes for her to do so.  NOTE:  Olivia is NO LONGER a swanmay, and can no longer shift to his form.

History:  Olivia was born to a woman known as only as Christina in the brothel La Chait Noir in Guillaume. Being that her mother mostly slept during the day, and was "working" at night, Angie was practically taking care of herself at a very young age. She helped around the brothel doing odd jobs for most of her younger years - doing laundry and cleaning mostly - in order to earn her keep under her mother's care. However, when Angie was 13, her mother became sick with syphilis. Christina held on as long as she good, but soon could no longer work. Angie begged not be kicked out of her residence at La Chait Noir and took on even more odd jobs to make the ends meet. The sickness quickly overtook her mother, and passed away about a year later. The brothel's matron, upon her mother's death, demanded that Olivia either take a job as a prostitute at her establishment, or leave.

Angie is appalled by the notion of selling her own body for food and roof. Having grown up in a brothel, and having seen her mother waste away from a horrible and disgusting disease, she vowed to never do that to herself. Of course, a girl with not so much as a dime to her name, no home, and not even a last name proved very difficult for Angie to maintain a steady job. Occasionally finding an odd job or two, she couldn't keep a job as waitress or housekeeper due to her homelessness and haggard, poor appearance.


Olivia scraped by by taking on any job she could find, and stealing whatever else she needed for food or a place to sleep. While the life a street-rat didn't really bother her from a morale standpoint (stealing a few coins from a wealthy fop who wouldn't even realize they were missing in order to eat didn't really striike Angie as "wrong"), it wasn't what she wanted to do for her life. She would spend hours of the day sitting on a rooftop in her port town and watch the ocean. She began to yearn for a life outside of Port-a-Mirielle. She couldn't afford a ticket on a boat... and even if she scrounged enough coin for one, what would she do once she was in a new city? Would there really be any more opportunities for a penniless girl in any city as there was here?

One day, while cutting through the dock area on her way to the inn she was squatting at, she overheard a dock worker explaining to his coworkers about being hired as a sailor. As she listened, an idea began to form in her head....

As she continued her way to the inn, she stopped in front of La Chait Noir and watched in disgust as the dirty, drunken men entered and exited. With even more determination, Angie ran straight to her room.
The next day, she took all the money she could scrounge and bought herself a nice dagger and a set of men's work clothes. That night, she took the knife to her hair, and cut up the bed sheets to bind her breasts. It was time to say goodbye to Port-a-Moreille forever.

Assuming the name "Chase," Angie filed for a job as sailor and dockworker with the Port Master. "Chase" worked in the dock's fish market for almost eight months when he finally was put up for a position on a merchant ship as a sailor.

However, her first voyage at sea landed Chase and a handful of her companions in an alternate dimension known (unbeknownst to them) as Ravenloft. 


Since Ravenloft:  Olivia has been struggling to retain her sense of self.  So much has happened to her, her self-identity has been swept away.  Relatively shortly after arriving on Ravenloft, she was asked to take up the oath of a dying sorority of Druids called the Swanmay.  She accepted, which forced herself to reveal her female identity to those she had been hiding it from.  However, as the months drag on Olivia has a harder and harder time shouldering the responsibility of the entire Swanmay clan on her back. 


Unlike Ambrose's driven desire to go back home, at first Olivia thought the adventure and power she gained in Ravenloft was better than the mundane life of the real world.  After all, she didn't have anything to go home to.  But she quickly took a liking to, and fell in love with, Ambrose.  Her drive to go home mostly rests on the hope that Ambrose will marry and settle down with her.  Though she's kept it secret so far, Olivia believes she might be carrying Ambrose's child...

Most recently in Ravenloft, the party has been trapped in the Shadow Rift, the home of the shadow fey.  Unbeknownst to Olivia, the Swanmay originated from fey, and circumstances beyond her control have began to change her into a shadow fey herself.  She now is sensitive to sunlight, cannot sleep, and her eyes will change colors fluidly.

Needless to say, Olivia's original optimism about the Realm has completely vanished.  She has seen how evil and corrupt the land is, and fears the land may be corrupting herself and her possible unborn baby.  She's very determined to leave this place, and try to rediscover her own self-indentity.

Betrayal of the Swan (Olivia loses her Swanmay abilities)

Starting shortly after she came to the Shadow Rift, Olivia began to have nightmares. They started out vague… all she could remember were shadows, a voice speaking to her.

After her transformation into a Shadow Fey, the visions became more real, more demanding. The party was currently on a quest from Queen Mauve to retrieve regalia of magical armor scattered about the land that, if brought together, acted as a key to unlock an evil creature known as Gwideon. Queen Mauve was in a race to find the regalia and hide it away for eternity. Her brother, Lot, was trying to collect it all because he felt he had an army strong enough to defeat Gwideon forever.

However, Olivia's dreams began to talk to her and manipulate her. Gwideon, who was the creator of all the Shadow Fey, including the Swanmay, was able to take Olivia under his complete control. He stole away her heart and replaced it with Shadow-stuff. He convinced her that if she brought the completed regalia to him at the Obsidian Gate, it would send Amrbose and her directly home.

Olivia's personally became severely affected. She became driven to find the entire amour. She became hostile, possessive, and antagonistic. She fought several times with Zita, and wouldn't have stopped if the rest of the party hadn't stopped her. The party spent months gathering the regalia until only the sword, dagger, and boots were left. Unfortunately, they were in the possession of Lot himself. Lot, King of the Unselee Fey, was heavily guarded and just as determined to get all the armor as his sister Mauve.

Completely obsessed about getting the armor and completing the set, Olivia hatched the plan to seduce Lot and have a new friend, Deadrick, steal the armor while Olivia distracted him with sins of the flesh. Ambrose was understandably NOT okay with this plan, but no other plan of attack seemed feasible.

Guised as a Nymph, Olivia tempted Lot with information about the mysterious thieves who were ravaging his land stealing the armor. Once alone, Olivia finally got Lot to disrobe his dagger and boots, but, even during lovemaking, refused to remove the sword from his side. Forced to steal it away in the climax of Lots…distraction, Deadrick used Armon's staff to teleport Olivia and himself back to safety.

Naked and smelling of Lot and sex, Ambrose had a hard time looking Olivia in the eye for the rest of the night. That night, they quarreled, Olivia angry at Ambrose for not understanding that she only did it for him.

"Aren't you upset at becoming what you tried so hard no to become?"

The words resounded in Olivia's head. Ambrose just called her a common whore. Angry, she stormed out, waiting until late in the evening to fulfill her plan.

Once everyone was asleep, Olivia managed to sneak into Queen's vault and don the regalia, sneak out of the castle, and head to the Obsidian Gate.

It wasn't long before the rest of the party was notified. Determined to get to Olivia before Queen Mauve's guards did, Ambrose led Zita, Armon, and Deadrick in a hot pursuit after her.

But by the time they found here, they were a hair too late. Olivia has opened the gate, and summoned forth Gwideon. Gwideon was a huge, black, shadowy tentacle monster. He placed the crown on Olivia's head, completing the regalia and allowing him to come forth. He also restored Olivia's heart (and alignment).

Ambrose rushed forth, knocking the crown from her head. No sooner had he done this, three black tentacles reached out and took hold of him, rending the werewolf into three distinct pieces right in front of Olivia's eyes. Horrified, Olivia rushed for the crown and threw if back into the gate. Knowing Gwideon couldn't fully emerge from the gate without the full regalia, she tried to run away. Gwideon took hold of her magical feather cloak, and it ripped away as the feathered blackened. As the cloak ripped away, Olivia felt her Swanmay powers melt away. Turning to air and retreating farther than Gwideon could reach, Olivia forced Gwideon back into the gate.

Olivia's heart of restored, but only in time to realize she had almost single-handedly brought destruction to the entire race of Shadow Fey. And Ambrose… Ambrose was dead because of her. As she sat there sobbing, she pulled the dagger from the regalia and stared at it considering. She was about to take her own life, but stopped as she placed a shaking hand over her belly. If she was carrying Ambrose's child, it would be all that was left of him…