Chapter 05: To paint the White House brown

Chapter 07: After Flowing Sands River

Chapter.12: Touch down, Demos

Friar Sand , ,
chapter07: After Flowing Sands River  : After Flowing Sands River

Vampire's mafia attack Debra and Robert, Scientist couple for their Ti-Y crystal.

Linda Mosley hide into Watkin's car.

Debra throw the Crystal, Ti-Y Crystal jump into Watkins and Richard's car, Linda Mosley got the Crystal.

Ghost in the Crystal yelled to them to escape away from the crossfire.

Flame City Friar Sand is fighting Vampire and Leggy Centipede in New Orleans in fire and flame.

Green Tree Knight and Dr.Sun helped Friar Sand  to put off the fire.

Dr.Sun flew in with the baby, put off fire with Iron-Fan .

Fatal Truth

"When you see Monkey King," Friar Sand told Dr.Sun:" tell him that the only way out is to learn the TRUE. It's a fatal secret, when he learns the truth; the fatal secret will get him killed."

To see or Not to see June Summers invited Sandy to join her Presidential Campaign (to replace Richard Bragg 's vice-presidential candidate) because Friar Sand showed that he can predict the future.

Friar Sand knew that he can never see the fure. When he was working at Samsara Yama, he used to stare at Dharma Wheel a lots, he could see all earthling's past and future from the Dharma UFO, he even saw that he would be promoted to be Heaven's Convolution General, he could see whatever he want to see through Tài-Yǐ crystal lantern. When Monkey King was striking, General Convolution protect his head with the lantern, and he never saw that Monkey King's golden cudgel was able to break the Tài-Yǐ crystal lantern.

Join the House June Summers asked Sandy to foresee the future, if he can see that she and Richard Bragg will ever in the White House?

Sandy didn't see it happening,

and he foresaw all of his West Journey teammates all become big shot with fames' wealth and power, but nobody able to find Xúan-Zhùang, except himself Friar Sand find the Monk in Smart Computer from White House?

Crystal Unithorn Friar Sand decided to win the Presidential election so he can go to white house, because he foresees that nobody can find the MONK Xúan-Zhùang, except the SMART COMPUTER in White House

Sandy ask everybody: What is Smart Computer?!

Everybody has all kind of super computer images in their mind, but Friar Sand can only see a crystal Unihorn?

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Chapter 12: Touch down, Donkey North Carolina, Greensboro  small town with big wide open hill GreenMoun, NC university have their National High School football tournament every year. 

Richard Bragg took Friar Sand' Eugen's sister' and little girl Katrina' Mrs. Mosley'  to the ball game, and told him one weird tradition:  This small town football game always predict the presidential election. If the guest team win the game, Democrat win the election, else the Conservative win the White House. 

Richard Bragg asked Friar Sand that what he could see in the game field? Friar Sand saw nothing particular in the field, but he saw there were group of Donkey fighting group Elephant in the GreenMoun far away, and the Donkey and Elephant's fighting seems remote control the ball game players in game field...

Nobody but Sandy able to see the Donkeys and Elephants fighting, 
Have a ball, Katrina Little niece Katrina yelled: "Uncle Wugene, then u need to help to let the Donkeys win!" "Why?" "Because we are Donkey party."

Donkeys and Elephants were fighting over a huge crystal horn. It's actually a friendly football game, and the crystal horn was the ball for competition.

"The pure kid's mind  will win the game best."

Mrs. Mosley yelled to voice whispered in her ear.

Pitman Jeff's ghost yelled to Mrs. Mosley: "Give crystal to the girl Katrina, I will win the Unihorn's horn!"

Mrs. Mosley gave her crystal to Katrina.

Katrina and Friar Sand ride on Donkey Captain to win the Crystal Horn.

Winning Unithorn Vampire and Iron-Shoe Soldiers came to grab the Crystal Horn.

Monkey King' Dragon and Pigsy came to rescue.

Friar Sand told Monkey that he remember how the Hell operate, if they could get the baby's body back from Vampire's DNA robot Lab, he could try to help Monkey to get the baby's soul back from the Hell.

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So, Friar Sand is supposed to be the very first black President of USA!

I start working this idea at year 2001, after September 11 Terrorist attack, yes! I even wrote the plots of Florida State Governor (the USA first female Governor ) wanted to become the first female President then she discover that Friar Sand got the prophecy power, so she invited Sandy to be her campaign partner. But, none of my American co-authors or friends thought it's possible. Some said, American is not ready to have a female President YET, a black vice-President can never become the President after the President got problem.

Today, my Friar Sand's chapter is still the exactly same story as 11 years ago, (my black co-author titled it as 'To paint the White House black', I changed it into 'To paint the White House brown'), I once was so upset at year 2008, I could not get to publish this story, and see what happened to Hillary and Obama!

White House stole my story idea, and I'm still working on the same plot?

necklace ok sand river crosserf 9 skulls come from Eugene's 9 lives quicFriar Sand, chapter 5' 7' 12' 15

Friar Sand wearing a necklace of 9 skulls from Flowing Sands River soul-searching 9 times failed crosser is meeting Wugene of his 10th life.

Friar Sand's Monk Name is [Sha Wu4-Jing4], Sha means Sand, and Wù-Jìng pronunciations similar to Wugene.

Originally in the underworld, Friar Sand was a Rakshasa 羅剎. Samsara Yama of Dharma Wheel promoted him to be the metempsychosis officer. Without the earth body, the faces were never important among the ghosts and Rakshasa, All ghost's soul were fading and exhausting in hell's forever nights, He was in charge of metempsychosis.

The recycle of metempsychosis once was whirligig so fast that he and his co-officers had almost clean out ghost population in their duty zone, he was promoted to the heaven's Convolution General in Tài-Yǐ Temple. 

 Then he broke the Tài-Yǐ crystal Veluriyam Lantern in the temple. It was an accident, Monkey King agitated the battle in south heaven, General Convolution was supposed to together his troop, and to join the battalion just to capture the stone monkey who happened to decide that he should be the Emperor of the Heaven. The Tài-Yǐ lantern dropped out of his palm and the crystal pieces drop out of the Tài-Yǐ Palace, down to the earth, planted to be the Tài-Yǐ mine under earth.

 He was demoted down to be the Friar Sand in the Flowing Sands River; he was sentenced to wait there until he got called to serve the West Journey. He was waiting for the monk in those forever nights of sands of streams.

After hundred of years, he saw the first guy who try to cross the Flowing Sands River. Friar Sand decided that the guy was not the monk to get him out to the journey; he stayed very far to observe the human drown into the sand and died.

When he saw the guy came in with the same face again, he started to count the earth years and figure out there was a palingenesis going on the guy. He had decided that the guy was never the calling for his West Journey Mission, so he still stay very far and watching him drowned. 

The guy came again, same face, dressed and prayed like a friar this time. Friar Sand did not answer his pray to appear to save him. The fourth time, the fifth time, the guy with the same face kept coming in and each time would start to dress as a monk.

 When Xúan-Zhùang came to the river accompany with fellowship of Monkey King Sun-Wù-Kong ' White Dragon and Pigsy Wù-Néng , Friar Sand had nine shrunken skulls hanging on his necklace.  and he grew a face resemble to the guy "Wugene".

Sand Wù-Jìng , Rakshasa, 10th Yama's Hades officer, promoted to be heaven General Convolution, demoted to be Friar in Flowing Sands River

 Wander Stick with Crescent Shovel

Brant, Wugene, soul searching wanderer,10th life in New Orleans, used to be 9 skulls on Friar Sand's necklace from former 9 lives failed crossing Flowing Sands River
Brant, Katrina, Wugene's niece
Brant, Tyra, Katrina's mom, Wugene's sister
Reverend Johnson, from church
Linda Mosley, jewelry lover, Friar Sand told Mrs.Mosley: "you may find a crystal which will help Marshal Pigsy to save his face in Indian casino." 
Mr. Watkins, stationary store owner
Officer Clark,
June Summers, "Hillary Clinton" for year 2012's President election candidate
Richard Bragg, June's running mate for the Vice President
。 Shaseng: Farmington Wu Jing, known as Shahe Shang was originally a heavenly Jade Emperor's shutter generals, because breaking the glass lights, contrary to heaven and was banished out of heaven, on earth liushahe trouble.

The weapon he used was Yibingxiangyao stick, martial arts, high strength, defying a strong enemy, know how to change to evil as 18. The Nanhai Guanyin Bodhisattva enchant, thanks to Tang Seng as a teacher, and the Monkey King, The Pig with the protection of Tang Seng learn Western Paradise. He had a two-bao, a gourd is a Bodhisattva, a collar is composed of nine skeletons. Later, he spent nine skeletons as the Nine-palace, the Buddha placed in the gourd which became law boat like vessel stability and smooth four-crossing the West to help the teacher and student. Shahe Shang learn from the way in the protection of Tang Seng Nishi, hard working, loyal to Fuji, learn after being labeled金身Rohan.


Origin: Learning the big Luo Xiu Road, fairy, the Jade Emperor canonized shutter generals. Missed due to broken glass, jade sentenced to death, thanks to the barefoot marching intercede, to relegate liushahe to eat people for a living.

Weapon: Xiangyao stick, this is the month where Thoreau camp, Wu Gang, to cut off one. Luban manufacturing skill cap. Inside a Gold Heart, 10000 bead wire outside the root. Thanks for the Jade Emperor of.

沙和尚的武器是月牙鏟,這種武器一端為凸形鏟,另一端為月牙鏟 Wonder Stick with Crescent Shovel ,此兵器古時稱日月鏟或月牙鏟,又名方便鏟。這是古代僧人云遊時的慣用兵器,少林拳譜歌訣上就說:少林月牙鏟,大開方便門;魔鬼皆退避,英雄敬三分。其造型古樸典雅,戰時可退敵,平時還可代替扁擔負重。從月牙鏟的功用看,沙僧是個和尚,而且武功高強,平時的主要工作也是挑擔子,用月牙鏟當武器似乎很合情理。也許正因為如此電視劇和連環畫才讓沙僧用此兵器。其實,沙僧使用的並不是這種武器。Shahe Shang Yue Yachan of weapons, such weapons as the convex side shovel, the other side of the Yueya Chan, the ancient weapons and shovels or Yueya Chan said the sun and the moon, also known as Fang Bianchan. This is the usual time of the ancient monks wander weapons, Shaolin boxing spectrum Gejue report said: "Shaolin Yueya Chan, easy open door; the devil are retreat, the heroic King third." Elegant simplicity of its shape, can be Tuidi wartime, peacetime can be instead of weight-bearing pole. Function from the Yueya Chan look Shaseng is a monk and martial in peacetime, the main work is also Tiaodan son, with Yueya Chan as a weapon seems sensible. Perhaps for that reason did the TV series and comic book Shaseng use this weapon. In fact, the Shaseng is not used such weapons.

琉璃, also known as displacement, glass, Liú-Li2 is a Chinese ancient right of glass are known. Veluriyam. Tài-Yǐ crystal.

中国古代琉璃的主要成分是铅钡玻璃 ,所以不适合用于制作饮食器皿,一般常用于装饰品 礼器随葬品等。 Ancient Chinese glass is the main component of lead-barium glass,  Ancient China glass products are lead-barium glass, and contemporary Western soda-lime glass technology was developed independently, so the ancient Chinese glass is the use of a unique material made of independent development, not alien technology.

Glass is a foreign language, came from the Western Regions, from Pali the Veluriyam, [3] also translated displacement, the wall displacement,瑠glass. 也有民间传说称琉璃一词源自春秋时期越国大夫范蠡西施的故事 。 Glass also has the word from the folklore that the Spring and Autumn Period of Vietnam, Dr. Fan Li and Xi Shi's story  中国古代称玻璃为“琉琳”、“流离”、“琉璃”,从南北朝开始,还有“颇黎”之称。 Ancient Chinese called glass "the Grand-lin", "exile," "The Crystal Ball," starting from the Northern and Southern Dynasties, as well as "quite Li," said.

琉璃被誉为中国五大名器之一(金银、玉翠、琉璃、陶瓷、青铜)、佛家七宝之一( 琉璃 颇梨 车渠 赤珠 玛瑙 ),到了明代已基本失传,只在传说与神怪小说里有记载,《 西游记 》中的沙僧就是因为打破一只琉璃盏而被贬下天庭的。 Glass hailed as one of China's five famous devices (gold, silver, Yucui, glass, ceramics, bronze), one of the Buddhist Qibao (gold, silver, glass, rather pear, cars drainage, Chi Zhu, Agate), to the Ming Dynasty has basically lost, and only in legends and fantasy novel, there are records, "Journey to the West" in the Shaseng because breaking a glass cup and been demoted to the next heaven's.





chapter12: Saving Monkey Prince

Friar Sand used to be hell angel and hell officer, he knew the way to each Hade. 
They got into 18th Hell, the deepest level

they finally got into the 10th Hades, Samsara Yama's palace.
watching the rotary cycle of samsara whirl, monkey king found that everybody got his own gear wheel except himself, he could see how Pigsy and Friar Sand and Dragon's gear wheels linked and rotated to each other, but he could not find his own gear wheel?!
he seemed to find a monkey's gear, but when he traced back to see the past history of this gear wheel, there was no beginning of this gear?! when he tried to see the beginning of this gear, hr always see the monkey was sleeping and dreaming, and there was a Mackerel was watching aside?
that's not the beginning of his life, he was supposed to see the monkey was conceived from a fairy stone, he was supposed to see the stone monkey learn and gained the super power
but all he see was a monkey was sleeping, and a Mackerel was watching? 

that's not the beginning of his life, he was supposed to see the monkey was conceived from a fairy stone, he was supposed to see the stone monkey learn and gained the super power

but all he see was a monkey was sleeping, and a Mackerel was watching? 
Monkey King got lost in time zone wheel, baby son growing up in his own hands, then he heard baby cry (Princess's baby Daughter, Monkey Prince's twin sister) and he got Princess's help in time to find himself  BACK to America, a teenager son with him, Princess aside, holding a baby girl.
END of Movie I [American West Journey: Monkey King's American Dream] 
[movie 2]: Wugene was found

Wugene was found, and back from Africa, he  fall in love with Indigo Sky, didn't know Indigo came from rainbow, got the power of snow, and eventually she saved Wugene and his niece.

Katrina kidnapped

Capital Town kidnapped Wugene's niece Katrina Brant and warned Sandy: Never make any more prediction, or else he won't see his niece

Richard find Monk in mental Hospital.
Capital Town (Vampire Zsolt) also find real Wugene and got him back from Africa.

Indigo Sky come to help Wugene's niece who is kidnapped by Capital None Group (Vampire). Wugene fall in love with Indigo Sky. Help Capital None to against Friar Sand because he thought Indigo Sky and his niece were in danger. He did not know Indigo can save herself anytime for no problem. (Indigo is capable to use Snow anyway she want with her rainbow power.)

Richard Bragg also found Wugene back from Africa

White House is brown

Sand become the President. Whole country is against him. Whole world is a mess.

Monk found Friar Sand's competer Richard Bragg found the Monk Xuan-Zhunag through Robot Unihorn.
2 Aliens

AIDS patient protest that he never get enough medical care. Tάng got the blood needle attacks.

The only way to cure AIDS is find the medicine from Moon Goodness.

Only the President get the authority to order a Moon Shuttle to carry Tάng to the moon.

Over the moon, Moon Goddess is actually come to earth long time ago, there is no hope for Monk who got AIDS needle attacked.

2 aliens in space told monkey that earthling and human is their experience, that they moved Dragon and Dinosaurs, and create human out of ape and Monkey.

1st alien decide it's time to take back all the mess he created 6,000 years, Human being has proved to be nothing but a fighting apes and Monkeys.

Sand try to create the illusion of Star War to get whole earth give up the issue and fight against the out space inventers.

Friar Sand use to be working for 10th Yama, then he got promoted upto heaven General Wrap-Curtan in charge of Ti-Yi palace, then got demoted because he broke Ti-Yi lantern while his army was fighting Monkey King's riot.


Friar Sand's goal in our {American West Journey} is, to win the Presidental election so he can go to white house, because nobody can find the MONK Xúan-Zhùang, except the SMART COMPUTER which a crystal unicone (Dr.Sun and Robert developed it and sold it to white house as top nation secret, when Dr.Sun developed the SMART, he found out it's ti-yi crystal develop the unicone robot ITSELF, so when he find the chance to be back to gold rush, he deicde to go back to the past and try to find a bigger and better ti-yi crystal to develop another PERFECT smarter computer.
So when Monkey King need to get to 10th Yama's hell palace, of course Friar Sand will help Monkey to rescue his baby son from 10th Yama's UFO of gear whirls. When u r in hell, the worst will be that the Yama will keep u in his hell forever, so Monkey King need help.