Chapter 02: It's Paradise for pig

Chapter.11: Beginner's Luck

chapter14: Return of the Swanmay

Bermuda Island

There was definitely something different there over Bermuda Island, and they could see it as they were getting closer to there.

They were flying towards the North detection, Dr.Robert Niles was watching and comparing the round sextant and the compass to locate the crystal, General Kay kept his eyes observing outside of the aircraft, he saw the ground covered with endless ice and snows, showing a slightly yellow in the sunlight, but it was strange to disperse into a linear shape, also disclosed the bribe micro-red and purple.

Continue north over the mountains, they saw a green valley, a small stream valley had left scattered on the slopes of dense forest. The light was very strange because it did not see the sun.

When the ground tended to be more flat, they found that as many buildings and constructions exist, seem to have strange aircraft in the air buoyancy.

Then the aircraft's engine stopped running, slight vibration in the aircraft landed safely, as if by an invisible lift support.



Phenice came to whisper:" Turn off the sextant, they find us. We don't want them to know that we were tracing your lost crystal to be here."

The aircraft was headed and landed itself into a splendid city. City seemed to be built with the black crystal formed.



James Maurlias stepped out to the ground, he seemed to be familiar to the buildings and  the entry. Hermit Sun holding the baby in his arms followed next, Amy Sun and Phenice stayed close to him and the baby.

Dr.Robert Niles And Debra Niles followed, General Kay asked his staff stay in the craft, stepped out to be the final person out of the craft.

New Ravenloft


"Welcome to New Ravenloft, Kingdom of Dark Queen Siebenburgen." Werewolf Ambrose Maurlias and his Musketeer team greeted in front of castle.

"Where is Olivia?" James Maurlias walked into the castle leading ahead:" We come to pick her up."

The castle was built in modern material, still very similar to the old time frame and specifications.

"Well well well," Ambrose Maurlias stepped to walk with him:" Back to the good old time, aren't we?"

"Where? is Olivia?" James Maurlias asked again.

"Back to where she belong." Ambrose pointed to James's back of hand and arm:" Same way as you are."


"Welcome to New Ravenloft, Kingdom of Dark Queen Siebenburgen." Werewolf Ambrose Maurlias and his Musketeer team greeted in front of castle.

"Where is Olivia?" James Maurlias walked into the castle leading ahead:" We come to pick her up."


The castle was built in modern material, still very similar to the old time frame and specifications.

"Well well well," Ambrose Maurlias stepped to walk with him:" Back to the good old time, aren't we?"

"Where? is Olivia?" James Maurlias asked again.

  "Back to where she belong." Ambrose pointed to James's back of hand and arm:" Same way as you are."

James looked at his arm, he was surprised to find the long wolf hair was growing over the back of his hand and arm, and increasingly the more dense:" You put Olivia in the old water?! You do know that she was a Swanmay, but upon entering Ravenloft, she would gain the ability to shape into a mermaid.  When she becomes submerged in water, or drenching wet through any other means, she becomes a mermaid. So, what happened to her now?!"

  "That, would depend on which boat she choose for herself." Ambrose answered.

"Where is that boat?!" Phenice asked.

"Along the Swanlake," Ambrose smiled to her:" If you are looking for the boat to regain your true self back, you shall chose one for flying bird, not swimming."

"What make you think I come here for more a boat, than to rescue my friend!"

"Because you asked for the boat, and I see you are some big bird out from the burning flames." Ambrose answered:" Olivia is more of my fiancée, than of your friend, you don't need to rescue her."

"She is not your fiancee anymore," James stepped toward to the Swanlake:" We escaped from Ravenloft long time ago!"

  Ambrose pointed to James's wolf hairs growing on his long' pointed ears:" As soon as you are back to Ravenloft, you grow back to what you used to be."
  They stopped at a beautiful lake, and there were so many biremes  moored at the shore of lake. The Brigantine had two masts with two sails rigged to each mast. The Schooner had a narrow hull and two masts. The Frigate had three masts, a raised forecastle, and a quarterdeck.  The Carrack had three masts sticking up from the deck.
  All the sails were bulging by wind, ready to go. James was emotional impulses, it was the same winds and waters, they escaped by a boat in last manasarovar, now he returned to visit, and there were already lots of boats along the lake.

Phenice seemed more anxious to chose a boat to take, General Kay paused her:" I don't think it's for earthlings." then he saw Vampire Zsolt stood aside with some more Vampires and Vampyrias in front of them.

Zsolt nodded and smiled to him: "This is a 5th dimension zone, I don't think you immortals are able to get aboard on these boats in your 3 dimension flesh and body."

He smiled to everybody:" Step forward, come to our 5th dimensions world."

General Kay' Dr.Robert and Debra Niles stepped backward, but Phenice didn't move, Zsolt said:" Aren't you getting tire of your limited 3 dimensions already?! You can not even see your own face! You see only your hands and legs. Don't you always want to see a complete picture of yourself fit in this world?"

Phenice asked:" What's in 4th dimension?"

"Time zone, you get to see your past' current and future. You will be moving in a globe, not a linear one way street anymore"

"Then what's in 5th dimension?"

"A bigger globe, you see everybody's past' current and future."

General Kay interrupted:" Meaning, we died as a ghost? or a living zombie like you?!"

Zsolt opened his arms:" We are not zombie."

Green Knight Avalon flew in and showed his sword to Zsolt:" Don't let him vampirize your blood."

Vampire Avalon flew in and stood himself behind the vampires and vampyrias.

Green Knight Avalon pointed his sword to Vampire Avalon:" This is what happened after he got your blood!"

All the vampires and Werewolf Musketeers took out their weapons and aimed for a battle about to start.

James Maurlias raised hand to stop the battle, his hands were growing full of wolf hairs, he gave in to Werewolf Ambrose Maurlias:" I don't come here to fight, you tell me which boat is for Olivia's island and I'll be on it."

Werewolf Ambrose pointed to a huge Frigate with wolf's flag and sign.

There came Empress Tyra's voice to interrupt him:" But it's the ship to the Island of mermaid, not Swanlake. Could you tell me, where is my little girl Katrina?"

Empress Tyra appeared riding on Repas Elephant, with all the football player ghosts were embraced and followed around, riding on all kind of animal mounts: gorillas, boars, lions, bears, gazelles, zebras, giraffes, and Hippopotamus, carrying all kinds of gun and weapons.

Werewolf Ambrose pointed to the wolf Frigate :" We arranged a party over there, come to join us."

Hermit Sun shook his palm:" They won't keep all the hostages in one place, don't fall for it."

James Maurlias hold up his palm:" It's the party for Olivia and me only, please don't follow me!" He jumped into the carrack.

Phenice jumped in with no hesitate. Amy Sun followed.

Hermit Sun signed, he tied up the baby in his arm, didn't want the people seeing that she can flew without her Iron-Fan , so he jumped in a little bit lame way.

Knowing that they were dealing with a enemy can hear their thoughts, Hermit Sun did not reveal out any thoughts.

So Dark Queen and Vampire Zsolt are winning all the way, they hold the hostages to get everybody jump into their trap. They should know that Shin Sun never have a twin brother named Hermit Sun, do they know that if they hold this baby they can actually get more than everything ?

General Kay signed, he turned to Robert and Debra Niles to  quickly make a glance, then he jumped into the wolf Frigate, very quickly, during the jump he pressed his watch and his watch blink once, nobody ever noticed the blink except Robert and Debra, they jumped into wolf Frigate too, also pressed quickly on their own wrist watches.

"Show me my Katrina," Africa Empress Tyra ordered:" or else I will turn your island stirred!"

Werewolf Ambrose gave order to the Frigate: "Set sail!" It's huge sails were bulging immediately without wind and quickly navigated away.

All the Werewolf Musketeers had also boarded the Schooner, another giant ship. While it set sail to follow the Frigate, Werewolf Ambrose bowed and tributed to the Africa Empress Tyra: "Her Excellency, Make yourself home. This is not an island, it's night Kingdom under the jurisdiction of the Night Queen."

Over the Frigate which was sailing to the west, Vampire Zsolt flew to the deck and greeted to everybody:" Welcome aboard. My friends."

"What do you want?!" James Maurlias asked.

"Maurlias," Zsolt grinned to him:" Don't fight! You shall get back to your good old Musketeer team already. I want nothing from you, but, I need two things from the ladies," He reached his palm to Amy Sun: "Ms.Sun, please hand over the crystal in your heart pocket."

Amy Sun didn't move at all, pretend that she doesn't have any pocket beneath her clothing:" Don't you have too much crystals in your castle walls and roofs already."


"You shall know, those gems grow on each other. Also, everybody is looking for the HEART crystal of the Veluriyam  Lantern, come on, let's see if you are the lucky girl who own the piece of the Lantern heart!"

"Whatever if I get any," Amy Sun answered:" You won't see it!"

Zsolt turned to Hermit Sun with a smile:" Princess Iron-Fan , please hand your baby girl to me. We all know that your are the only one can fight here. I need to warn you first, DON'T FIGHT! or you may hurt your baby daughter! Remember what happened to her brother when the monkey was stupid enough to fight with a baby in his arms?!"

Hermit Sun was mad and shaking in anguish, immediately he changed into Princess Iron-Fan still holding the baby, stared with mad eyes.

"You have changed back to your original shape, So you can have full magic capacity to deal with me? Let me remind you once again, Remember what happened to her brother when the monkey was stupid enough to fight with a baby in his arms?!"

Princess Iron-Fan raised her empty hand to drag a thunder in the far sky, she made the lightings sparkling and flash, but she made the thunder far and deep, because she didn't want to wake her baby:" Get any step closer, then you will be a scorched bat!"

Vampire Zsolt could not care less: "Hey, look, the sky got a good round moon."

It's full moon in the sky, and all the bats' Vampires and Vampyrias were flying to the deck.

Then there was the Schooner sailed in to clutch the Frigate, it's full ship of werewolves in the Schooner.

Zsolt proposed:" What you'd say if we collect the Tài-Yǐ crystals and rebuild the Veluriyam lantern, then we rule the earth from here?"

"I don't call blood-sucking 'rule the earth'." Iron-Fan Princess answered:" Just let go our Olivia and Katrina, we'll leave peaceful."

"They belong here," Zsolt said:" You all need to stay too."

Phenice pulled out a pistol pointed at him: ” I think you are wrong assessed the situation. Her effort is only to protect her daughter as long as like. Each of us can deal with you."

Vampire Zsolt was surprised to see that every individual pulling out a pistol aimed at him, Amy' Debra' Robert' James.

And the pistols in their hands are all of exactly the same type with General Kay's.

Princess Iron-Fan raised her empty hand dragged more and more thunders roaring in the far sky, also she made more lightings flash, but she made the thunder far and deep, because she didn't want to wake her baby:" Listen to the angry mother roar!"

"It's 9 and half dimensions here, all the fantasy islands are only inches away from our thoughts, do you see your Flame Mountain there?! The red land aside the brown Volcano!" Zsolt pointed to the red and brown lands along the cape horizon:" I think Ox-King hear you now, one more flash lighting then he will come to join you."

There was a foggy hurricane rolling up out of thin air, surging and growing, instantly cover up the half sky. Zsolt gazed at the sky and smiled: "Mother Nature strike back, look what your thunder attracted!" he flew out of the deck, jumped out of the Frigate, the Vampires followed him.

The surging hurricane wasn't no storm or winds, it's actually billions of bees colony flying and laden with thunderous buzz, scrolling up and waving like influx of tsunami.

All the Vampires and Vampyrias flew to the Werewolf Schooner and sailed away in speed.

The frigate was going nowhere to avoid the attacks of the bees tsunami, it's bulging sails kept the frigate going in it's own mind, there was no winds blowing over the sea.

Everybody looked at Iron-Fan Princess since she was the only one with super power to move the frigate. Iron-Fan Princess kept on trying with only one hand available in vain, she couldn't move the frigate since she and her baby girl were in the boat, she could not even prevent some bees kept flying up to her baby's hair and face:" I can't do much thing, not without my Iron-Fan!..."

Ever since 20th century, there were already over 35 per cent or more of the United States' population of the Western honey bee (Apis mellifera) - billions of individual bees - simply flew from their hive homes and disappeared.


Dinosaurs were moved into some certain and half dimensions so the human beings got the whole earth for their living space, but those bees disappeared with their trivial body size.


Where had all the flowers and fruits gone since our bees were disappearing? The farmers and gardeners lost billions of agricultural products to make living, to support the earthlings.


Now they were all here, the Apis mellifera bees, all over the sky and ocean.

"Stay calm and let them go, don't let any bee sting, or else you will get more aculeus from their groups." Iron-Fan Princess said it very calmly, covered up her baby's face with her palm.

The millions of bees flying up and over, and all the bees stayed when they hit the sails or anybody. For the first time is his live, James Maurlias was glad that he had wolf hairs grown over his body, but he still need to close his eyes and covered his face.

The bee colony dropped like rains to the sails and masts, they scurried everywhere on the frigate, when there were tons of buzz and wings flying all over from the sky. The frigate was tilting and about to sink.


Phenice could hardly has her eyes open, all of sudden she felt a strong wind blowing over, blew away layers of bees from her face and hairs. She was so released, and the winds blew again.

"Hold on and be still!" Shin Sun yelled in the mid-air, he seemed didn't learn how to use the palm-leaf fan, the big winds he fan out of Iron-Fan made himself unable to float stable, he was spilled out and flipped flop a few somersaults until he found himself back the direction.

Iron-Fan Princess studied the magic mantras, remotely changed the Iron-Fan in Shin Sun's hand become large enough to distracte half of the frigate:" Fan it again! It's OK to be flipping somersault," she smiled:" It's actually the advance skill, glad you can learn it as a beginner."

Shin Sun took a deep breath then struck the fan, immediately the fan created a hurricane and the winds sweep across the sky, he heard Princess Iron-Fan was talking into his mind: Aim it to the bee colony, don't blow to the frigate.

He fanned again, he was very well-learn now, he sweep away a huge load of bee colony then he flipped himself into a somersault in the mid-air, then he threw another fan, most of the bee colony were gone.

Everybody in the frigate were cheerful waving, Princess Iron-Fan spoke to his mind: Now aim it to our ship and blow us away from  those bees.

As soon as the bee colony was left behind, the frigate stuck and paused, he could not fan to blow it moving any further.


General Kay Came to the deck and watched the waters below.

Debra and Robert Niles yelled to mid-air:" Shin, we are sailing into the fish pool!"

Below the ship, there were full of fishes in the water. There were more fishes than the water, some fishes were jumping out the water. The traffic of fishes was flowing, but the frigate was stuck.

Ever since 21st century, there were one river after another has been closed to fishing because significant numbers of fish failed to return to spawn. Fishermen used to get between $5 million and $10 million from the fishery. Now they made less than $1.1 million.

Where were those fishes go?

Now there were all here!

Shin Sun heard Princess Iron-Fan was talking directly to his mind: Fan harder, aim it to the frigate this time, see if you can make a hurricane much smaller only to lift the frigate into the sky and get us out of those fishes jam.

Shin Sun shook his head: Including your baby girl, they are all human mortals in the ship, nobody can survive this kind of shaking and dropping.

He asked: And which way shall we go?! How do we know these bees are not coming back?

Then they heard a beautiful voice singing, from the other side of sky and the boundless sea. Bringing the moonlight, the tide rose from the fluctuation, that was a wonderful song in the air. As if from the horizon, as if from the sea, also seemed to have come from heart. Seemed strange, it seemed familiar, as if it has blurred.

They saw a mermaid to ride in porpoise's carrying on the back, her singing sound was such persuasiveness and graceful, it calmed down the wild angry sea. Several stars jumped out their track crazily, to listen to this sea immortal singing.

James Maurlias run to the cutwater on the fore, hold on to the figurehead and yelled:" Olivia! "

Shin Sun tried to fly forward, Amy Sun stopped him:" You can't rescue her by yourself alone, fan us all to her."

The mermaid didn't turn her head to the frigate at all. Her long hairs were flowing over her shoulders, her slim stature in the air to draw a bright arc, sparkling tail fin to shoot little broken bits of water sparkle, her porpoise jumped a light leap, somersaulted in the sea from the soft white fragrant.

General Kay pressed the transmitter button in his wrist watch.

"Princess," James begged:" Please get her come to us, so we can take her leave here."

"She knew both of you are here!" Princess Iron-Fan answered:" Can't you see what she is doing right now?!"

"No!" Both Shin and James said.

"That she is happy, that she has totally forgotten about you!"

The mermaid gently leaped into the water, her blue fins pulled out some white flower transparent waves. The corals and the algaes were swaying  her waist dissolutely from side to side. The sharks shuttled back and forth in the near-by.

"She was never happy there," James Maurlias said:"  Ambrose Maurlias took her out of the sea obscurity so her lamella wouldn't be lacerated. Siebenburgen transformed her into the Swanmay so she could stand on the ground. Then I helped her to escape from the werewolves. "

"Siebenburgen?" Phenice asked.

"The Dark Queen, " James said:" I think she still keeps her form in Black Swan."

Phenice frowned:" She can't leave here unless Siebenburgen transformed her into Swanmay again."

"Princess," Shin Sun flew in and handed in the Iron-Fan:" Please use your fan to get Olivia here so we can leave here."


Princess holding her baby girl and shook head:" My hands are tied, and she won't leave with us anyway."


Shin Sun flew up and struck the Fan really hard, a lots of fishes were bombed out but the frigate wasn't moving, shaking in stead.

Shin struck the Fan again and again, the fishes below the water were bombed out and the frigate was convulsive shaking to almost sink, Princess crossed her arm on her baby and said:" I will get my Fan back if you dare to shake this boat again!"

All of sudden, a giant white dragon dropped into the ocean from the sky. Monkey King and Ghost Argus landed on the deck of the frigate.

The giant dragon rolled out it's body and billowed the enormous whirls, bombed away a staggering amount of fish. Then he propped up the whole hull of the frigate carried and moved forward.

The frigate was tilted shaking, almost capsized, but Monkey King elongated his Golden Cudgel and keep the hull stable.

The fishes were bombed away in bulk, the frigate was moving forward until there was no more fish but water.

Monkey King brought James together to fly away in his Tumble Cloud, Shin Sun flew to follow in Iron-Fan.

As soon as the frigate moved ashore on an island, Robert and Debra's wrist watches were flashing, they pressed the buttons. Robert Niles took out his pistol:" Guard it for them, our aircraft is coming!"

White Dragon smiled and jumped out, he decided to search for Mermaid Olivia in the ocean.

Vampire Avalon dropped behind him out of blue and grabbed his pistol away:" Freeze!" He pushed Robert forward and grabbed Debra and aimed Robert's pistol to her head.

General Kay' Amy Sun and Phenice stepped backward with their arms opened and surrendered.

Robert looked up and hoped that the aircraft should be coming in time, but there were lots of vampires and vampyrias flew in from the full moon sky.

Zsolt smiled:" Good job! Avalon."

Green Knight Avalon dropped in and yelled in anguish:" Avalon, take this!" He thrust his sword to Vampire Avalon.

Princess Iron-Fan flew herself holding her baby girl away from the pistol and sword, she also dragged in a lots of flash lightings.

The lightings lighten up the night sky, also cut everyone's sights into panic and disorder.

Monkey King looked back to the frigate left behind, he was amazed that so many of lightings lighten up the sky, he saw no trace of Mermaid Olivia, but they saw the Schooner moored at the shore.

They dropped into the Schooner, Werewolf Ambrose Maurlias stood in the center of the deck, surrounded by all of his Musketeers. Each musketeer was equipped with the muskete holding in arm, long sword and short rapier in belt.

Mermaid Olivia was sitting in a big bench with a tub full of waters.

Nobody moved, Everybody were waiting and expecting them to drop in.

James and Shin Sun tried to reach Olivia, but the werewolf Musketeers stopped them.

Ambrose Maurlias smiled:" Welcome back, Vespasien  Maurlias."


James Maurlias shook head:" My name is James. I'm not coming back. I'm here to take Olivia home."

"Olivia? You mean 'Angelina'!" Ambrose Maurlias showed his hand to Mermaid Olivia:" You need to ask her if she want to leave here with you!"

"Olivia," James said loudly to Mermaid Olivia:" Let's go home, we have some super-spirits friends, they can transform you to get rid of your mermaid tail and fins right away."

Mermaid Olivia shook her head:" I'm not leaving. I will stay here forever."

Shin Sun tried very hard to get her attention, but she always lower her eyes, no expressions, never got contact with anybody's eyes.

James pointed to Ambrose Maurlias's weapons:" Last year we left in a hurry, I owed you a duel to settle our disagreement.  Let's fight two duels in one today, if I win, me and Olivia are leaving, you win. you do anything you want to me."

Werewolf Ambrose hinted the vice-chief to disrobe his belt with the sword and rapier to James Maurlias:" I win, you need to stay with your original name and position in the musketeers. If you win, you can leave, I don't think Olivia is going to leave anywhere."


James was thrusting the sword and slid it into air, it's been a long time since he gave up the swordplay. When he pulled out the rapier and checked out it's ring and the metal guards of elaborate crosses perpendicular to the blade, he started to realize that Ambrose should be surely win already, these weapons were exactly the same blades he used, and Ambrose, used to supervise and train them for the swordplay!

Then he heard Shin Sun was talking inside of his eardrum: Use the long Sword as a short Rapier!

He looked at Shin, who's  mouth was closed, but he could see that he was teleporting his thoughts to him: You won't have much odds to win anyway, but it will confuse Ambrose, he won't be able to beat you soon as usual, and you will be able get more chance to find his flaw and beat him.

Shin was staring at him very firmly: Don't distract yourself on Olivia's, I will surely rescue her whenever I see the chance.

Werewolf Ambrose raised his sword:" Do you know why Angelina decide to stay here this time?! Because I showed her our kid, so she promised that she won't abandon her child anymore."

Their sword tips were clicked, the duel was supposed to be started, but Ambrose still talking detestably:" She was carrying my child, so I begged Dark Queen to transform her into Swanmay, and you?! you got her eloped from the Shadow-Rift!"

James was in shock:" But you told her that the child die!"

"Dark Queen wanted me not to tell until the transform go through well!" Ambrose thrust his sword, James was still startled that he forgot which arms to use.

"The sword, right hand!" Monkey King yelled... ...


The gunshots rang, everybody pulled out their pistols to fight the Vampires, but General Kay and Princess Iron-Fan were losing their battle.

The Vampires and Vampyrias were everywhere to attack, they were hiding and battling behind the rocks and big trees.

And it's all due to Vampire Avalon, he was agile shuttling and haunting, like a flying eagle.

Green Knight Avalon was following him all the time, he always jump in and cut down his sword, and Vampire Avalon always jump out of the flashing blade.

Next moment he attacked Amy Sun and Debra Niles, grabbed over their pistols, they had to run to Princess Iron-Fan and hide behind her flash lightings.

With two pistols in his hands, Vampire Avalon became more fatal and offensive, anybody could be his next victim.

Phenice had sense that a Vampire was around, she shoot a shaking a brush and caught Vampire Avalon behind the tree.

While Vampire Avalon tried to over-power with his two pistols to continuing shooting against Phenice's one pistol, Green Knight Avalon jumped in very silently and chop down his sword.

Vampire Avalon dropped died, and Green Knight Avalon was fallen down at the same moment. They both fainted and unable to breath or open their eyes.

Vampire Zsolt flew in to pick up Vampire Avalon, he teleported his zombie power to cure Vampire Avalon's bloody wounds, when Vampire Avalon opened his eyes, Zsolt grinded his teeth to Green Knight:" You two are sharing the spirits' soul and mind! You kill him, you kill yourself!"

Phenice aimed her pistol to nothing, didn't know if she shall shoot any bullet.

Then they heard the propeller sounds, the aircraft was coming... ...


James thrust his sword in right hand and slid the rapier in left hand, Werewolf Ambrose blocked off the sword and cut by the rapier.

Some Werewolf musketeers forwarded to  Ambrose, Shin Sun flew above to reach Mermaid Olivia and grabbed her up to his flying Iron-Fan, then he found out that he really didn't have much physical strength to carry a flesh mermaid body. 

He yelled for help:" Monkey King..." but lots of musketeers had already  crowded over Mermaid Olivia.

White Dragon jumped in and grabbed Mermaid Olivia, he also knock out and kick down all the musketeers around him.

Monkey King picked up James on his Tumble Cloud and flew to carry Mermaid Olivia and White Dragon:" Let's go! Shin!"


Both the Tumbler Cloud and Iron-Fan flew up and away.

When they landed on the island, they was an aircraft over there, Princess Iron-Fan' General Kay and everybody were fighting the Vampires and Vampyrias for who shall in charge of the aircraft.

Everybody was fighting, except Green Knight Avalon and Vampire Avalon, they were just staring to each other.

It was such a pleasure fight to do, Monkey King and White Dragon refused to give away this opportunity to each other, they were vying for knocking down every vampires and Vampyrias in their sights. They kicked and fisted each Vampire like dry wood or punk, immediately all Vampires were sitting on the ground and wining, and they were still looking around, hope to see if there will be any more Vampire stand up to fight them.

"Let's go home if there is no more game here." Monkey King didn't feel satisfied, it was such a trivial fight, he didn't even move his thumb.

"Wait." Vampire Zsolt was upset seeing all of his people knocked down, but he tried to be polite in anguish:" You can't leave Shadow-Rift without call on Dark Queen. This is her Kingdom."

"Why not?!" Monkey King raised his eyebrows:" Does she need a fight too?!"

Immediately they heard a beautiful voice said:" YES."

Monkey King was amazed:" Where are you? Show yourself."

There was elegant swanmay music, there were beautiful swanmay dancers performance, then Dark Queen Siebenburgen appeared, dressed in grace and luxury.

Her long gown featured a crushed velvet texture in pure black. A silky middle that extended to the floor. The angled waist featured a band of stylized silver under the form fitted bodice in black. She wore a black headband with a whimsical veil in midnight black.

Among her headband, also the neckline and attached scarf, there were lots of twinkling little star glitters blinking all over her.

"Stay, Shin Sun." She smiled:" This is not an end of the day. This is the beginning of your new day. New life, for you, and Angelina."

"Save it, Dark Queen," Shin Sun said:" I'm taking Olivia home, and we are going to use crystal to help her get the transform she want."

Princess Iron-Fan said:" There is one very important issue I need to clear up now! I have his The Primary Crystal ever since the beginning, since the Earthquake. And this Crystal, is not the Heart Crystal of the Veluriyam Lantern as you all wish, but it's another bigger Igniter Veluriyam than the one he used to build the Unihorn."

"Meaning..." She smiled to Dark Queen:" I got most of thunders and lightings from the sky, don't fight me! We just want to take Olivia home, peacefully."

"You are very welcome to join my Dark Land, "Dark Queen showed off and made her starry ornaments twinkle and blinking around her neckline and gown:"

You shall able to be help us find the Heart sooner."

"Friar Sand can do it the best, it's him broke the Veliriyam Lantern," Princess Iron-Fan watched Dark Queen's twinkle stars in appreciations:" But how do you make him willing to help you?!"

"I'm here!" Friar Sand appeared under the moon:" Where do you keep my little niece Katrina?!"

"Welcome, to my land." Dark Queen reached high to touch  up the moon, then everybody could see the moonlights were dimmed, all the outlines behind her were faded out. She turned off all the lights, and left the light only on her.


Right away, they heard Katrina appeared riding on Donkey Demos:" Uncle Wugene!"

Then Africa Empress appeared riding on Elephant Repas:" Katrina, come to mom."

Werewolf schooner moored to the shore, Werewolf Ambrose and his musketeers came and surrounded James and Shin Sun.

General Kay' Debra and Robert's wrist watches were flashing all the time. General Kay waited, until their aircraft landed and the craft door was opened:" Olivia's ride is here, so, let's go!" Shin Sun and James watched very closely to see that Mermaid Olivia was loaded into aircraft safely.

Seeing that Dark Queen still waiting, Friar Sand thanked her in appreciated tone:" Thanks, Your Majesty. It's been a pleasure."

Monkey King said:" Now we need to leave, I have a baby son to rescue in Hades! Thanks for getting everybody ready to be together for me!" He need White Dragon to ride him into 10th dimension, and they were already at 9 and half dimension. He need Ghost Argus to show him the entry path for the ghost so he can keep on tracking. He need Friar Sand to guide that he used to work in Hades and familiar with the terrain. And, everybody were all here!!


Dark Queen announced:" Let's the game start now!" She was happy to see that everybody mixed in such non-battle matter:" We are not in any battle at all. The game is that you get to leave when you win, but if anybody get to push your head to kiss the ground, your soul belong to my dark land from now on!"

The stars lighting was not blinking anymore, she raised her hand to turn off the moon, the moon was turning into all black all of sudden.

And everything was turning into dark! The billowing thick black clouds burst out of sky, silently and swiftly fallen all over.

The whole world was as black as pitch, even there was a little bit of star twinkle, the star lights disappeared one by one.


The sudden darkness enveloped them by shacking surprise off-guarded, they stared their eyes wide open but seeing nothing, they all instantly went blind and helpless.

But the vampires were able to fly and fight like bats. The Werewolves were able to jump and bite like wolves in the dark.

Africa Empress Tyra was holding Katrina to protect her in arms. The dark and terrors took them breathless, they held each other lower and quiet, didn't sure any direction is the safe place, and they still heard some tragedies and disasters happened around.

They heard the vampires attacked some donkeys, then the donkey started to groan like some bats, and it happened at near-by. They also heard the Werewolves attacked some elephants then the elephant started to wail like wolves. Because it's all dark, you don't know which way to hide from it.

Shin Sun flew himself up in the mid-air, he figured that Iron-Fan can keep him high away from the werewolves, low away to avoid the vampires. When he encountered some battle, he always hit the voice of wolf or bat.

Then he heard Princes Iron-Fan teleported in his brain: On my next flash, see where is she. On second flash, fly to her and make sure that your attack won't hurt our mortal team. On my third lighting, hit her with your best shot!

Shin Sun flew up immediately to get the best view. The first flash was so dim that he could only sense that Dark Queen was so close to Princess Iron-Fan and try to over-power her Igniter Veluriyam crystal. But he saw that White Dragon jumped out. West Sea Dragon should get a very good eyesight than the regular super spirits! He flew up his Iron-Fan to follow the Dragon.

The second flash made a yellow lights. He could see Dark Queen's black gown wafted away, and Monkey King aimed his Golden Cudgel to the direction. He also saw Friar Sand did a tricky action? Friar Sand aimed his weapon, the wander stick with Crescent Shovel to the opposite direction.

Instantly the third flash was a earthshaking lightings, lit up the whole dark outlines. Dark Queen was surrounded by Shin Sun' Princess Iron-Fan' White Dragon' Friar Sand' and Monkey King in the end of a corner. Spare no pains, everybody struggling to blow their best shot.


Dark Queen was almost burn by Princess Iron-Fan's thunder, her face was beaten into totally pale by White Dragon and Monkey King, Shin Sun fanned her back to the corner.

"Now," Monkey King asked anxiously:" Please turn on the moon, I need to go to hell to rescue my son."

Dark Queen reached her hand up to the sky, the full moonlights were back to the Shadow-Rift:" Not until you meet the New King."

"We beat you!" Friar Sand said:" The game is over! Don't waste our time no more!"

"He is your last game!" Dark Queen disappeared with a resentment smile:" Only him, can show you the way out of my Dark Kingdom!"

Monkey King was mad:" Just ignore her, such a sour loser! Let's just go to Hades to rescue my son now, finally I see all the helps are together now."

"She won some souls, some of us were fallen and touched her ground, I don't think they can leave here on their free will." Friar Sand pointed some faces of the Donkeys and Elephants team, their faces were getting darker and darker in dull expressions.


There was an announcement coming from the mid-air: "Meet his Majesty the King, New King of the night." The laughers in the voices sounded familiar to all the West Journey team? Monkey King' White Dragon and Friar Sand were looked at each other and in all ears.

The beaming moon climbed higher in the sky, rays pouring down, moonlight sparkled. There were some noises roared from nowhere, star's lights shimmering and blinking then the noise turned out to be some loud music.

So the King was more stress than the Queen of ostentation and momentum. He made his appearing a huge deal.

Monkey King holding up his Golden Cudgel, Friar Sand waved his Wonder Stick with Crescent Shovel, they all got ready to meet this King.


Monkey King was astounded when he saw the Night King appeared to be a very great looking male, he dressed like a Greek God, handsome with a muscular build in a suit of armor, dressed in a wide flowing cloak, winged sandals.

He was humming and dancing with the loud music:" What's up?! Brothers."

Friar Sand was relief:" That's it for the night, His Majesty, show us your weapon then we all can go."

Nobody know how to deal with Night King, except Ghost Argus, he was very excited:" So you are the King of the night!"

Monkey King put on a grim face of vicious monkey:" Your Queen had captivated some of my friends, we like to leave here all clean! Don't run away from the battle!"

"No battle." I don't come here for  No fight." Night King said:" Let's face the music, and dance the night. Make the best of it!"

"This! Can't be happening!" Monkey King couldn't believe his own eyes:" Why?!"

"Because I'm the King, I rule, tonight. You dance better than me? You win! you get to leave with anything you want!" He gave order in the respect of the King: "Turn up your own music, dance to your own music."


Werewolves and Vampires love to bogie, they dragged in the amplifiers and music mixer, played the music really loud. Everybody danced.

New King danced and praised it loud: "The King is here!"

Ghost Argus did the rock and roll, twisted and shouted: "Argus is here!"

White Dragon loved the party:" West Sea Dragon 3rd Prince is here!"

Phenice jumped to White Dragon:" Fly me to the moon, don't take me back until we see what kind of animal I'm."

It's Katrina happiest day. She had a nice ball game in Green Hill, now she had a dance party with everyone. The Donkeys, the Elephants, the Bears, the Oxes, plus the Vmpires and Werewolves.

It's so easy to mix Africa and New York together. Africa Empress Tyra was happy: "We are all at the edge of Archaian volcanoes.  The volcano eruptions split the earth into pieces, the melted icecap moved everything, how do you feel dancing over New York and Africa of two such different lands?!"

It's New King's order! Everybody dance in their dream! Shin Sun told James: Let's get Olivia and Dance!

So it's a dance for everybody, for their mind, and everybody use their music in their own mind.

Monkey King was never in such kind of situation before:" Sandy, how do we get out of nonsense?! I really need you to help me rescue my son, now."

Friar Sand waving his weapon, it's Wonder Stick with Crescent Shovel in one end:" As I told you in the beginning, just use the weapons then this Night King is done, he knew that he can never fight you, he is only want to have fun. It's him!"

"It's who?!"

Friar Sand didn't answer, jumped in and thrust his Crescent Shovel to New King.

New King turned around and escape the attack:" No fight!"

"I'm not fighting. " Friar Sand thrust again:" I'm dancing!"

New King started to fight back in empty hand. Monkey King swiped in his Golden Cudgel:" I'm dancing too! BROTHER!"

Under two sides attacked of Crescent Shovel and Golden Cudgel, New King was cornered nowhere to dodge, finally, he showed his weapon and countered to fight back.

He was using a wonder stick with nine-tooth Nail Palladium in one end, it's a weapon bestowed by Jade Emperor since he was Marshal Coverage of Water God in the Milky Way.

"Pigsy!" Monkey King recognized Nail Palladium right away.

"It took you too long to see it's me!" Pigsy withdrawn his Nail Palladium:" Monkey brother! Save me, get me out of this Dark land too!"

Friar Sand hit him with his Crescent Shovel:" When did she coronate you to be her King?! Did she push you to her ground?"

"No," Pigsy said:" I went to her bed in Las Vegas."

"Ok! New King of the Night!" Monkey King waved his Golden Cudgel:" Show us the exit! I have a son to rescue!"

"But she never show me anyway out of anything." Pigsy said:" So, I don't know."

"Of course not," Friar Sand said:" She would just want us to kill each other."

"Do you know, there was a way to get out of Dark Land," Iron-Fan Princess looked at James, then looked at Pigsy:" actually everybody knew it, only you never figure it out?!"

"How?" Pigsy said:" Which way?"

"Including anybody who had just fall to the ground and lost their soul," Friar Sand smiled:" You shall just go to send Olivia and James out of Shadow-Rift, learn and repeat how they lose the Dark feature, you will get rid of your Dark soul too. Do not come back again when you are out."

"Oh! Simple!" Pigsy shook hand with James.

"Now, could you tell me which way to go to hell for my son?"

"We shall be dancing on the way out!" Pigsy was excited, he turn up the music in his mind, shaking and moving with his hands and legs: "This is how I feel now! We are not in her curse anymore! In the instant you see me."

"Nobody wants to dance! Pigsy! Tell me where is the exit of the dark." Monkey King was annoyed.

"There is never any exit for the Dark, but if you are asking about the entry to the Hades to rescue your son, we are at 9 and half dimensions, Dragon can ride you to the 10th dimension by a blink, Sandy knew this all the time, he has to stay here because he need to rescue Katrina and Donkey Demos." Pigsy still had his own music in his mind, fingers and head still dancing.

Friar Sand nodded:" Yes, you shall bring Katrina to Queen Tyra back home, and we are on our way to Hades!"

Pigsy nodded: "The Hell shall be only one instant away when you die, but since you are still alive with this flesh body of 3 dimensions, Dragon can ride you through this half dimension in how soon?"

dragon ride



"One instant!" White Dragon jumped high to flew into the sky :" We are already there, half dimension is the distant between the mind and soul, everybody get on aboard!" he started to transform himself into a flying dragon. A great silver and white dragon flying through the raging clouds, flew low to land and flew through everybody.

Princess Iron-Fan jumped to ride on dragon neck.

Monkey King and Friar Sand jumped to the dragon wrist, then they dragged Shin Sun up with the Iron-Fan .

Ghost Argus reached his arm high:" Get me on!"

Pigsy laughed:" What for? you don't have a flesh body anymore, just focus your thought with them and you will be there before them."

"No, I still want the ride." Argus yelled:" Come on, my death wish."

Dragon flew through his transparent image, he could not really catch and hold on anything, but he was flying with everybody already, Princess Iron-Fan gave him the seat with dragon head view... ...


Pigsy's goal is to enjoy the casino life even he doesn't know where he is, of course he will still remember he is in [West Journey], so when the other fellowship got the problem , he will help.
Monkey king need to know where is the hell entry, and Lady liberty told him 'hell entry is always locate in somewhere no difference between day and night, so monkey king and dragon come to Las Vegas, saved Pigsy when he almost got killed by somebody , and widow betty's ghost husband appear to show them the hell entry.
3rd disciple Pigsy was captured on Mountain Fú-Lái . Named Zhu-Wù-Néng "Searching for Abilities", (Zhu means red, also pronunciation same as Pig).
Marshal Sky Coverage Pigsy was originally Marshal Sky Coverage of Water God in the Milky Way. After assailing and harassed the Moon Goddess Chéng-Ér at the Fairy Peach Party while he was drunk, the marshal was demoted onto the earth and turned into the form of a pig. (Cheng2-Er2 has white rabbits making medicines for her, in [movie 3], when the Monk Xúan-Zhùang was found to be attacked by AIDS polluted needle, Friar Sand use White House's space shutter to flew Xúan-Zhùang to the moon for Chéng-Ér's medicines was well known to cure all disease.)
[movie 3] Who killed Pigsy? We need a good story about how Pigsy can not enjoy his fortune and sex because his Pigsy head will be bumping out whenever he is about to have a orgasm.  

We also need a good story about when Pigsy park his super power into the Crystal so he can become a regular human being, great looking man and own tons of money from casino to enjoy them all with a orgasm, what kind of problem, and how he got killed after losing his super power in [movie 3].

Green Sky (capable to GREEN all life) and Blue Sky (capable to use water and cloud to give strength and rain) help Dragon. Pigsy sees Blue Sky has his looks but not his physical desires.

Pighead Marshal Pigsy parked away his super power in Ti-Y Crystal so he can enjoy the orgasm with a normal human body, but without super power, he gets more problems.

eventually his famous and great looking face caused all kind of problem, Pigsy asked Tom to give him a facial surgery so he can escape all the trouble by new face, Tom planted him a Pigsy head.

Las Vegas China Town West Journey sculpturePigsy,

Chapter 02: It's Paradise for pig

Chapter.11: Beginner's Luck

chapter14: Return of the Swanmay

Named Zhu-Wù-Néng "Searching for Abilities", (Zhu means red, also pronunciation same as Pig).

Pigsy was originally Marshal Sky Coverage of Water God in the Milky Way. After assailing and harassed the Moon Goddess Cheng2-Er2 at the Fairy Peach Party while he was drunk, the marshal was demoted onto the earth and turned into the form of a pig. (Cheng2-Er2 has white rabbits making medicines for her, in [movie 3], when the Monk Xúan?-Zhùang? was found to be attacked by AIDS polluted needle, Friar Sand use White House's space shutter to flew Xúan-Zhùangto the moon for Cheng2-Er2's medicines was well known to cure all disease.)

Walter, the stage manager mumbles and knock his Pigsy head, murmurs angrily: "Come to see me without your makeup after the show!" and push him into the front stage.
Emily Siebenburgen. She is  the ostrich girl from the stage show "Beauties in Beast Cave".  She wears nothing ornaments or costume but a T-shirt and tight jeans, the stage makeup is mostly removed except some rouge on the eyes and lips.

Dark Queen, black swanmay.

Vinnie, King-Kong is wearing T-shirt printing same "B B Dance Company" with Emily, he is the Chunky Chest Gorilla in the show "Beauties in Beast Cave".
Zsolt , the Vampire. Evil Banker
Red Eagle: Indian Chief's son, Las Vegas show dancer  "Beauties in Beast Cave"
Betty Meador, Widow

Werewolf , Sir Ambrose Maurlias, Musketeer to the Queen and Knight of the Shadows

Full Name:     Ambrose Vespasien  Maurlias

    Race:               Human (werewolf)

    Age:                25

    Eye Color:      Clear Blue

    Hair:               Long, straight, blonde

    Height:            6'

    Occupation:    Musketeer

    Birthday:         January 25, 1611

    Setting:          A D20 Swashbuckling campaign...

                          turned Ravenloft

Wolfe , Las Vegas show boy.

Sir Ambrose Maurlias,, A Werewolf always going out in full moon.

James Maurlias, Okivia's boy friend, promised Shin Sun that he would stay away from Olivia for 7 years while she married to Sun 

NameOlivia  (formally 'Angelina', known as Chase)

Race:   Druid, Shadow Fey  (formally a Swanmay)
Class:  Druid (swanmay)  

Eyes:  dark blue, but will also shift through many colors (see history)

Hair:  medium/dark brown, kept just past the shoulders.  Its straight, but shiney. 

Height:  5'4" 

Skin:  Caucasian.  A bit pale, but nothing vampiric.

CampaignPrivateers of the Sea of Sorrows (Ravenloft)

Personality:  Olivia is an outspoken and opinionated girl, especially considering her size.  Small and petite physically, she is quick and rather strong for her size.  Incredibly strong willed, Olivia isn't afraid to speak her mind.  She's generally friendly and level-headed.

Significant Other:  Engaged to Ambrose Maurlias before she married to Shin Sun

Distinguishing Marks:  Olivia has pointed fey ears, like an elf.

Build Description:  Olivia is fit and small.  Skinny, but due to her small frame; she's not bony or anything.  She doesn't have a large chest (she's still growing!), but not "flat" chested, either.

Clothing Style:  She wears a mix of deer-leather and white cloth.  Since she believed she is pregnant, her shirt is empire-waisted and her leather skirt has tie-rings so it can be expanded.  Her skirt is actually more of a skort, having shorts underneath so she can still ride horses.  Her skirt is a leather halter-top with a white cloth bottom and white bell-sleeves.  She wears thigh-high boots.     

Previously as a Swanmay:  As they way of the Swanmay, her sect of Druids, she clothes herself completely in white if possible.  White leather pants and top is what she typically wears, and dons a magical cloak made of swan feathers.  Her weapon of choice is a white oak quaterstaff which bears a carving of a swimming swan on the top.    

Magical Abilities:  Being a Druid , Olivia has learned through mediation and respect for the natural world she can summon forth its powers.  She's especially apt at calling lightning and summoning elementals.  Like most druids, she can also heal wounds, though if possible she takes a more offensive position in combat. She can change her body at will, taking on forms of elements, though she's quite new at this and hasn't mastered it well yet.

Mermaid Form:  Upon entering Ravenloft, Olivia gained the ability to shape into a mermaid.  When she becomes submerged in water, or drenching wet through any other means, she becomes a mermaid: long, green-blue tail, spiney ear fins behind her ears, fins on her arms and at her waist.  Also grows scales over her back and on her cheeks.  Her marine scales are reptilian, not fishy (no slimy nastiness)

Swan Form:  Being a Swanmay, Olivia can turn into the shape of a swan at will.  However, the long she stays in Ravenloft the harder it becomes for her to do so.  NOTE:  Olivia is NO LONGER a swanmay, and can no longer shift to his form.

History:  Olivia was born to a woman known as only as Christina in the brothel La Chait Noir in Guillaume. Being that her mother mostly slept during the day, and was "working" at night, Angie was practically taking care of herself at a very young age. She helped around the brothel doing odd jobs for most of her younger years - doing laundry and cleaning mostly - in order to earn her keep under her mother's care. However, when Angie was 13, her mother became sick with syphilis. Christina held on as long as she good, but soon could no longer work. Angie begged not be kicked out of her residence at La Chait Noir and took on even more odd jobs to make the ends meet. The sickness quickly overtook her mother, and passed away about a year later. The brothel's matron, upon her mother's death, demanded that Olivia either take a job as a prostitute at her establishment, or leave.

Angie is appalled by the notion of selling her own body for food and roof. Having grown up in a brothel, and having seen her mother waste away from a horrible and disgusting disease, she vowed to never do that to herself. Of course, a girl with not so much as a dime to her name, no home, and not even a last name proved very difficult for Angie to maintain a steady job. Occasionally finding an odd job or two, she couldn't keep a job as waitress or housekeeper due to her homelessness and haggard, poor appearance.


Olivia scraped by by taking on any job she could find, and stealing whatever else she needed for food or a place to sleep. While the life a street-rat didn't really bother her from a morale standpoint (stealing a few coins from a wealthy fop who wouldn't even realize they were missing in order to eat didn't really striike Angie as "wrong"), it wasn't what she wanted to do for her life. She would spend hours of the day sitting on a rooftop in her port town and watch the ocean. She began to yearn for a life outside of Port-a-Mirielle. She couldn't afford a ticket on a boat... and even if she scrounged enough coin for one, what would she do once she was in a new city? Would there really be any more opportunities for a penniless girl in any city as there was here?

One day, while cutting through the dock area on her way to the inn she was squatting at, she overheard a dock worker explaining to his coworkers about being hired as a sailor. As she listened, an idea began to form in her head....

As she continued her way to the inn, she stopped in front of La Chait Noir and watched in disgust as the dirty, drunken men entered and exited. With even more determination, Angie ran straight to her room.
The next day, she took all the money she could scrounge and bought herself a nice dagger and a set of men's work clothes. That night, she took the knife to her hair, and cut up the bed sheets to bind her breasts. It was time to say goodbye to Port-a-Moreille forever.

Assuming the name "Chase," Angie filed for a job as sailor and dockworker with the Port Master. "Chase" worked in the dock's fish market for almost eight months when he finally was put up for a position on a merchant ship as a sailor.

However, her first voyage at sea landed Chase and a handful of her companions in an alternate dimension known (unbeknownst to them) as Ravenloft. 


Since Ravenloft:  Olivia has been struggling to retain her sense of self.  So much has happened to her, her self-identity has been swept away.  Relatively shortly after arriving on Ravenloft, she was asked to take up the oath of a dying sorority of Druids called the Swanmay.  She accepted, which forced herself to reveal her female identity to those she had been hiding it from.  However, as the months drag on Olivia has a harder and harder time shouldering the responsibility of the entire Swanmay clan on her back. 


Unlike Ambrose's driven desire to go back home, at first Olivia thought the adventure and power she gained in Ravenloft was better than the mundane life of the real world.  After all, she didn't have anything to go home to.  But she quickly took a liking to, and fell in love with, Ambrose.  Her drive to go home mostly rests on the hope that Ambrose will marry and settle down with her.  Though she's kept it secret so far, Olivia believes she might be carrying Ambrose's child...

Most recently in Ravenloft, the party has been trapped in the Shadow Rift, the home of the shadow fey.  Unbeknownst to Olivia, the Swanmay originated from fey, and circumstances beyond her control have began to change her into a shadow fey herself.  She now is sensitive to sunlight, cannot sleep, and her eyes will change colors fluidly.

Needless to say, Olivia's original optimism about the Realm has completely vanished.  She has seen how evil and corrupt the land is, and fears the land may be corrupting herself and her possible unborn baby.  She's very determined to leave this place, and try to rediscover her own self-indentity.

Betrayal of the Swan (Olivia loses her Swanmay abilities)

Starting shortly after she came to the Shadow Rift, Olivia began to have nightmares. They started out vague… all she could remember were shadows, a voice speaking to her.

After her transformation into a Shadow Fey, the visions became more real, more demanding. The party was currently on a quest from Queen Mauve to retrieve regalia of magical armor scattered about the land that, if brought together, acted as a key to unlock an evil creature known as Gwideon. Queen Mauve was in a race to find the regalia and hide it away for eternity. Her brother, Lot, was trying to collect it all because he felt he had an army strong enough to defeat Gwideon forever.

However, Olivia's dreams began to talk to her and manipulate her. Gwideon, who was the creator of all the Shadow Fey, including the Swanmay, was able to take Olivia under his complete control. He stole away her heart and replaced it with Shadow-stuff. He convinced her that if she brought the completed regalia to him at the Obsidian Gate, it would send Amrbose and her directly home.

Olivia's personally became severely affected. She became driven to find the entire amour. She became hostile, possessive, and antagonistic. She fought several times with Zita, and wouldn't have stopped if the rest of the party hadn't stopped her. The party spent months gathering the regalia until only the sword, dagger, and boots were left. Unfortunately, they were in the possession of Lot himself. Lot, King of the Unselee Fey, was heavily guarded and just as determined to get all the armor as his sister Mauve.

Completely obsessed about getting the armor and completing the set, Olivia hatched the plan to seduce Lot and have a new friend, Deadrick, steal the armor while Olivia distracted him with sins of the flesh. Ambrose was understandably NOT okay with this plan, but no other plan of attack seemed feasible.

Guised as a Nymph, Olivia tempted Lot with information about the mysterious thieves who were ravaging his land stealing the armor. Once alone, Olivia finally got Lot to disrobe his dagger and boots, but, even during lovemaking, refused to remove the sword from his side. Forced to steal it away in the climax of Lots…distraction, Deadrick used Armon's staff to teleport Olivia and himself back to safety.

Naked and smelling of Lot and sex, Ambrose had a hard time looking Olivia in the eye for the rest of the night. That night, they quarreled, Olivia angry at Ambrose for not understanding that she only did it for him.

"Aren't you upset at becoming what you tried so hard no to become?"

The words resounded in Olivia's head. Ambrose just called her a common whore. Angry, she stormed out, waiting until late in the evening to fulfill her plan.

Once everyone was asleep, Olivia managed to sneak into Queen's vault and don the regalia, sneak out of the castle, and head to the Obsidian Gate.

It wasn't long before the rest of the party was notified. Determined to get to Olivia before Queen Mauve's guards did, Ambrose led Zita, Armon, and Deadrick in a hot pursuit after her.

But by the time they found here, they were a hair too late. Olivia has opened the gate, and summoned forth Gwideon. Gwideon was a huge, black, shadowy tentacle monster. He placed the crown on Olivia's head, completing the regalia and allowing him to come forth. He also restored Olivia's heart (and alignment).

Ambrose rushed forth, knocking the crown from her head. No sooner had he done this, three black tentacles reached out and took hold of him, rending the werewolf into three distinct pieces right in front of Olivia's eyes. Horrified, Olivia rushed for the crown and threw if back into the gate. Knowing Gwideon couldn't fully emerge from the gate without the full regalia, she tried to run away. Gwideon took hold of her magical feather cloak, and it ripped away as the feathered blackened. As the cloak ripped away, Olivia felt her Swanmay powers melt away. Turning to air and retreating farther than Gwideon could reach, Olivia forced Gwideon back into the gate.

Olivia's heart of restored, but only in time to realize she had almost single-handedly brought destruction to the entire race of Shadow Fey. And Ambrose… Ambrose was dead because of her. As she sat there sobbing, she pulled the dagger from the regalia and stared at it considering. She was about to take her own life, but stopped as she placed a shaking hand over her belly. If she was carrying Ambrose's child, it would be all that was left of him…


Goldie Meador, (Betty widow's daughter)- free-loving hippie , jewelry designer
-probably tries to convince boyfriend to learn about alternative medicine
-wants a million children
-she's a little thick
-loves romance/action/thriller movies
-wears free flowing skirts, knit tops, sandals
-goes to China town to find little knick knacks
-knows her boyfriend loves her and that makes her love him even more
-its a big deal that she convinces him to bet against Pig because he's such a tight ass
Tom Badger, (Goldie Meador's surgeon boyfriend)
-hates cigarette smoke so he's constantly dodging the smokers when he's in the casinos
-very practical
-doesn't want children because the world is to messed up
-works out constantly
-likes government conspiracy/war movies
-wears suits and collared shirts with slacks and loafers
-only buys American
-loves girlfriend more than words can say and despite all of his hang-ups he would bend over backwards for her

nine-tooth nail Palladium

猪八戒使的兵器名为“上宝沁金钯”,俗称“九齿钉钯”,是玉帝钦赐的宝物。 《西游记》第十九回 云栈洞悟空收八戒 浮屠山玄奘受心经 、、、、、、却说那怪的火光前走,这大圣的彩霞随跟。正行处,忽见一座高山,那怪把红光结聚,现了本相,撞入洞里,取出一柄九齿钉钯来战、、、、、、

Commonly known as the "nine-tooth nail Palladium" is the Jade Emperor Qin bestowed treasures.
"That's strange fire before the go, this great saint as with the pink clouds. Masayuki Department, suddenly saw a mountain, then blame the red knot together, the current of the Benxiang, into the walls of the hole, remove the Yibing 9 palladium to fight tooth nail ,,,,,,
That strange: "The casual talk and see Lao Zhu that Palladium!" Walker to stick sticks Suji: "You do palladium, but with high home gardeners Tsukiji to grow vegetables? What are the benefits afraid of you!" That's strange said: "You are wrong confessed! This palladium How can it be mortal thing? You Just read my Road to: "This is the god of ice tempered iron, grinding Zhuo bringing a light into the industry.

Yu Chui-nine teeth caused by tooth, cast double loop gold falling leaves. Row of six five-star Yao body makeup, body in accordance with 8 by 4 o'clock.
Moves of the short length from top to bottom, left and right sub-yin and yang, sun and the moon. Liu Yao God will be in heaven, according to the Big Dipper stars, gossip columns.
Bao Qin called on the Au-Pd,

Chifeng Road Marshal canopy, Chin Chee-nail for the Royal Palladium section. Lifted flames and Hao Guang, Meng Feng Piao Snow falling.

那怪道:“且休闲讲,看老猪这钯!”行者使棒支住道:“你这钯可是与高老家做园工筑地种菜的?有何好处怕你!”那怪道:“你错认了!这钯岂是凡间之物?你且听我道来: “此是锻炼神冰铁,磨琢成工光皎洁。老君自己动钤锤,荧惑亲身添炭屑。五方五帝用心机,六丁六甲费周折。造成九齿玉垂牙,铸就双环金坠叶。身妆六曜排五星,体按四时依八节。短长上下定乾坤,左右阴阳分日月。六爻神将按天条,八卦星辰依斗列。名为上宝沁金钯,进与玉皇镇丹阙。因我修成大罗仙,为吾养就长生客。勅封元帅号天蓬,钦赐钉钯为御节。举起烈焰并毫光,落下猛风飘瑞雪。天曹神将尽皆惊,地府阎罗心胆怯。人间那有这般兵,世上更无此等铁。随身变化可心怀,任意翻腾依口诀。相携数载未曾离,伴我几年无日别。日食三餐并不丢,夜眠一宿浑无撇。也曾佩去赴蟠桃,也曾带他朝帝阙。皆因仗酒却行凶,只为倚强便撒泼。上天贬我降凡尘,下世尽我作罪孽。石洞心邪曾吃人,高庄情喜婚姻结。这钯下海掀翻龙鼍窝,上山抓碎虎狼穴。诸般兵刃且休题,惟有吾当钯最切。相持取胜有何难,赌斗求功不用说。何怕你铜头铁脑一身钢,钯到魂消神气泄!”......

The Pig of the weapons so called "Bao Qin on the Au-Pd", commonly known as "nine-tooth nail Palladium" is the Jade Emperor Qin bestowed treasures.

"Journey to the West," the stack goes back to 19th hole Wukong received by Xuan Zang Chu Pa-chieh Shan Buddha says that the Heart Sutra ,,,,,, strange fire before the go, this great saint as with the pink clouds. Masayuki Department, suddenly saw a mountain, then blame the red knot together, the current of the Benxiang, into the walls of the hole, remove the Yibing 9 palladium to fight tooth nail ,,,,,, it strange: "The casual talk and see Lao Zhu This is Palladium! "Walker to stick sticks Suji:" You do palladium, but with high home gardeners Tsukiji to grow vegetables? What are the benefits afraid of you! "That's strange:" You had mistaken! This palladium How can it be mortal thing? You Just read my Road to: "This is the god of ice tempered iron, grinding Zhuo bringing a light into the industry. Laojun dynamic seal his hammer, Yinghuo person Tim charcoal. Five-five emperors heart machine, six small Rokko ado. Yu Chui-nine teeth caused by tooth, cast double loop gold falling leaves. Row of six five-star Yao body makeup, body in accordance with 8 by 4 o'clock. Moves of the short length from top to bottom, left and right sub-yin and yang, sun and the moon. Liu Yao God will be in heaven, according to the Big Dipper stars, gossip columns. Bao Qin called on the gold palladium, into the town and the Jade Emperor Dan Que. Xiu-Tai Law cents because I, for I keep passengers on the longevity. Chifeng Road Marshal canopy, Chin Chee-nail for the Royal Palladium section. Lifted flames and Hao Guang, Meng Feng Piao Snow falling. Cao god days foes frightened underworld Underworld timid heart. It has this kind of human soldiers in the world even more so there is no such iron. Players can change hearts, any churn according to formulas. Xiang Xie several years did not leave, do not accompany me a few years every day. Eclipse of the sun is not lost three meals a day and night sleep without written off muddy night. Perry also went to the peach, also took him to North Korea Emperor Que. Wine because the battle was the attack, only for the SQ will Sapo. Heaven derogatory I dropped Fan Chen, the next world to make the best of my sins. Cave had heart evil man-eating, high-intelligence-xi Zhuang marriage knot. This is thrown into the sea dragon lizard palladium nest hole uphill grasp broken tigers. All sorts of Bingrenjuxiu title, only I when the palladium of the most cutting. What is hard to win a stalemate, Dudou seek power goes without saying. He fears you have a bronze head of brain iron steel, palladium to Hunxiao an air vent! "......